Report: Spencer And Heidi Are Broke. Thanks A Lot, Energy Crystals!


Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are full of cunning and trickery  – take for instance, the fact that we still aren’t sure if Speidi’s “breakup” is real or just for the cameras that seem to shadow them wherever they go. So we pretty much take any news story about them with a grain of salt, but we’re hoping in a schadenfreude kind of way that the report about them being flat broke is true.

Radar is reporting that the poster children for sociopathic narcissism led such extravagant lives (for instance, paying a friend $100 just to take out their garbage) that they have run out of money, and that led them to break up. The trouble started when Spencer was kicked off The Hills, which meant the paychecks stopped rolling in. The friend also reports that another reason for their lack on money is that Spencer admits to spending a half a million dollars on his energy crystals. Pratt said earlier this year “I am so addicted to crystals, it’s like a sickness. I’ve spent $500,000 on crystals this year. I checked my bank account last night, and I have $203 left. There’s a whole science to this. I’m not crazy.” Let’s see, between the two of you, you guys have spent your life’s savings on crystals and back-scoopage? Actually, crazy is the only word we’d use to describe you.

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Ashley Greene And Kellan Lutz Will Return To Twilight


Well, it’s official: playing chicken with your career really does pay off, and it paid off big time for the good-looking blow-up dolls supporting cast of Twilight. Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are confirmed for the fourth and fifth installments of the series, and they are each receiving almost $1.5 million per film each. Not quite the $4 million per film Ashley and Kellan were hoping for, but at least they realized that maybe they weren’t worth that much after all.

A source close to Summit Entertainment, the films’ production company, stated “The studio realized how valuable Ashley and Kellan are to the franchise and did what they needed to do to keep them.” Yeah, Summit may not have wanted to pay that much, but they aren’t stupid. The Twilight fan base would probably have a sh*t fit if two more actors were replaced, and the new cast would have likely been distracting and gotten the wrong kind of press for the film (because you just can’t replace actors in a franchise, did we learn nothing from Teen Wolf 2?). So Twi-hards, are you satisfied with the decision to keep these two on board and pay them more for 12 minutes of screen time than we’ll make in our lives?

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Kellan Lutz And Ashley Greene – Are They Worth A Huge Twilight Pay Raise?


We’ve already seen the Twilight producers get tough when they fired Rachel Lefevre from the franchise, replacing her with Bryce Dallas Howard. Lefevre allegedly had scheduling issues and her reps requested more money, and when an agreement couldn’t be reached, she got the boot. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are currently playing salary hardball as well over the details of Breaking Dawn- they are being offered ten times what they were paid for the first Twilight film, but that’s not enough to satisfy them, and there’s a possibility of those pesky Cullen kids getting the heave-ho as well.

The film’s main stars, (do we even need to say their names?), Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, are all making big money on the film – no specifics have been given, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Lautner’s typical asking price these days is $7.5 million, and all their salaries were recently renegotiated. Lutz and Greene are feeling like they deserve more, given what the franchise rakes in, and called their own offers “offensive”. Hey guys, look, we get that you’re part of a cultural phenomenon, but you aren’t the box office draw here. Especially you, Ash. We can’t think of anything else (besides your SoBe commercial, of course) that you’ve even been in. Are these guys getting greedy? Will they find themselves in a Paula Abdul situation after she left Idol? For the sake of the films, we hope not.

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Website Of The Day: Restore Stephen Baldwin(‘s Bank Account)


We’re fascinated by the huge chasms within the Baldwin family. You’ve got your super-liberal Alec, your super-rehabbed Daniel, your Chynna Phillips-lovin’ Billy and of course, your Born Again Christian, Stephen. They’ve all, at one point or another been controversial for things they’ve said, but recently, Stephen’s career has sailed into a perfect storm of bankruptcy, Jesus-freakiness, and unemployment, that has culminated in the best website we’ve seen in a long time, The Restoration Of Stephen Baldwin.

