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Meet The Six New Faces On Saturday Night Live

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When Saturday Night Live launches its 39th season tonight with host Tina Fey and musical guest Arcade Fire, viewers who haven’t been paying attention to the trades over the summer will notice that a few familiar faces are no longer treading the boards of Studio 8H; longtime (and very popular!) castmembers Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis have all exited the cast* for purportedly greener pastures. Taking their place are six new faces, making it the biggest cast transition since 1995. So, who exactly are these new featured players? Find out all about them in our gallery above!

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Elijah Wood Busts Out Frodo In Action-Packed Fake Version Of The Hobbit

Have you tried to get into the whole J.R.R. Tolkien thing, but secretly found yourself wishing it had more more machine gun fights? Frequent resident of Middle Earth and The Lord Of The Rings star Elijah Wood has heard your pleal, busting out his Frodo voice from the upcoming The Hobbit for his interview on 7 Minutes In Heaven hosted by SNL writer Mike O’Brien. Fake spoiler alert!

“Everyone shut the f— up. There‚Äôs hobbits in that tree. On the count of three, lets blast them to hobbit hell!,” the Wilfred actor reads, from a script that seems to be half Hobbit, half Return Of The Jedi, with a splash of Army of Darkness. Declares Wood, “Whelp, Bilbo’s dead, and the rebels have been defeated. This is the end of the movie The Hobbit, okay?” End scene. We would definitely see this in theaters.