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Nostalgia Check: The Mighty Ducks Turns 20 This Week! See The Cast Then And Now

The Quack Attack is back, Jack! It’s hard to believe that the  beloved Mighty Ducks franchise turns 20 years old this week. The Disney series inspired millions, and even lead to the creation of a real life team. It also inspired countless children to strap sharp blades on their feet and wave big sticks around on ice. That part didn’t always end so well. And finally, the sequel inspired us to be terrified of Iceland for a time thanks to the scary villainous team.

It’s amazing how many actors got their start in the movie rink. If you watch the movies now you see a tinnnnnny Joshua Jackson as little Charlie Conway. He’s so cute, we wonder if his current GF Diane Kruger makes him watch it with her on date nights. There’s also a pre-Nickelodeon Kenan Thompson and Danny Tamberelli. And of course Marguerite Moreau stole our 8-year-old hearts as the butt-kicking Connie. Yeah, she was the one who uttered the immortal “I’m not a lady, I’m a duck!”  And to be honest, we forgot what a heart-throb Emilio Estevez was as Coach Gordon Bombay. Head to the gallery below and catch up with you MD favorites, twenty years later. Do it with us now: Quack quack quack!

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Divergent Gets Release Date, Let’s Pick Our Dream Cast!

Divergent may be the most anticipated book-to-movie adaptation since The Hunger Games got its turn last year (though The Fault in Our Stars is surely a close second). With a release date of March 21, 2014, announced yesterday and rumors that Limitless director Neil Bruger is attached to the project, all we need now are a couple of pretty faces to obsess over. The roles of 16-year-old Tris and her love interest, Four, are sure to be a big get for any actor and we already have a few favorites already in mind. So does Twitter, where people are constantly proclaiming their love for certain stars they see fit for the leads. Let’s discuss some of our favorites here at VH1 Celeb headquarters, and then we want you to tell us who you envision getting their Dauntless on on the big screen.

Taissa Farmiga is my number one pick to play Tris, and I even have the author’s approval on this one. Veronica Roth once replied to my tweet about Taissa as Tris with “ooh. She’s spot on, looks wise.” Not only does she completely embody Tris physically, but her raw and vulnerable performance on American Horror Story proves she’s got the acting chops, too. Our friend and NextMovie editor Breanne Heldman loves Molly Quinn, telling Hollywood Crush, “Molly has a sass and intelligence that’s also so totally Tris.” Castle fans, do you agree?

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Jennifer Lawrence Adds “Confused Terror” To Her Acting Range In House At The End Of The Street Clip

You know, the main reason we want to see Jennifer Lawrence in The House At The End of the Street is because, well, she’s never really played “completely scared out of her mind” before. Oh sure, Katniss was no doubt terrified as she defended her life in the Hunger Games, and we can’t imagine Ree was totally fear-free as she hunted down her meth dealing dad in Winter’s Bone. But straight horror is a different thing entirely. While before Jennifer had a rich character narrative to draw on, here she is just trying to wash some dishes and watch a movie. You know, be a normal person. She has painfully few options when evil comes a-knocking (Even if said evil does turn out to be just a friend of hers)(A friend who is a jerk. Who sneaks up on people like that? Who?).

So when her horror feature drops September 21, will Lawrence bring some of her characteristic stoic determination to her HATES character? Of course she will! The woman crawls through broken glass like it ain’t no thang in the movie’s trailer! Just get ready for 100% more screaming and flailing in the meantime. Now, would a Jennifer Lawrence character pee her pants? No, you’re right. She’s better than the rest of us, even if she is running away from ghosts.

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Why We Want To See A Snow White Sequel Starring Kristen Stewart

This afternoon, Universal released an official statement about the future of the Snow White and the Huntsman franchise, which says: “We are extremely proud of Snow White and the Huntsman and we’re currently exploring all options to continue the franchise. Any reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false.” This comes in reaction to last night’s Hollywood Reporter story which claimed that Kristen “will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward, and both Deadline and THR say that Universal is moving in a different direction with a new screenwriter. It is unclear if director Rupert Sanders will return for any of these possible projects.

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Report: Kristen Stewart Lands Coveted Indie Role In Lie Down In Darkness

Kristen Stewart has landed the lead role in the indie film Lie Down In Darkness, reports Vulture. Directed by Scott Cooper, the film is based on a novel by William Styron about a seriously screwed up family living in 1950s Virginia. Kristen will play Peyton Loftis, a beautiful young woman with a crippled sister whose “intense physical beauty makes her the object of her frigid mother’s jealous hatred and the target of her father’s incestuous, alcoholic lust.” (Did anyone else just dream-cast John Hawkes as the dad?)