Run by “someone Stephen nor his staff have ever met”, the site’s sole mission is to raise money for Baldwin, whose career and personal income have hit a low point, no thanks to his Christianity. So sayeth the Q & A on the site “When he became an outspoken Christian in 2002 his income went down by 70% when he refused roles with gratuitous sex and violence.” We sayeth, you should have asked for a higher salary on Bio-Dome, dude, and put that money in the bank. We’re not knocking his beliefs, we’re just skeptical that they’re being blamed for his downfall – look at Mel Gibson, who hasn’t compromised his Christianity. He made the hugely successful Passion Of The Christ and has all the birth-uncontrolled sex he wants in the name of the Lord.

However, if you’re a huge Baldwin fan and feel bad for his financial situation, the site welcomes any and all donations. Just remember, this is the guy who baptized Spencer Pratt on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. If he’s the second coming and Spencer is one of his disciples, we plan to sit this one out.  [Photo: Getty Images]


Charlie Sheen Plans To Bail On The Other One And A Half Men. Or Does He?

59305737Conflicting reports today about Charlie Sheen‘s future on his sitcom Two And A Half Men; People says he plans to ditch the show after this season, while TMZ says Chuck is just holding out for an insane salary increase.

The CBS show has been renewed for two more seasons, but Sheen’s contract is up after this year (the last day of filming for this season is April 9). TMZ explains that Sheen wants to bump his current salary, which is already $825,000 per episode to $1.5 million per show. If he stays on for an extra two years at $1.5 million, that’s a sum that just blows our mind (and it probably blows the mind of co-star Jon Cryer and the kid who plays the half-man). A source explains to TMZ “Does anyone really think Charlie will walk away from $48 million?” Good point. Considering the amount of legal fees, bail money and retroactive hooker payouts Sheen owes, he might want to hang on to this job.

All of this begs the greater question: who is actually watching this show? We know, we know, it’s popular, but we don’t know anyone who has actually ever seen an episode. Are there any Two And A Half Men fans out  there who can actually vouch for the show and for Sheen’s multi-million dollar contributions to it? [Photo: Getty Images]


Pammy Is Broke, Owes More Than $1m

Pamela Anderson

She’s going to have to work harder than ever “accidentally” flashing her bits if she wants to pay this debt off; as reportedly Pamela Anderson is totally broke to the tune of $1.1m. The former Baywatch icon has spent the cash on various building firms working on remodeling her Malibu pad, but, er, hasn’t paid them, leading to five legal claims against her. Reportedly, the work has included lavish additions like gold pool tiles and sound systems, although her business manager Lester Knispel admitted in an email to one contractor, “I told you that she could not afford any more work.”

The report also adds that Pam owes more than $250k in back state taxes and penalties for 2007. Gah. We don’t know if there’s enough thigh-skimming t-shirts a girl can wear for the paps to make a dent in these debts. Good luck! [Photo: WireImage]

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We Want Sienna’s House


Got a spare $1.6m? If you do, you could do better than buy Sienna Miller‘s old London pad, which is up for grabs for nearly $500,000 off the original asking price! Sienna’s two-bedroom house in Paddington, London, has apparently been sitting on the market unsold for five months — and after seeing the pics, we’re lusting over the open-plan layout that gives this London house a loft feel, the floating staircase and mezzanine floors. But the real icing on the cake is the super-cool sunken Turkish bath which takes up the whole of the basement level. Amazing. Just imagine the stories that room could tell. Ugh, now our head’s full of a naked Rhys Ifans, her ex-boyfriend. Maybe not. [Photo: WireImage]

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The Real Housewives Just Got Richer


Good news for all you Jill Zarin fans out there! The botoxed beauty and her sisterhood of rich sidekicks have signed on to do another season of The Real Housewives of New York, and the ladies are getting a raise. The gauche gals will get “upwards of $30,000 per episode” for their third season, which may include a dance-off between Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon, who apparently want to end their feud with duel of fancy footwork.

But while the deal sure is sweet for the crew of Upper East Side  sirens (er, and one Brooklynlite), their hubbys are coming up empty. According to a source, they “get nothing,” for their work on the show. Sorry Simon!  [Photo: GettyImages]