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Paris and Benji Not Broken Up, Just Bored

Contrary to rumors that have been staining the pure lil’ world wide web, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are not broken up. Look – here they are at Nobu 57 in New York City on Tuesday night! See they are totally together – just really f*cking sick of each other.

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Why Are We Discussing Ali Lohan’s 14-Year Old Boobs?

A bunch of tabloids are sick of talking about the Brangelina twins and have focused their attention on another pair – Ali Lohan‘s breasts. Nevermind that the kid is fourteen awkward years old, rags such as Us Weekly are encouraging us all to ponder if her tweenage titties are real or fake. Let’s take a minute to all shudder together. We may be nosy gossip hounds, but we are not pervs, nor are we interested in ruining this kid’s life any further – her mom has already done enough of that. No one escapes puberty unscathed, but Ali is basically f*cked from her life in the (horny) public eye. But you don’t need us to tell you, just listen to her big sister Lindsay! Check out what she wrote on her Myspace Celebrity blog – who knew LiLo knew big words like “disconcerting?!”

hey everyone..
i just had to share something that came up today and it made me feel a bit sick to my stomach.
so, here’s the visual…me and my friend Patrick walking into a store, and two paparazzi come up out of nowhere (like usual) and start throwing questions at me…one of them being, “Hey Lindsay, what do you have to say about people commenting on your sisters implants?”
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my response simply was, “Did you really just ask me that? She is a 14 year old girl, and you are a pedophile!”i was caught out of nowhere so i didn’t really come up with the proper response at the time.. there’s many other things that i felt like saying, but why give it to a random guy with a camera so that he can make money!All i am trying to say is, is that, i was raised with a wonderful family surrounding me, of course we have our ups and downs, but all in all my mother taught us to appreciate what we have been given. Nor would she ever encourage, or allow a 14 year old child to alter her body.i am not judging people that do, but i am just saying that its not something that my family finds necessary to do, especially when you’re not even fully developed yet!It is hard enough being 14 years old and you have enough insecurities to begin with, then add being in the public eye… i just find it really disconcerting that people have to focus on the negative and that some people are sooooo bored with their own lives that they need to manifest lies to hurt another person.
in a more positive light…
i got some great clothes from alexander wang and i miss samantha cuz she’s out of town :(
have a wonderful day everyone~
til next time..
xx LL

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Billy Bob Thornton To Play Freddy Krueger In New Elm Street

Billy Bob Thornton has signed up to play Freddy Krueger, everyone’s favorite undead teen-killer, in a remake of Nightmare On Elm Street. The new film will be produced by Transformers director Michael Bay, who also helped relaunch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday The 13th (out in February). Will this high profile horror role re-energize Thornton’s career (unlike, say, Mr. Woodcock) or keep him locked out of classier projects? Either way, it’s ironic that Billy Bob would take on Freddy’s garish make-up after putting so much effort into smoothing out his face. [Hollywood]

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Gossip Break: Diddy Wants To Do It For The Gold

Jamie-Lynn Spears‘ baby daddy is cheating on her with some 28-year old chick who kinda looks like her big sis. Hot.  [DListed]

Ian Ziering is too good for 90210, but not too good for unemployment!  [Seriously? OMG!]

The 10 Best “To Catch a Predator” Moments – hilarious and creepy, all at once. But seriously, stay off the internet kids.  []

Why is Mary-Kate Olsen getting all snuggly with Nicole Richie‘s boo?  [PopSugar]

Diddy claims he’d win a gold medal in a competition to see who can have sex the longest. Any volunteers for partners?  [Bossip]

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Scandalist’s 15 Favorite Pics Of Tom Cruise Dragging Katie Holmes

It’s been over three years since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes slowly and truthfully fell into a deep and everlasting love, and Scandalist is here to honor their commitment to love and support each other’s craziness with a photo tribute. We’ve poured over 63 pages of TomKat pics, desperately hunting for images of the pair in their favorite, infamous pose – Tom dragging Katie behind him like a show dog on a leash because she is clearly unable to walk on her own.

