Miss America

by (@katespencer)

The Many Talents Of Miss America

On Saturday night a bunch of hot robots taped down their boobs and sprayed up their hair in the hopes of being crowned Miss America. Miss Indiana eventually won the honor of walking down the runway crying and waving maniacally, but only after the other girls attempted to woo the judges with their various “talents.”

The girls showed off their skills in dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, and in one case, playing a frying pan. You can peep all our favorites below.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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by (@katespencer)

Afternoon Snack: Miss Tennessee Flips Out

What, you didn’t know that yesterday was the Second Annual Miss America Pancake Breakfast? Get with it! The ladies are in Vegas for the 2009 Miss America Pageant, and this is how they prepare – by making food (all in the name of raising money for childrens charities, natch) that they then refuse to eat. We have no idea who will take the crown this year, but Miss Alabama deserves a prize for her helmet hair alone. There is some serious spray work going on up on that head. [Photo: Splash News Online]