In Fashion, Heidi Klum Lets It All Hang Out


One of supermodel Heidi Klum‘s nicknames in the fashion world is “The Body” for reasons that are fairly obvious. So when she decided to collaborate to put out a coffee table book of photos of herself, she clearly had a lot to show off. However, while working with the photographer, Rankin, she really took it all off. The book, called “Rankin’s Heidilicious” has several nude shots included which Heidi said are the result of her comfort level with the photographer. “It’s very naughty…He always gets me to take my clothes off for some reason. We’ll do some job and then he’ll say, ‘Why don’t we shoot some more things?’ and I’ll wind up without anything on.” The book was anything but a whim though, they have been working on it for quite some time. “I’ve been shooting with Rankin, for seven years and working with him is fun because he always makes me look different.” If Heidi’s self-confessed naughtiness doesn’t sell these books, we don’t know what will. [Source: The Post Chronicle; Photo: Getty Images]


Victoria Beckham Makes Incomprehensible Dress Commercial

We like to think of ourselves as pretty smart, and don’t expect all of our advertisements to say – HEY! BUY THIS PRODUCT! IT’S GREAT! to understand the message behind it. But really, coming across the new commercial for Victoria Beckham‘s latest line of dresses has confused us completely.

It’s models on swings. In a London street. For ages. All the while someone is singing opera very badly. Then someone says a few colors, and then we see the side of Posh’s head – because she’s swinging from a bus stop. Ahhhh, yes of course, the symbolism is obvious! Ahem. Actually, it’s one of the worst, most pretentious ads we’ve ever seen.  And we can’t even make out the damn dresses properly.


Rihanna Pulls A Grace Jones For Italian Vogue


“Project Runway’s” Nina Garcia said recently that the ’80s are back. So are the ’60s, ’70s and ’90s. But whatever. The new cover of Italian Vogue, featuring Rihanna splashing water from a bucket instead of blocking it with her umbrella, definitely looks like a throwback to ’80s style icon Grace Jones.

In the shoot, by Steven Klein, Rihanna has the same angular makeup, including Grace’s patented Cat Eye on Steroids look. Rihanna also sports a Grace Jones-like vertical hairdo and even a similar badass glare. Now if someone could just get Rihanna to recreate this iconic image, we could die happy. [Photo: Vogue Italia]


Creepy Nude Angelina Breastfeeding Sculpture On Show


Remember those shots of a breastfeeding Angelina Jolie that Brad Pitt took, and then shared them through the world through the pages of W magazine? Remember how hot and gorgeous and maternal Angie managed to look all at once? Remember how even though it was a little bit shocking, you weren’t trying to hide your eyes going, “Argh, make it stop, my brain was not built to see this!”?

Well, you are now. Some total nutjob artist named Daniel Edwards has created a totally disturbing sculpture of Angie breastfeeding the Wonder Twins, due to be exhibited on the streets of Oklahoma in September (lucky them!). We can’t decide what is more disturbing about this — Angie’s dead-eyed look, her nipple-less breasts, or the fact she’s grabbing those fake babies around the head to clamp them on to her fake boobs. Or the fact it’s predictable to imagine how some “hilarious” passer-bys will attempt to pose with that sculpture for their comedy Facebook snaps. Vom. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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David Beckham Makes It Up With California, Hopefully Topless


David Beckham has had some pretty big kissy-kissy to make with his adopted home town of L.A. recently. After skipping off to play football in Italy for a few months and making it abundantly clear he didn’t want to come back, irate Galaxy fans understandably made things a bit difficult for him on his return a couple weeks ago.  But now — and after scoring a goal in Saturday’s game — Becks is planning a charm offensive on the state, by starring in commercials advertising California with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rob Lowe.

“It will be a massive campaign. It shows the governor believes David is a big catch in getting tourists to visit,” reports the Sun. While we agree showing a topless David playing the beautiful game (just like in our oh-so-gratuitous shot above – hey, it’s Monday) is a big winner, just don’t let him open his mouth much. Let that body do the talking, Arnie. Ahem. [Photo: AFP]


Kate Moss To Become Reality TV Judge


She’s become legendary as the supermodel who hardly ever speaks in public, but it looks like we’re going to be hearing a lot more from Kate Moss these days. As part of her reported team-up with media titans Simon Cowell and Sir Phillip Green, Kate’s set to become a TV judge in a battle-of-the-bands-style show in the US.

