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Say TaTa To The London Olympics With This GIF Wall Of Victory

The 2012 Summer Olympics went out with last night’s star-studded, nostalgic Closing Ceremony. It’s been an emotional couple of weeks, welling up on a nightly basis while watching dreams come true from the comfort of our couches. To tie our Olympics coverage in a neat, hypnotizing bow, here’s a GIF wall of winners winning and inevitably treating us to victory dances, tears and triumphant cheers.

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Missy Franklin Is Today’s Olympian To Watch: 10 Reasons We Want This Swim Star To Be Our BFF

Newcomer Missy Franklin has stormed the Olympics with seemingly effortless skill, a permanent smile, and an infinite amount of charm. All told, the 17-year-old will compete in seven events, and she has already swam in 13 races! Franklin kicked off her Olympics career in London by scoring a bronze medal in the 4×100 meter freestyle relay, a gold medal in the 100 meter backstroke (her first individual) and a gold in a 4×200 meter freestyle relay. We’re exhausted just typing all of that out and yet Franklin still has more to swim at the Games, competing in the women’s 200 meter backstroke on Friday. As if all that didn’t make her amazing enough here are 10 reason we really love Missy and want to call her our BFF:

1. She’s a Hunger Games Super Fan

She loves the Hunger Games so much that she read the Hunger Games trilogy… TWICE!

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18 GIFs Of Olympians’ Parents Freaking Out While Watching Their Kids Compete

If there’s anything more amazing than Olympians taking the gold, it’s watching the emotional roller-coasters their parents ride as they compete. The moms and dads — especially this year’s crew — are often more exciting and gut-wrenching to observe than their insanely talented kids. And while many of their reactions are LOL-worthy, they are also deeply touching and often the catalyst for our Olympic-size tears, which occur nightly as we watch really athletic/hardworking humans show off their skills while sitting our couch swimming in a sea of Bugle crumbs.

Check out 18 parental reactions that deserve gold medals below.

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Justin Bieber Tweets #Love To Missy Franklin; Other Artists Who Should Show Support For Olympian Fans

Missy Franklin and Justin Bieber
There’s nothing more aw-worthy than seeing celebrities from different industries become fans of each other. Justin Bieber tweeted at U.S. Olympic swimmer, Missy Franklin today that he heard that she’s a fan of his. “Now im a fan of hers too. CONGRATS on winning GOLD!” and added the very adorable “#muchlove” tag. We wish we saw more of this celeb interaction! Athletes are glued to their headphones before competition to get pumped up in London and some Olympians have confessed their love for certain artists. What we’d like to see is these artists responding with support for the folks who are seriously earning their celebrity status this summer.

  • Ryan Lochte loves Lil Wayne. How much so, you ask? Well, Wayne’s song “Sky’s the Limit” is on Lochte’s pump-up playlist. Not only that but Lochte’s dog’s name is Carter, named after a certain Dwayne Michael Carter, aka rapper Lil Wayne. Oh, yeah, and there are those grills.

  • The Dream Team’s LeBron James loves Big K.R.I.T.  James said that Big K.R.I.T’s song, “I Got This” “was one of [the Miami Heat’s] theme songs this year.”

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