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Nic Cage Pees Fire In Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Trailer

Guess that answers the question, “How’d it get burned?” Considering that we’ve seen him as a face-swapping crime boss, a weathered car thief and a scraggly-haired witchunter, it shouldn’t be that surprising to see Nic Cage in the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer as a flame-skulled biker, even if he is letting loose a flamethrowers’ worth of incendiary pee. And frankly, it’s not.

Due out February 17, 2012, the Ghost Rider sequel revisits undead superhero Johnny Blaze, portrayed once again by the man who never saw a paycheck he didn’t like. It’s good to see Cage bringing it in a new movie role, considering that most recent Nicolas Cage news has revolved around both the actor’s arrest for domestic abuse and that of his son Weston Cage. Hey, we loved ever second of Wicker Man; let’s not pretend we won’t all love this too.

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Jonah Hill Corrupts Our Nation’s Youth In The Sitter Red-Band Trailer

Wow, Jonah Hill’s The Sitter red-band trailer is not for the prudish of heart. Or for anyone without a door on their office. Or for anyone under the age of 25. Or really anybody else. The trailer kicks off with a host of adorable ethnically diverse youngsters quizzing a newly skinny Jonah Hill about race, the merits of his profession and certain rumors regarding what kind of genitals he might be working with. “Why?,” Jonah responds nervously. “Have you heard something weird? Did somebody say something?” The actual trailer isn’t too PG-13 either, seeing as how no 13-year-old should even think about Jonah Hill performing a sex act of any kind. The whole thing is definitely “edgier” than that filthy The Change-Up promo, but substantially less racially offensive. We consider that a win-win!

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Elle Fanning’s Twixt Trailer Looks Scary Fun

As big fans of campy horror films like It or Evil Dead or Black Swan, we love a quality scary movie that still maintains a high level of delicious cheese. Luckily Francis Ford Coppola‘s Twixt trailer seems to have that perfect blend of creepy and kitschy.”What are vampires but witches that suck blood?,” Val Kilmer‘s disillusioned author Hal Baltimore muses. Yes! We are in.

Unveiled at Comic-Con last week, Twixt features true gems like Kilmer’s luxurious man-pony, Bruce Dern‘s bat-loving sheriff and Elle Fanning‘s hot pink ghost eyeshadow and hair chain. The fact that Fanning’s potentially vampirish character V looks like she’s straight out of the 1996 The Frighteners (starring one Mr. Michael J. Fox) only adds to the absurd atmosphere. And is that great American author Edgar Allen Poe lurking around the woods? Ahhhh, it’s like lowering ourselves into a giant vat of molten cheddar.

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Eddie Murphy Leaves The Playground In The Tower Heist Trailer

The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Daddy Day Care, Meet Dave, Shrek Forever After: if we said Eddie Murphy has literally spent the last decade making movies for people incapable of tying their own shoes, we would hardly be exaggerating. How can someone make Dreamgirls between Norbit and Shrek 2? He almost won an Oscar for that role!

Luckily if the Tower Heist trailer is any indication, it seems like Murphy is back on top of his hilarious game as a charming ex-con in a (thankfully) adult action-comedy. Directed by Brett Ratner, the movie hints that we might even be seeing some hard-core flirtation with Gabourey Sidibe, which is clearly not for children.  The film also co-stars Ben Stiller and Matthew Broderick. Actually, it is nice to see all three of these leading men in a film that doesn’t involve talking museum exhibits or CGI mice or ogres voiced by Mike Myers. Though, okay, if the Klumps stop by and make a brief cameo, we can’t exactly going to complain or anything.

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Those Aliens Sunk Our Battleship (Trailer)!

You would have thought Transformers 3: Dark Side Of The Moon would have satisfied America’s thirst for robot warfare, but surprisingly the new Battleship teaser trailer has us wanting more. Starring Friday Night Light‘s Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Brooklyn Decker, Battleship seems to offer a neat spin on the traditional board game set-up: since the villain is some sort of ominous airship, it’s looking down at us like we are tiny plastic boats to be used for its amusement! And are those pegs they’re shooting into the side of those boats? Why, yes. Yes, they are.