Kristen expressed her passion for Peyton in an interview with Elle earlier this year, saying that she wanted the role “more than anything I can possibly taste or touch in my life. I want to play her so bad.”

Jennifer Lawrence was also dying to play Peyton, but she’s stuck making blockbuster sequels to The Hunger Games and X-Men all through out next year. It’s interesting to note the similarities in the actresses’ careers and desired roles. Two women who do amazing work on both sides of the film spectrum. Maybe we’ll see them share the screen one day?

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5 Reasons Step Up Revolution Is The Best Guilty Pleasure Movie Of The Summer

I walked into see Step Up Revolution with zero expectations, and found myself cheering and clapping through the whole thing and – dare I confess – getting choked up at one moment. My 3-D glasses fogged up, guys – it was that good. And also a little bad — in the best way possible. The dancing, the script, the love story and the wonderful cheesiness of it all earned it my vote for Best Guilty Pleasure Movie of the Summer. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should be.

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Exclusive: Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisario Would “Love” Fifty Shades Of Grey Part

There’s just something about Troian Bellisario that screams Anastasia Steele to us. Perhaps it’s her lovely dark hair and pale skin, or maybe it’s her confident yet vulnerable turn as Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars. Yep, she’s got Fifty Shades of something about her, and we’re hoping E.L. James is noticing – because Troian is a huge Fifty Shades of Grey fan. She shared her love for the series with VH1 at the Teen Choice Awards. When we revealed that she topped the list of our dream cast, Bellisario sweetly responded, “That just makes my heart sing.”

As for the possibility of playing the infamous Seattle submissive? Troian says she’s all for it. “I think it would be something terrifying but if you’re not doing terrifying things every day, you’re not living, so I would love to do that.”

Now we just need to find her the perfect Christian. Any takers, gentlemen actors of Hollywood?

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Taylor Lautner Praises Kristen Stewart: “She’s Transformed Herself Into This Sleek, Sexy Vampire”

Kristen Stewart just can’t take a compliment — and it’s really, really cute. The actress pretended to hide under the table at the Breaking Dawn press conference when co-star and close friend Taylor Lautner complimented her transformation as Bella Swan. As if that wasn’t enough, she then mimed a shoveling action for a bit as Taylor praised her work. “Kristen has done such a good job over this whole franchise,” he said, as she hid her face. As the audience laughed, Robert Pattinson moved his head at lightening speed to figure out what was so funny.

Taylor continued: “She’s always been clumsy, awkward, and relatable,” he said of her portrayal of the pre-vampire Bella Swan. “And now she’s all of a sudden transformed herself into this sleek, sexy, vampire.” Check out Rob’s reaction when Taylor drops that line — his look of love is to die for.


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Step Up Revolution Wants Your Dance Moves For Their Virtual Flashmob

Step Up Revolution is the latest dance film in the now-iconic Step Up franchise, which we can all thank for giving us the glory that is Channing Tatum’s taut backside. The new movie is a romance (yay) set in Miami (caliente!), with Kathryn McCormick as an aspiring dancer who falls in love with a sexy dance mob leader, played by Ryan Guzman. To celebrate, the stars of the film are leading the internet in a virtual flash mob, and they need you to dance your little hearts out on video for them. Film and tweet your moves using the hashtag #stepupmob and you may be featured in the new music video for Timbaland‘s “Hands In The Air.” Sounds fun to us! Watch the video above to learn the steps and read below the jump for more deets.

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Exclusive: Andrew Garfield Wants To “Cry” With Happiness Over Spider-Man Role

Awww, isn’t Andrew Garfield just the sweetest? When he rolled up to our group of reporters on The Amazing Spider-Man red carpet for questions, he teased us and asked if we were going to take what he said out of context. Then I made some weird joke about how I was only going to ask him about hanging out with Robert Pattinson, and he laughed. Yes, sometimes you can do really awkward and silly bits with celebrities on the red carpet. In the few minutes we chatted I found the guy incredibly humble and charming, and he gave an equally adorable answer to my question about how 8-year-old Andrew might react to knowing he’d one day play Spider-man. “What a sweet question,” he replied. “He would dismiss it and be like, ‘No, I don’t think so.'”

Adds the actor, “And if he was here? Well, he is here, really, ‘cuz he’s still alive in me. And that part of me really wants to cry.”

And that was when I melted into a pile of goo on the red carpet. You can check out Andrew answering my question and talking to some other reporters in the clip above. The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3; I was lucky enough to go to the premiere and enjoyed every second of it. Emma Stone is confident and likable as Gwen Stacey, Rhys Ifans is an empathetic villain, and Andrew, well — the actor is magnetic onscreen. It’s impossible to take your eyes off of him, and I left with one thought: Hhe’s going to win an Oscar someday.

Pictured below: Andrew being adorable at the Los Angeles premiere.

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