Lil Wayne On Glocks, Girls and “Pussy”

Million-selling rapaholic Lil Wayne is on the cover of this month’s Blender magazine. Among the many interesting nuggets Senior Editor Jonah Weiner digs up while spending time with Wayne in his Miami home — the affiliated Crip has mountains of shoes, a bit of a temper, and a serious sugar addiction. Here are a few of our favorite revelations about one of our favorite rappers.

* Wayne — he’s just like us! He’s as concerned with his house looking “cool” as we are. Inspired by his friends Jay-Z and Kanye, Weezy’s decided to start collecting art. Among his prospective acquisitions — a painting by Basquiat. “The first time I saw one, I said, ‘It costs that much for this?’ But I want my house to look cool.”

* He’s got some interesting taste in films. “I don’t watch anything where they go ‘action’ and ‘cut. ’Cause that means it’s not real. If I wanna see some acting, I can get 15 naked bitches to act out a scene.”

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America’s Next Top First Lady

Tyra Banks threw on her fiercest string of pearls and catwalked into the Oval Office to play First Lady hopeful Michelle Obama for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Tyra certainly looked the part of “hot mama” Michelle, but read on below to get a sneak peek at the article and find out why the America’s Next Top Model host would rather go to White Castle than the White House and would tell the Secret Service to “KMFA: Kiss My Fat Ass.”

On paying homage to Michelle Obama for this story:
“With Barack Obama, his becoming president is them becoming president because Michelle was there from the beginning. Without Michelle, he wouldn’t be there. Michelle Obama, you’re one hot mama.”

On the role of a first lady:
“Being first lady is not just about being the wife but really taking command and having a true vision.”

A few words to Barack and Michelle Obama:
“Barack and Michelle, you might be going to the White house. But I’m going to White Castle.”

On advice she once gave a fellow retiring supermodel:
“I told her to make sure she had a plan. She looked like I slapped her in the face. She was like, ‘Want do you mean? I love modeling. I will always model!’…But you need to treat yourself like an athlete and know that it is not going to happen. I mean, what are you gonna do – commentate on ESPN?”

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#99: Pat O’Brien’s Dirty Voicemails

Poor Pat O’Brien. Car accidents, overdoses, violent standoffs with police — these are more-than-acceptable reasons for a lifelong drug addict to finally seek professional help. But the release of pornographic voice mail messages? That’s awfully hard to glamorize.

The host of TV’s The Insider and long-time sports commentator was once associated with awkward attempts at being hip (remember Diddy‘s “Bad Boy For Life” video?), but thanks to some unfortunate drunk dialing in 2005, Pat will go down in history as the guy who wanted to “go f*cking crazy,” inviting his anonymous crush to join him and “Betsy” for a sex romp. So graphic were the messages that “Get another woman up, hire a hooker. Let’s get crazy, get some coke” is the kid-friendly part.

Pat followed his rehab stint with a Dr. Phil primetime special, but the self-help guru’s advice wasn’t enough to keep him from heading back less than three years later. Though the mockery of his sexploits continues (“I am so f*cking into you. You have to pay attention to Betsy, but let’s have fun!”), Pat’s career hasn’t taken too much of a hit. He’s still hosting The Insider and recently announced plans to marry his girlfriend of five years … Betsy. The couple that goes f*cking crazy together stays together!


#80: Bill O’Reilly Loves Vibrators, Phone Sex

In October of 2004, conservative Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was sued for sexual harassment by Fox News producer Andrea Mackris. According to Mackris and her attorneys, O’Reilly’s abusive conduct included talk of vibrators, phone sex, a ménage a trois, the size of “not-so-little-Bill,” vivid sexual fantasies involving hot falafel-on-vagina action, and how the guy that runs Fox News was going to have Al Franken assassinated.

According to the lawsuit, on at least one occasion, O’Reilly used the vibrator on himself while on the phone with Mackris. It doesn’t say how exactly he used the vibrator on himself, but putting it in his butt and/or fellating it are not explicitly ruled out in the filing.

Much of the abuse detailed in the lawsuit allegedly happened after Mackris returned to Fox News after a brief stint at CNN. Mackris and her attorney never admitted to having taped any of these conversations, but based on the detail contained in the lawsuit, Fox most likely believed O’Reilly had been caught in the act. It’s doubtful that the following passage where O’Reilly gets a loufa confused with a falafel could have been made up:

“So anyway I’d be rubbing your big boobs and getting your nipples really hard, kinda’ kissing your neck from behind … and then I would take the other hand with the falafel thing and I’d put it on your p*ssy but you’d have to do it really light, just kind of a tease business…”

O’Reilly eventually settled out of court, agreeing to drop his own extortion suit (which was actually filed first) against Mackris and her attorneys. O’Reilly never admitted guilt and never apologized.

