Madonna’s Bro: Demi Moore Squirt Breast Milk On My Friends

Madonna‘s bro Christopher Ciccone is trying to make a buck off his sister and her famous friends with his tell-all book. In an interview with Out magazine, Ciccone talks about his estranged relationship with Madge and all the juicy details that didn’t make the cut. He wanted to add a disgusting story about Demi Moore (pictured above in Striptease) squirting her breast milk, but his lawyers panicked. This didn’t stop him from spilling it to the mag:

“Yeah — and she’s [Demi] dancing up on me and humping me from behind. The one part that’s not in the book is that she was lactating at the time and she was squirting breast milk at my lesbian friends. My friend Michelle called me the next morning and asked me, how do I get breast milk out of my black dress and I said How the f*ck would I know Call Demi. It was hysterical. There are no pictures of it but it actually happened. The lawyers didn’t think it was wise for me to print that — so there’s your juicy tidbit.”

We’re sure Demi’s daughters would rather go deaf than hear that story, but the book will be a best seller with tasty (sorry) gossip like this. [Photo: Getty Images]


Hilary Duff’s Dad Is Jailed, But Her Birthday Party’s On!

Hilary Duff‘s dad was ordered to spend ten days in the slammer by a Texas judge for contempt of court yesterday in Houston. This is the latest chapter in the bitter divorce between Hilary’s parents, Bob and Susan Duff. The Judge determined he violated an injunction against selling assets without court approval. It was reported on Houston Chronicle that Bob Duff must pay $367,537 into a court repository, a sum he earned from selling stocks last month. The judge is also making Bob pay Susan $12,500 for Hilary’s birthday party, which was the subject of the hearing. Susan wanted $25,000 to pay for a present and party. Guess there’s always time to party — even in the midst of family turmoil.

Susan explained by saying her daughter “is emotionally upset by the abandonment of her father” and deserves “to have some kind of recognition for a young life well-lived.” The actress and singer will be 21 years old on September 28, and is rumored to be engaged to hockey player Mike Comrie (pictured above). Neither Hillary nor her sister Haylie were present in court. Bob Duff’s attorney Robert Piro said his client would post bond and file an appeal. We just hope he has enough left over to pay the DJ and buy some party favors. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Exclusive: Kirsten and Justin’s Undercover Date

New couple Kirsten Dunst and Justin Long tried to keep their budding romance under the radar when they went on a romantic date Friday night in Los Angeles, CA.  The new lovers went to see Point Break Live, a stage adaptation of the 1992 Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze extreme-sports blockbuster. A source told Scandalist, “They tried to pretend they were not together, entering the theater separately and even sitting in separate rows.”  The actors in Point Break Live, which is an interactive theater show that calls for audience participation, tried to get Kirsten to participate and, according to our source, she “vehemently refused,” and struggled when they tried to get her involved in the show, insisting, “I don’t have to do this!” Keeping young love under wraps is so tough, especially when it is between a beautiful screen star and Drew Barrymore’s ex. [Photo:Getty]


Hurley And Ex-Lover Grant Are Vacation Buddies

There’s a general rule about how you should deal with your exes in a healthy way: Once you finally admit that it’s over, either move on or pretend to move on and stalk them and their new boy/girlfriends on some sort of social-networking website. But it seems like some people totally don’t get that. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore remain neighbors who hang out, Pink features ex-husband Carey Hart in her latest video – which is about their breakup – and now Liz Hurley is vacationing with Hugh Grant and her husband in St. Tropez. (See pics at

Hurley and Grant famously dated for 13 years before breaking up in 2000, and she even stuck by Grant after he had been serviced by prostitute Divine Brown (No. 63 on our list of the Top 100 Greatest Celebrity Scandals of All Time) in 1995. Even after their breakup though, the pair remain remarkably close, Hurley even made Grant godfather to her son Damian. Hurley is married to businessman Arun Nayar (pictured above), but is so attached to Grant that she had this to say about her relationships: “If I’m alone with Hugh, Arun and Damian, I can turn off my cell phone … No-one else really matters.”

The trio enjoyed dinner with some friends yesterday before setting sail for an evening cruise out on the coast of the French Riviera. Funny, that’s what we did last night, too.


