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Oscar Nominations 2012: Hugo Leads With 11!

The nominations for the 84th annual Academy Awards were announced this morning, and Hugo surprised everyone, taking the lead with 11 nods. The Artist was close behind, with 10 nominations. Leonardo DiCaprio’s J. Edgar and Ryan Gosling’s Drive were shut out of any major awards, but Supporting nods for Bridesmaids’ Melissa McCarthy and Moneyball’s Jonah Hill should please a lot of folks. On our homework list: A Better Life (star Demian Bichir is up for Best Actor), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (ditto for Gary Oldman) and Animated Feature nominee A Cat in Paris, just for its awesome name. Stay tuned for plenty of analysis, photos and more on the Oscars, as we update throughout the day! Scroll down for the complete list.

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Woody Allen Has “Lust” For All His Leading Ladies, Wants To Date Them All

Few people would deny that Woody Allen is a cinematic legend. He’s also, well, sort of an old perv. Now that Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris has hit Cannes, the director has some creepy and/or flattering things to say about his female leads like Rachel McAdams and Penelope Cruz. “The women, especially, in my films have to be real. And yet it’s also very important to me to present the women with the enthusiasm and eroticism and awe that I feel about them. I’m very concerned with how they look, that they match my image of them,” Woody gushed to W Magazine. “I have great adoration and lust and interest in all of the women in my films. It would thrill me to go out with all of them.” Ah yes, because what woman doesn’t swoon at the idea of being one of a 75-year-old man’s dozens upon dozens of girlfriends?

Feel free to sub in the phrase “your supervisor at Applebee’s” for “Woody Allen” if you aren’t sure why these comments are more than a little off-putting. Despite the recent rave reviews for Midnight and his close personal friendship with Scarlett Johannson, Allen sometimes finds himself so dumbfounded by his muses that he can’t actually have a conversation with them. “I’m too shy to meet them. I have the women come in and I don’t let them sit down,” Allen admits. “I make up some questions, but I couldn’t care less about chatting. I only see them to make sure that they haven’t gained 200 pounds or had five face jobs.” That being said, we highly doubt getting five face lifts or gaining 200 lbs would keep Allen from acting like your sweet grand-uncle…who you try to keep from talking to your female friends at all costs.

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Rachel McAdams Rolls Out In Red For Midnight In Paris At Cannes

We figured Rachel McAdams was had something big planned when she showed up in France with that huge trunk yesterday! The actress traded Tuesday’s hat and trenchcoat for long blond curls and a sheer red Marchesa gown at the Cannes premiere of Woody Allen‘s Midnight In Paris, which she attended with co-stars Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson, Lea Seydoux and Michael Sheen—who also doubled as her date. Are you feeling this fiery look?

Check out the gallery for more shots of McAdams (check out that train!), plus a glimpse at the white dress she wore earlier at the Midnight In Paris photo call.

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