Mission Impossible: IV

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New Trailer Alert: Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol Looks Awesome

You GUYS. We didn’t expect it at all, but after watching the trailer for Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, we’re dying to watch the movie. The Kremlin blowing up, Eminem in the soundtrack, Tom Cruise and his running, and that cast! Jeremy Renner, badass Indian actor Anil Kapoor, Josh Holloway (Lost fan alert) and Simon Pegg. Please tell us you love Simon as much as we do? Scotty in Star Trek (the 2009 version) is just the tip of the iceberg with him.

It’s everything you’d expect out of an MI movie, especially the stunts, which look un-frickin’-real. Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt, his team and the WHOLE Impossible Mission Force  are being blamed for the Kremlin attack and branded as terrorists. They’re allowed to escape as part of a plan to help them work outside of the agency, but none of them can be captured. Ready, set, go! And Tom looks great. Jeremy Renner looks delicious. And the eye-candy of the film, Paula Patton looks pretty good too. It’s a win-win.


Jeremy Renner Planning A Steve McQueen Biopic?

Did you know Jeremy Renner is a megastar? Sure, you probably knew that he stole Ben Affleck‘s The Town and got an Oscar nomination for The Hurt Locker. You may have even known he’s been a cult favorite since 2002’s Dahmer. But with Renner appearing in The Avengers as Hawkeye, as well as starring in the next Mission: Impossible and Bourne movies, Hollywood has basically put all of their action chips on the 40-year-old. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeremy plans to cash them in by making a Steve McQueen biopic, to be written by We Own The Night director James Gray.

Playing one of the studliest stars in Hollywood history seems like serious hubris, but look at it this way: if Renner manages to upstage Matt Damon and Tom Cruise in their own action franchises, and make his mark alongside Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and the other Avengers, he really should get to scream “aw, yeah, I’m the new Steve McQueen, baby!” in a vanity film. Plus, if his franchises fail, this McQueen movie will never get made.

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Jeremy Renner Taking Over Bourne AND Mission: Impossible?

Hollywood practically ignored Jeremy Renner for the near-decade between his amazing turn in Dahmer and his Oscar-nominated Hurt Locker performance, but they seem to be making up for lost time. Despite the fact that he’s already filming a new Mission: Impossible film with Tom Cruise, Latino Review says Renner is Universal’s top choice to star in The Bourne Legacy, where he’d not so much replace Matt Damon as Jason Bourne but play another secret agent undergoing a rather Bourney predicament (far younger actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Garrett Hedlund were previously rumored for the role). Could the 40-year-old Renner really take over two of the biggest action franchises? If this guy can rock a British accent, Daniel Craig better watch his back!

Whether or not he gets the Bourne gig (shouldn’t they get someone who isn’t Matt’s age?), Renner has plenty of action cash coming—he’s already shooting both Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and there’s this little movie called The Avengers coming in 2012. Word dropped last week that Renner will cameo in Thor, out later this month, introducing audiences to his super-archer Hawkeye. If these films do well, the long-underrated actor could find himself one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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Photo Of The Day: Shirtless Tom Cruise Rides A Zipline


Props to Tom Cruise for still doing his own stunts on  the set of Mission Impossible: IV, and kudos to him for staying in good shape too. Still, we thought these photos of Tom in all his shirtless glory were kind of funny in their awkwardness because, well, no picture of someone riding shirtless on a zipline while trying to hold up their entire body weight is ever going to look flattering.

Bonus photo of  the day: The man who looks entirely unimpressed by Tom as he approaches for landing.


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