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Carrie Underwood Does Not Want You At Her Wedding


They’re all set! Carrie Underwood had her bachelorette while fiance Mike Fisher took it up a notch with a crazy bachelor bash. D-Day is tomorrow but they’ve gone totally secret service on everyone, including the guests! The couple refuse to reveal the location of the wedding. Mysterious!

Their guests are supposed to show up at an airport in a southern city – no one knows which one, yet – where they’ll be taken to the wedding in either a private jet or limos. Seriously? Do people really care that much of Carrie Underwood? A source commented, “Carrie wants to keep the wedding small and secret.”

Underwood’s also being business savvy about the nuptials. It’s been said that she originally wanted up to $2 million for the photo rights for the wedding. Now, the buzz is that she’s brokered a deal with a weekly magazine, but we don’t know which one.Smart cookie, Carrie. Create enough buzz and then… ka-ching! It really is the happiest day of your life!

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Carrie Underwood Has A Low-Key Bachelorette Party


Mike Fisher had his crazy bachelor bash last week, so it was only fair that fiance Carrie Underwood celebrate her bachelorette party in style. Her’s was more mellow than mad, even though it was in Sin City. She wore a ‘bride-to-be’ sash while her girlfriends all rocked feather boas. They hung out at club LAVO and danced the night away. A source reported, “They goofed around. [Carrie] did the running man.”

Her hubby-to-be had part 2 of his boys night in Nashville having drinks and dinner at Cabana, while his fiance busted a move on the dance floor in Vegas.  The whole easy-breezy vibe is going to be the atmosphere at the wedding too, Underwood revealed, “We’ll just show up. It’s mainly about family and friends and the two of us. So it’s going to be good no matter what.” No Bridezilla here. Just one pretty bride!

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Carrie Underwood’s Fiance Has Insane Bachelor Bash


So Carrie Underwood and NHL star Mike Fisher are walking down the aisle on July 10. And he decided to ring in his bachelor days in… style? Either way, it sounds like he had an epic time. His best buds — 15 of them — headed down to Mansion club in Miami for Mike Fisher’s bachelor party and boy, did they pah-tay.

A source commented, “Fisher nursed a couple of cocktails throughout the night and watched the debauchery from a sofa. They were dancing on the tables and handing out shots to girls. One of his friends attempted to urinate in an office next to the bathroom, while another drunkenly asked the waitress if she’d be his date to the wedding.” Good going Mr. Underwood! But we bet you totally wanted to jump in too!

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