Nothing says love like Tom tightly gripping on Katie’s wrist as she slowly floats behind him flaunting a $8000 dress and dead eyes. It’s so romantic! Travel back in time below – from 2005 to Monday of this week – and experience their awkward, forced loved all over again.

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Lindsay Converting To Judaism?

Are Samantha Ronson’s practicing Jewish family putting pressure on their daughter for dating a shiksa? Sam’s rumored girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, who was raised Catholic, updated her Facebook profile to say that she is converting to a new religion. A source close to the rumored couple tells Life & Style, “Sam’s family is Jewish. Lindsay has learned a lot about Judaism from Sam and admires its beliefs.”

A pal tells the magazine, however, that Lindsay may not actually be serious about converting.“Two years ago it was Kabbalah. Last year it was Alcoholics Anonymous. She was into ‘peace’ for a while. Whatever is of the moment, that’s Lindsay. But the one thing it does show is her commitment to Sam. She could be any religion and Lindsay would be open to it.” [Photo: Getty Images]


Churchgoer To Be Next Jenna Jameson

“I grew up in a really small town called Wigan [England], where I was a quiet, well-behaved little girl.” So says former church girl Nikki Jayne, who pulled a 180 by moving to California to be “the best adult film star that there is” within three years. Now that’s an ambitious (or is it sinful?) goal, and Nikki might have the talent (or is it a lack of scruples?) to pull it off. She has signed an exclusive deal with Vivid Entertainment, the giant adult film studio that distributed Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape and boasts a roster of elite porn stars including Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick. It seems that people in the porn biz are buzzing that Nikki likes to be shocking and do “nasty gonzo sex.” We have no idea what this means, but we’re guessing that it’s sick. We’re also guessing that it’s only a matter of time before Nikki Jayne is a household name and Angelina Jolie is calling to get her advice movie roles.

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John Mayer Discards The Aging, Lonely And Childless Aniston

How many goofy headlines can you come up with to describe John Mayer dumping Jennifer Aniston? Our attempts:

  • Jen Aniston Stops Receiving Love Treatment At The Mayer Clinic
  • Jen’s Ex-Boyfriend Has A Second Name, It’s M-A-Y-E-R
  • Aniston Asks For Love Sandwich, Holds The Mayernaise

Give it a try – it’ll make the healing process easier. John is done with Jen, and has sent her on her way to try to marry and get knocked up by some other sleazy 29-year old cheeseball with tattoo sleeves. Our suggestions? Topher Grace, Wilmer Valderrama – er, maybe she should just mack the entire cast of That 70’s Show and see what happens. John, however, is probably feeling pretty great these days. This dude clearly made up some list when he was 16 of all the famous chicks he wanted to bone, and he’s slowly been checking it off, one after the other. Jennifer Love Hewitt! Check. Jessica Simpson! Check. Rachel from Friends! Check. Look out Alyssa Milano! The Mayer bone machine is coming for you. [TheMirror]

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Like Water Sports

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back to their old shenanigans of vacationing in bikinis and bathing suits while still denying that they are a couple. Whatever. No one really cares what they are, as long as they keep having fun riding banana boats and jet skis in front of photographers.

Pics of the couple enjoying life – and their millions – in Barbados are below.

[Splash News Online]


Tropic Thunder Premiere Picketed

While TomKat was smiling and posing, Jack Black was shining, and Robert Downey Jr. was sporting new facial hair at the Tropic Thunder premiere in Los Angeles last night, angry groups representing the intellectually challenged picketed the surrounding area. Protestors from the Special Olympics and other groups representing the disabled handed out flyers with the headline “Ban the Movie, Ban the Word” across the top, calling for people to boycott Tropic Thunder, which contains a vignette called Simple Jack … Once Upon A Time There Was A Retard. Scandalist picked up one of the flyers while attending the premiere last night. Read the entire message after the jump.

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