by (@hallekiefer)

Demi Lovato Swarmed By Mob Of Adorable Fans During Concert

Having your screaming audience suddenly appear onstage would be a scary moment for any performer (Miley Cyrus, you know what we’re talking about). It’s probably slightly less intimidating, however, when the mob of fans is made up entirely of happy, squealing teenagers, as they were at Demi Lovato‘s concert in Paraguay last night. After allowing one section to get closer to the stage in what must have seemed like the best idea at the time, Lovato was almost immediately swept up in a million bear hugs by concert-goers who bolted past security. Even Demi chiding the crowd is cute, considering what she could could be saying. “You guys gotta be safe though!” Demi warns, even as they start to grab her. Aw girl…you’re so sweet. Seriously though, you’re lucky they didn’t rip your vest off and take it home for their scrapbook.

Luckily no one was hurt in the throng, even after other fans started trying to get their Demi Lovato hug on; everyone seems to have been safely hauled away by bouncers. Fortunately, the crowd was content to just start chanting “Demi” rather than, say, tip the speakers and really start hulking out. Enjoy it while you can, Demi, because eventually those fans are going to grow up. Maybe invest in a Taser, is what we’re saying.