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Jennifer Love Hewitt Pays Tribute To Her Boobs And Vajazzaling In Maxim

Jennifer Love Hewitt is trying too hard. We admit that this wasn’t our first thought when we saw her looking hotter than ever on the April cover of Maxim. Our teenage crush is most certainly alive and well. But what bummed us out was her interview within, where the former Ghost Whisperer works so desperately hard to convince us she’s a naughty girl.

This actually is nothing new for the actress, who turned 33 last month. She’s playing a housewife-turned-prostitute in the new Lifetime series, The Client List (premiering next month), which she describes as “a lingerie-heavy show every episode.” Jennifer admits to taking her style cues from Victoria’s Secret Angles, which she views as “gorgeous glamor heroes.”  It’s a far cry from her days emulating Audrey Hepburn as a style icon. We’re not sure if this is all a conscious effort to change her public image  (a la Saved By The Bell star Elizabeth Berkley‘s turn in Showgirls),  but something about this interview pushed us over the line.

In addition to discussing her secret passion for pole-dancing, Jennifer took the opportunity to sing the praises once more of vajazzaling, which she defines as “BeDazzling for your hoo-ha.” But don’t for a minute think she sticks any old Lisa Frank stickers down there. JLH uses Swarovski crystals for maximum glitz and glamour! “I can walk around all day and think, ‘Nobody has any idea that I have a sparkly secret in my pants right now.'” But she also made sure to give a shout out to her boobs, which she considers her favorite body part. “They’ve always served me well. They’re good,” she says.

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JWoww Busts In And Out Of Maxim Magazine

Maxim magazine has chosen to give us quite an eyeful of Jenni Farley a.k.a. Jersey Shore’s JWoww. They have her bursting out of bikini’s and swimsuits both on the cover and inside the issue. We pored over the interview and giggled when she spoke about the food in Italy. “The Italian food out there is organic and fresh and light. They don’t even have penne à la vodka!” she says. No vodka in the pasta? For shame.

Jenni also talks about how she’s calmed down a fair amount over the course of the show, and she almost became “the mom? I feel that way. I was in a bad relationship during the first two seasons, so I took that out on people I shouldn’t have. I was definitely more of a bitch.” But she’s also got some advice from her fight club days to dish out. Her guidelines, if you ever get in a guidette’s face are, “Pull your hair back. You don’t want some bitch yanking on your hair.” That sort of wisdom is priceless. Lookin’ good, JWoww. Is it just us, though, or is there something wrong about her mouth on the cover shot on the right?

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J-Woww Does Maxim, Shocks Us With Her Hotness


When you’re on a reality show that’s about to jump the shark, posing in a bikini for Maxim is par for the course. This morning we find ourselves analyzing these recent pics of Jersey Shore‘s J-Woww (Jenni Something-or-other, we’ll never learn her real name so why bother), and we’re pleasantly surprised by what we see. Sure they’re your standard ‘wet hair posing in a bikini licking a Popsicle like it’s a peen’ kinda photos, but J-Woww looks so stripped down and natural that we’re actually able to see that she’s somewhat pretty in that girl next door with massive fake boobs sorta way.

If J-Woww dropped the boob basket tank tops and Broadway show makeup and just walked around in bikinis and wet hair, it’d be a major improvement. Hint, hint, guidette.

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Kara DioGuardi Makes Us Hate Her More And More Every Day


It’s no secret that the one person in Hollywood that seems to catch our ire is Kara DioGuardi. On American Idol, she’s full of half-hearted “Sweetie”s and “Aw, honey, no”s and there’s something self-serving about her presence that rubs us the wrong way. Which is why we barfed a little when we saw her bikini photo spread in Maxim this week and realized she was genuinely serious about trying to one-up Bikini Girl last season and this is how she managed to do it.

In addition to her photo spread, her interview includes lines like “They were looking for a fourth judge, and they wanted to add someone who was in the industry. Plus, I’m known to be ballsy and outspoken,” and “I wouldn’t say I have the maternal instinct that [Paula] had, though. I’m a little bit more New York, a little more hard-edge.” Oooh, so tough, DioGuardi! (Harsh? Maybe. It’s just that she is just so annoying.) She may be built Ford tough (sponsor plug!), but that doesn’t change the fact that she wrote “No Boundaries”, the worst song in the history of crappy pop. [Photo: Maxim]