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Game Of Thrones Star Sean Bean Thinks Downton Abbey Is Kinda Meh

When Sean Bean rolled up to talk to us at the Mirror, Mirror premiere recently, it was all we could do to keep from shouting “GAME OF THRONEZZZ OMG!” Yes, the show is that amazing, thanks in large part to Bean’s portrayal of Ned Stark. (His role in Mirror, Mirror is kind of blink-and-you-miss it, but pivotal and classic Sean Bean nonetheless.) We asked the British actor for his thoughts on another niche show with a mega-following, Downton Abbey. He surprised us by not being as big a fan as, well, the entire Internet seems to be. “I’ve kind of seen it all before,” he said when asked if he was into the show. “I might sound a bit flip, but I don’t think it’s representative of what the English are, of what the English were.

“I think it’s very well done and very well acted,” he continued. “It’s OK.” For more of the delightful Mr. Bean’s thoughts on Downton, and the kinds of stories of the U.K. that we should be seeing, check out our interview above. And Game of Thrones fans, take note (spoiler-y, if you STILL haven’t seen season one): The actor told us he’d be tuning in for this season, even though he’s not, uh, in it.

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Saoirse Ronan Is Your Third Snow White In Disney’s The Order Of The Seven

Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins, looks like you’re going to have to share that apple once again, because you’ve got company. Oh wait…no, don’t eat any of it! It’s poison! According to TotalFilm, Saoirse Ronan is currently in negotiations to star in The Order Of The Seven, Disney’s long-awaited Snow White remake; the film joins Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror for a grand total of three adaptations of the classic fairytale. The Host actress will reportedly star in the action flick as Brit Olivia Sinclair; according to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is set in Hong Kong and follows a “a 19th century-set disparate band of international warriors belonging to a centuries-old order who have lost their way. Their meeting with an Englishwoman being chased by an ancient evil is the catalyst for their redemption.” Here’s hoping the birds still help Snow White get dressed in the morning. Dressed to kill…evil entities!

Now, we know Saoirse can deliver on the action; she stalked and sniped with the best of them as a teenage assassin in last year’s Hanna. But will we still want a bad-ass Snow White after we’ve seen an armor-clad Kristen ride that horse in slow motion down a beach this June? Or will Stewart’s warrior princess only fuel our desire for edgy fairytale adaptations? On a related note, is it too late to add Ariel to the Battleship movie? Maybe the sequel?

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Mirror, Mirror’s Lily Collins And Armie Hammer Play Tricks On Us

Take a quick look at Lily Collins and Armie Hammer in the photos from Mirror, Mirror above. Now, what would be your wild guess about their age difference? Wait, let’s make it a little harder (and play along, literal-minded folks who have already checked IMDb): Armie plays an FBI agent in J.Edgar; Lily will play a 16-year-old girl in City of Bones. That made us feel a little icky when we saw the latest Mirror, Mirror featurette, in which Lily appears to lust after a bare-chested Armie.

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Lily Collins In Talks For New Evil Dead Role

Horror movie remakes? Yawn. Horror movies remade with gender reversals? That sounds a little more interesting. Horror movie remakes with gender reversals starring a genuine up-and-coming talent with a script revised by a lady who knows how not to write smart girl roles? Yes, please! That’s why we’re intrigued by the report from Bloody-Disgusting.com that Lily Collins is in talks to star in the new Evil Dead movie, in the role that’s kind of based on the character Ash originated by Bruce Campbell in the Sam Raimi flicks.

And yeah, that’s the very same Evil Dead, due out in April 2013, whose script was recently revised by Diablo Cody. According to Bloody Disgusting, Lily would play Mia, a girl who’s staying in a remote cabin with friends who are helping her detox after a recent drug overdose. “She begins acting insane, so it comes as no surprise that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!” B-D reports. What’s actually happening, of course, is that a demonic force has been unleashed from a Book of the Dead in the house. Oops!

We like the idea of how diverse Lily’s career is looking so far. From Abduction to Mirror, Mirror to The Mortal Instruments to Evil Dead. We’re just crossing our fingers that filming for this one doesn’t interfere with the first TMI movie, City of Bones, which should begin sometime later this year.

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Lily Collins Was Nearly Cast As The Other Snow White

We all know by now that Lily Collins is playing sugar-sweet Snow White in Mirror, Mirror, while Kristen Stewart slaps on a scowl to play the Disney princess as an embattled warrior in Snow White and the Huntsman. However! Were you aware that Lily almost slipped into Kristen’s mud-caked chain mail instead? “I did read the other Snow White script,” Collins revealed to Access Hollywood. “I auditioned for it, but I’ve been so excited for Kristen.” Whaaa whaaa what? Between this and that dwarf punching Armie Hammer in the face in the Mirror, Mirror trailer, we feel like we’re in a fairy tale Twilight Zone! Even without the dwarf!

Seeing as how Collins has experience diving in slow-motion to escape an explosion from her role in Abduction, we can actually picture her as a convincing soldier Snow White. However, we cannot imagine the logical opposite: Kristen Stewart sm…smi…smiling as the dancing, apple-cheeked star of Lily’s light-hearted film. “I think that story is so different than ours and the girls are so different,” Collins added. “She’s perfect for her version, and I’m really excited to be doing this one and I think they have totally different audiences.” Next you’ll be telling us that Nathan Lane, who plays a sniveling manservant in Mirror, Mirror, tried out for Charlize Theron‘s Evil Queen role. No, really, please tell us that. That’s all we want to hear in the world.

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Mirror, Mirror Trailer Has Us Asking: Which Snow White Is Fairest Of Them All?

The Mirror, Mirror trailer has arrived, which mean we can finally answer the question: which Snow White is the fairest of them all? “Fairest” means “most awesome,” right? While Kristen Stewart‘s Snow White seemed to be the Dark Night of Disney princess movies (based on the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer), Lily Collins‘ kind but headstrong heroine looks much more in keeping with the original fairy tale protagonist. Likewise, Julia Roberts‘ Evil Queen in this film is much more of a sarcastic diva compared to Charlize Theron‘s malevolent overlord. Are these two versions of Snow White too different to compare? Does it all come down to which film has more Nathan Lane in it? In the end, doesn’t everything? What do you think?

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