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#79: Rush Limbaugh Is A Drug Addict

Notorious bigmouth Rush Limbaugh began his career in radio as a DJ in Pittsburgh, and didn’t start clogging the airwaves with Righteous blabber until the mid-eighties. His show went national in 1988, and when the Republicans swept Congress in ’94, his fat-cat pals named him “honorary member of Congress” in thanks for all he did to ensure their majority rule. And with that, the King of the Conservative Party was born.

But just because this cigar-fiend dished a diehard conservative creed didn’t mean Rush lived by his own rules. In October 2003 — the chunky chat-man confirmed National Enquirer reports that he was addicted to prescription painkillers and was headed for rehab. When prosecutors lobbied the court to trash his doctor-patient confidentiality rights so that they could interrogate his docs, Rush found an unlikely ally in the ACLU, who went to bat for him. He was eventually busted for “doctor shopping” (visiting multiple providers to score prescriptions) and turned himself in on April 28, 2006. Prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if he’d cough up $30,000 to cover the investigation’s costs, undergo therapy for 18 months, and submit to regular drug testing. Rush took the deal, and the case was closed.

While Limbaugh’s drug disgrace could have ensured his downfall, the hoopla surrounding his shady pill obsession proved to be a lot of hot air — just like him! In July 2008 Rush signed a contract extension that will keep him gabbing through 2016 — for a record-breaking $400 million.


#75: Courtney Love’s Heroin Binge

Courtney Love sat down with Vanity Fair writer Lynn Hirschberg to debut herself as Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain‘s wife with a rock star career of her own, but she ended up temporarily losing her newborn infant. “We went on a binge,” she told Hirschberg. “I did heroin for a couple of months.” The catch: her “binge,” in January1992, overlapped with her pregnancy.

When the article hit newsstands in September 1992, Children’s Services of L.A. removed baby Frances Bean from the Cobain household. After several months of legal wrangling (and a voicemail from Cobain calling Hirschberg and another reporter “insane c*nts”), the couple regained custody.

Despite her father shooting himself in the head when she was a toddler, being taken away yet again from her mother for 15 months when she was 12 (after Courtney’s 2003 overdose), and having an “alter ego” named Cherry Kookoo, Frances Bean appears to be relatively stable. In 2008 she became an intern at Rolling Stone, following in Hirschberg’s footsteps.


#69: Tom Cruise Loses His Cool

Tom Cruise was once a famous movie star. He made great movies like Risky Business and Top Gun. But then he married Nicole Kidman. Hollywood’s most popular star and a tall blonde Australian? Nobody believed the marriage was real. Tom further alienated his public with his involvement in the Church of Scientology.

Tom put more nails in his own coffin following his 2001 divorce from Kidman. First he dated Penélope Cruz. Hollywood’s most popular star and a Spanish bombshell? Nobody could believe it was real. Cruise further alienated his public when he made movies like Vanilla Sky. Then Cruise dumped Cruz and announced he had fallen in love with Katie Holmes. Hollywood’s most popular star and the beauty from Dawson’s Creek? It stank like a publicity stunt.

But Tom was determined to prove the world wrong. While guesting on Oprah, he got so excited over his romance that he jumped up and down on her couch. “That’s how I feel about it! Really!” he cried. Sorry, Tom. Not buying it. And nobody wants to see a short man acting like a drunk leprechaun.

Cruise went on a rampage. He wagged his finger at Matt Lauer on Today as he preached Scientology’s anti-psychiatry gospel and slammed Brooke Shields for battling depression with meds. With “jumping the couch” entering the lexicon, getting people to see a Tom Cruise movie became a Mission: Impossible. Lions for Lambs was stillborn in theaters, and the upcoming Nazi flick Valkyrie is scheduled to open on the twelfth of never.

Zac Efron, we hope you’ve been paying attention. — Charles Bottomley


#52: Don Imus Spews Racist Remarks

Don Imus took his controversial, boundary-pushing shock jock routine too far when he used the term “nappy headed ho’s” to describe the African-American players on the Rutgers University Women’s Basketball Team. Imus met with the team and apologized, saying it was “some idiot comment meant to be amusing.” But no one was amused.

Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Reverend Jesse Jackson and Snoop Dogg all spoke out about the remark. Jackson even led a protest outside Chicago’s NBC Tower, giving the network an ultimatum: “NBC must choose between Imus and the rest of us!” he proclaimed, referring to Imus’s MSNBC talk show. And so Imus lost the TV gig — along with 1.6 million loyal listeners to his CBS radio show Imus in the Morning, which was also cancelled.

A mere nine months after the scandal, however, Imus made a five-year deal with RFD-TV and was back on the air. In April 2008, Reverend Jackson was a guest on Imus’s new show, and it appeared the healing process was complete. Until, two months later, Imus again uttered racially insensitive rhetoric when discussing NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones, who has been arrested six times. Imus asked, “What color is he?” When told he was African-American, Imus replied: “Well there you go, now we know.”