Matthew Williams

by (@katespencer)

Gaga Homewrecking Drama: Is The Lady A Tramp?

Lady Gaga

Looks like Lady Gaga has gotten herself caught in a bad romance. Ra ra oh la la, indeed! Here’s the (alleged) scoop, in bullet points:

  • Gaga dates stylist/designer/art director type Matthew Williams for a year.
  • The couple splits. Gaga goes out with that fugly Speedy dude, Matthew falls for stylist Erin Hirsh (Google says she did Kanye West‘s Glow In The Dark Tour, so she is legit) and they have a kid together named Cairo. The kid is cute.
  • Matthew joined her on tour when Cairo was just 2 months old, and a source says, “Gaga manipulated to get him back.” Then pictures of the pair making out leaked on to the web, apparently alerting Erin that her baby daddy was playing a Love Game with her and Gaga.
  • Says a source, “Even though Matt had told her in so many words that they were through, actually seeing Gaga getting it on with the father of her child was absolutely devastating to her.”

Al the stuff Gaga sings about is a lot less when it comes true. So what do you think – is the singer screwing up another woman’s life? Video of the other woman involved awaits you below the jump.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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