George Clooney & Brad Pitt: The Ultimate Bromance

You’d think George Clooney & Brad Pitt would be like two magnetic objects pulling away from each other’s competing sexiness, but the Ocean’s Eleven stars can’t seem to get enough quality time together. They may not go bike-riding like Mateo & Jake, but watching them pose and quip (“I’ll be sharing mine with him,” said Pitt about Clooney’s lack of offspring) in Venice  to promote Burn After Reading is a bromoerotic pleasure without parallel. Stand between them and they will melt you like butter. Soak in this gallery and give your computer some sexy class.

[Photo: Getty Images]


TMI From The McConaughey Family

Matthew McConaughey is famous for oversharing: Whether his free-spirited self is getting arrested for smoking pot while playing bongos in the nude or telling the world that he DJ-ed and “got tribal” during son Levi’s birth, he’s always good for an entertaining dirty-hippie story. Now we understand where he gets it — his mother. Kay McConaughey (KMac as she calls herself on her website has a new book entitled I Amaze Myself. It’s full of stories intended to inspire, but many of them fall into the TMI (Too Much Information) category. Kay even told Us Magazine that Matthew’s dad, Jim, died while they were having sex. (Hey, it’s how Matt wants to go too.)

The 78-year-old mom tells the rag: “On Monday mornings, he and I often said goodbye by making love. One day, all of a sudden, it just happened. I knew that something was wrong, because I didn’t hear anything from him. Just nothing. But it was just the best way to go!” Better than watching the fourth hour of the Today Show, that’s for sure. If we were Matthew McConaughey, we’d probably be too laid-back to care (or playing the bongos too loudly to hear what our mom just said), but if our parents were this frank about their sex life (and death), we would need some serious therapy.


Cruise Sued By Actors In Latest Setback For Valkyrie

A lawsuit is the latest setback for Tom Cruise‘s Nazi-era flick Valkyrie, which has been plagued with problems from the start. The film’s title is named after the codename for a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler and Cruise stars as Claus von Stauffenberg, the ringleader of the group that concocted the plan during World War II. The German government initially banned the production from shooting on location in Berlin where the scheme was hatched due to the actor’s religious beliefs. Germany does not recognize Scientology as a religion and views it as cult, but after months of national debate they granted the production permission. Things seemed to be back on track when movie extras were injured after the side panel of a period German army truck burst open.

It looks like the saga continues because twelve of those extras are seeking $11 million in damages from Tom Cruise and his production company, United Artists, after suffering broken bones, cuts and bruises. Is seeing Tom with a funny haircut and eye patch really worth all this drama? We’ll have to wait a little longer than anticipated to find out because the release date has been postponed to December 26. [Photo: AFP/Getty Images]

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Gossip Break: Bikini Beeyatch Party

Why is Tara Reid‘s bikini line not named Nipple Slips? [A Socialite’s Life]

Hayden Panettiere‘s glittery birthday bikini? Somehow not one of Tara’s. [Hollywood Tuna]

Enjoy Britney‘s little cuties while you can…before you know it, they’ll be smoking. [Seriously! OMG]

Babylon A.D.’s director is washing his hands of the Vin Diesel flick before we even get the chance to ignore it. [Defamer]

Speaking of crappy sci-fi films starring Diesel, the star is still planning the last two-thirds of his Chronicles Of Riddick trilogy. Is “long-unawaited” a word? [MTV]

T.I. raps about haters while Rihanna sings the “Numa Numa” song. Sounds like a (s)hit! [Idolator]

[Photo: WireImage]


Brad Pitt Brings The Kids To Venice

Brad Pitt won’t let last year’s psycho fan drama keep him from returning to the Venice Film Festival to promote his new Burn After Reading. This time he even brought along his sons! Maddox, 7, and Pax, 4, tagged along for Daddy’s boat ride from the airport. Scandalist sincerely hopes that Maddox’s blue mohawk becomes a hot trend in playgrounds everywhere.

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Execs Hope To Make Superman All Dark And Knight-Like

While the rumor that Cher will play Catwoman in the next Batman movie seems pretty ridiculous (she’s had more facial surgery than movie roles in the last decade), but there’s a reason it’s gained traction: money from The Dark Knight‘s screen-shattering success is buying a lot of Bad Idea Jeans. DC Comics (home of Batman and Superman) ruled the superhero movie roost until Marvel stepped up this decade with blockbuster X-Men and Spider-Man trilogies. Now that The Dark Knight is the most successful super-hero movie ever, executives at Warner Bros. (which owns DC Comics) seem to think the key is “darkening” future superhero movies, including the next Superman film.

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