Mission: Blacklist

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Kristen Stewart’s And Robert Pattinson’s Next Projects: An In-Depth Look Ahead

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
The past week has been a tumultuous one for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their fans, after the actress confirmed (and quickly apologized) that she had cheated on her boyfriend and Twilight co-star with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Currently every celebrity publication has a jillion stories up about the affair and the couple’s possible split, filled with anonymous sources and loads of speculation. So let’s walk away from the gossip for a bit and take a look at what lies ahead for each of the actors and their careers. While their personal lives might be stuck in a rough patch at the moment, their creative pursuits have never been better, with new roles (on- and off-screen) and possible awards-season appearances on the horizon. Consider this a pleasant palate cleanser from that toxic rumor mill that’s currently churning away extra hard right now.

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Robert Pattinson Calls Breaking Dawn 2 “Funny,” Probably Shouldn’t Be In Charge Of Marketing Movies

Robert Pattinson

We all know Robert Pattinson is self-deprecating to a fault, and we love him for it. But we do kind of wonder if the marketing departments behind his movies inwardly cringe every time he sums up one of his movies. Granted, everything he says makes us want to see his movies all the more, but mostly because we don’t believe his own opinion of himself. Case in point, his interview in today’s Metro U.K., in which he sums up a number of his projects in uniquely RPattz ways — and complains again about being called RPattz:

  • On Cosmopolis: “This is one of the first movies that I’m in where I can watch it and not just want to kill myself.”

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Robert Pattinson To Hunt For Saddam Hussein In Mission: Blacklist

Robert Pattinson to play Eric Maddox in Mission: Blacklist

Just a few days after we learned that Kristen Stewart signed on to play a troubled girl who sells a failed snuff film in Cali, Robert Pattinson’s next gritty role has been announced. According to Variety, the Twilight star is attached to Mission: Blacklist, a military thriller based on the book Mission: Blacklist #1, which recounts how an interrogator in Tikrit helped capture Saddam Hussein.

We assume RPattz will play Staff Sgt. Eric Maddox (pictured above, right), the interrogator who co-wrote the book with David Seay. According to the book’s website: “The story begins with Sergeant Maddox’s arrival in Iraq in July 2003 and extends through to when he pinpoints Hussein’s location, just hours before the expiration of his tour in December 2003. Central to the story are the interrogations of progressively more important insurgents as Sergeant Maddox closes in on Hussein’s location. During these interrogations, Sergeant Maddox undergoes his own process of self-discovery, as he learns the art of interrogation, how to find the right psychological lever among the target’s fears, hopes, ambitions and pride that, once pressure is applied, coaxes the target to divulge the information he conceals.”
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