Mermaid: A Twist On The Classic Tale


Hollywood Planning A Dark Version Of The Little Mermaid Now

You’d think Hollywood would wait to see if the world actually wants dark re-tellings of fairy tales before making a dozen—especially when Red Riding Hood failed to storm the box office—but it looks like Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Peter Pan Begins, Oz: The Great And Powerful and all those Snow White movies aren’t the only ones in the works. The Hollywood Reporter says Sony has picked up Mermaid: A Twist On The Classic Tale, which will tentatively be produced by Tobey Maguire with Country Strong‘s Shana Feste directing. And how could that not be a good idea?

Some may wonder if the film will highlight the creepy not-so-feminist message of a woman sacrificing her voice to win the chance to seduce a man with her body, but Mermaid has a twist on the classic quirk. Instead, it’s about a princess set to enter a loveless marriage with a prince, only to discover that some crazy-ass mermaid has gone and made the aforementioned deal-with-the-Ursula to win him herself. Will they catfight? Do they have a long talk about the need to have a life outside romance? Depending on how all the other “bad-ass children’s stories” movies do, it’s possible we may never even find out.

[Photo: Getty Images]