“Kate is absolutely cock-a-hoop about her move into TV. She’s been looking for a big global project to get her teeth into for some time and the waiting has paid off. This show is going to blow every other reality series out of the water,” reports the London Paper.

Oooh, exciting. Will Kate develop a TV persona along the lines of the “hey, you did your best” Cheryl Cole/Paula Abdul mold? Or should we expect another “that was pathetic” Simon Cowell-style? Even better, perhaps she’ll be a lunatic Janice Dickinson. So many possibilities … [Photo: Getty Images]


ESPN Smacks Down New York Post Over Erin Andrews Coverage


When the Peeping Tom video of Erin “Sexiest Sportscaster In History” Andrews leaked earlier this week, it took the Internet by storm. The video shows Erin hanging out nude in her hotel room for nearly five minutes — and variations on the words “Erin Andrews Nude Video” have dominated search engines the entire week. So it’s no surprise the veteran gossip rag New York Post could not resist running pictures from the video. Payback, however, can be a bitch. ESPN flexed its muscles yesterday by banning New York Post reporters from appearing on any of its programming.

“While we understand the Post’s decision to cover this as a news story, their running photos obtained in such a fashion went well beyond the boundaries of common decency in the interest of sensationalism,” said a senior VP for ESPN.

Additionally, Andrews is seeking criminal charges and will bring a civil lawsuit against the person who shot the video as well as anyone who publishes the material. See why Erin Andrews is known as “Erin Pageviews” below.

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Simon Cowell’s Idol Salary May Rise To $144 Million

Most people in the world would be fine, elated even, to earn a $36 million salary, which is what Simon Cowell made this past season for American Idol. But when it came time to renegotiate his contract this year, rumor has it that Cowell knows the show would be lost without him and he’s gunning for more money, to the tune of up to $144 million a season.

Information about the contract negotiations has leaked, and Cowell reportedly has asked for three to four times what he made this year. Considering Idol rakes in about $900 million in revenue each season, what Cowell is asking for is just a drop in the giant, money-filled bucket. We assume the rest of that revenue this year, at least, went to Adam Lambert‘s costumes and fog machines. (We could be wrong.) If the Idol salary isn’t mind blowing enough, remember that is only one of Cowell’s jobs, he’s also a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and The X-Factor. [Photo: Getty Images]


Megan Fox Is Officially The Sexiest Again


Normal service has finally been resumed, and Megan Fox is able to take up her position as the OFFICIAL sexiest women in the world. The sensible readers of U.S. FHM have put that strange aberration in the U.K. version behind us — which saw Cheryl Cole beat out Megan to the number one spot — and returned Megan to her rightful spot at the top of foxy ladies. Jessica Alba took the number two spot and Scarlett Johansson landed at third. (See full results here.) Megan herself celebrated the win by turning up to the L.A. premiere of Transformers 2 wearing an old bed-sheet and belt, and still managing to out-hot everyone else. We can now go ahead in our lives in peace, knowing the world is how it should be. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Jennifer Love Hewitt Writing Book On Dating

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has dated more than two dozen men, is writing a book about love and dating called The Day I Shot Cupid. We’re not sure whether her very active — unstable, some might say — romantic life makes her qualified to give dating advice. Or whether it should disqualify her. Of the book, she says:

“Throughout my career, there has always been so much written about my love life. Some true, but mostly made up. I thought it was time to share the real story of what I’ve learned navigating the dating waters. Hopefully, in addition to having a good laugh, women reading this will learn from some of my hard lessons.”

Hard lessons? What hard lessons? Could the gorgeous ghost whisperer be referring to dating the Johns (Cusack and Mayer) or Enrique Iglesias, all of whom are notorious male sluts playboys? Or maybe she’s talking about dating Shaggy. (You remember, he’s the one that released “It Wasn’t Me,” about how men should cheat and deny everything if caught. We’d have to guess that getting engaged to actor Ross McCall only to call the whole thing off would make the list of lessons learned.

Come to think of it, this book has the potential to be super juicey., here we come! [Photo: Getty Images]