Our only problem with the film so far is the glaring absence of Rihanna, who makes her big-budget film debut when the film drops May 18, 2012. Oh, maybe Rihanna has THE LINE and they want to hold onto it until just the right time. You know one we mean.

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New Year’s Eve Trailer Stars 1,000 Celebs, One or Two Decent Jokes

Happy New Year’s, everyone in Hollywood! The New Year’s Eve trailer is out, and celebs are sprinkled throughout like the beer-soaked confetti covering your carpet on January 1st.  The cast includes, but is not limited to, Lea Michele, Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara, Abigail Breslin, Seth Meyers, Josh Duhamel, Sienna Miller, Carla Gugino and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee.  Oh, and Robert De Niro for a split second at the very,very end.

Maybe we’ve just been burned before, but anyone who’s seen Valentine’s Day, director Gary Marshall’s other rom-com starring five billion A-listers, knows that more celebrities does not mean more enjoyment (unless we’re talking about a charity fundraiser or an orgy). Not that the movie doesn’t have a few high points: an incredibly schlubby Michelle Pfeiffer, a mid-custody-battle Halle Berry, Katherine Heigl and Jon Bon Jovi‘s slap-a-thon and, of course, the Hilary Swank/Ludacris coupling that we are praying is actually the movie’s main focus. If we do end up seeing this movie, it’ll be in the same way we ring in the New Year: drunk, in Times Square and wearing only a diaper and sash.

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Drive Trailer Reminds Us That Ryan Gosling Is Also A Badass

As much as we squee over the adorable aspects of Ryan Gosling, like bringing his dog George to visit Jimmy Fallon or being our fantasy husband in Blue Valentine (well, right up until the end scene), we also need to be reminded sometimes that he is also a cut-from-marble example of hard-core badassry.

Enter the Drive trailer, which premiered at Comic-Con and costars both Carey Mulligan and Christina Hendricks, both toned down for the occasion. There are so many moments in this movie that serve to hammer home Gosling’s tough-guy persona: the terrifying bald mask! The flipping police cars! The nail about to be literally hammered through that guy’s skull! But then they throw us a bone with a Mulligan/Gosling slow-motion kiss in the elevator. This film truly has something for everyone. Especially creepy mask enthusiasts.

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Justin Timberlake’s Sci-Fi In Time Trailer Looks Confusing, Amazing

We’re not going to lie: we had to watch the In Time trailer starring Justin Timberlake twice to fully understand what was going on. In case you don’t have the time (see what we did there? because it’s about a future dystopia where time is money?), let us break down the most important points that stood out to us. First of all, everyone in this trailer, which premiered yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con,  is 25 years old, since in Future America everyone is given a quarter century before you have to beg, borrow and, from the looks of it, murder to get more time. The only downside: your grandma might end up looking a teeny tiny bit hotter than you.

Second of all, seeing as how the Friends with Benefits actor costars alongside Amanda Seyfried, Alex Pettyfer and the always villainous Cillian Murphy, everyone in the future is also really, really, really ridiculously good looking. The film doesn’t explicitly say why, but since it 2099 AD, we have assume it’s result of some sort of hottiebommbalottie laser. Maybe a literal babe magnet, if we’ve mastered the technology.

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Dream House Trailer Seems Like A Bad Omen For Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz

Now that we’ve seen Dream House trailer, we have a lot of questions about how Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz ended up getting together after meeting during filming. In the incredibly spoiler-y trailer, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star plays Will Atenton, an understandably confused man who may or may not have killed his entire family, including wife Libby…who played by Craig’s now-wife Weisz. Oh, also she and his children might be ghosts. Or hallucinations. Either way, something horrible has happened to them. Naomi Watts guest stars!

Look, we know that on-set romances happen all the time, and true love comes into your life when you lease expect it, and yadda yadda yadda, but do you see that wallpaper turn all old and peeling when the little girl’s hand passes over it ? Seriously, was Daniel Craig writing his love notes in serial-killer mirror writing, because that is where our mind immediately went.