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Medical Report: Morgan Freeman Hospitalized, Christina’s Cancer, Bernie Battling Pneumonia

They may make millions, but celebrities still suffer health scares just like everyone else. Here’s the latest Hollywood hospital visits on our radar:

1. Morgan Freeman is in serious condition after a car accident in Mississippi on Sunday in which his vehicle flipped and jaws of life had to be used to remove him. He’s currently being treated for a broken arm and a broken shoulder.

2. Christina Applegate has breast cancer, but it’s totally treatable and in the early stages. Her mom is also a breast cancer suvivor, and we trust that Kelly Bundy can kick that cancer’s ass.

3. Contrary to rumors alleging his death, Bernie Mac is indeed alive! However he’s “being treated in a Chicago hospital for pneumonia and is expected to make a full recovery,” says his rep. Stop your mourning already, people!

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Mary-Kate Won’t Talk To Cops About Heath’s Death

Mary-Kate Olsen has no problem opening up her tiny troll mouth to slurp down Venti Iced Lattes, so why won’t she say a peep to the police about Heath Ledger‘s death? The “actress” is refusing to speak with the feds handling Heath’s case, and will only do so unless she receives immunity from the prosecution, even though everyone else, including Michelle Williams, has chatted with the cops already. Apparently MK is the “final witness they need to conclude their investigation into where he got his drugs and medicines.”

So let’s see – Mary-Kate won’t talk about where Heath got his drugs? Seems a little fishy to us – but maybe she’s just too busy polishing her gladiator sandals to call the NYPD. [NYPost]

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The Best D-Lister Beat Down Ever

Hairspray actress Nikki Blonsky and America’s Next Top Model reject Bianca Golden got into a serious fist fight this weekend, over a couple of seats at a Turks Caicos airport that the Blonskys had covered with their luggage. An all out brawl ensued, and Bianca’s mom landed in intensive care after she “alleged to have been repeatedly kicked and punched all over her body.” Nikki and her father were arrested, and Mr. B remains in jail, on charges of grievous bodily harm. Somehow chance brought the two “stars” together for the sole purpose of beating the sh*t out of each other and possibly ruining each other’s lives forever. All over a few chairs.

In addition to the beat down, Bianca’s family is accusing the Blonskys of dropping some racial slurs and N-bombs after they were asked by the Goldens to move their luggage from the chairs. Nikki’s been spotted in a neck brace, while her dad is still stuck behind bars, hoping someone can spot him the $75,000 to post bail. He even faces an eight year prison sentence, which might teach him not to f*ck with anyone who identifies herself as fierce. Bianca may smile with her eyes, but she fights with her fists! [NYPost]

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The Pitt-Jolie Twins Are Worth More Than You

Here you go – the first picture of the latest additions to the Jolie-Pitt posse, twins Vivienne and Knox. We’re not gonna lie – they have yet to develop from shriveled newborns into adorable Ang-babies, but that’s because Mommy and Daddy dragged them onto the cover of People
(for a cool $14 million!)before they could open their eyes. But give ‘em a few months and we’re sure their cuteness will be making Shiloh prematurely insecure about her looks.

Angelina tells the mag that while raising six precious tots is “chaos,” the clan is also “having a wonderful time,” just in case Jennifer Aniston was wondering. [People]

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A Look Worse Than Leggings

Dear Katie Holmes and Rachel Bilson,

It is not 1984. It is also not 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, or 1993. Therefore it is not appropriate to french cuff your jeans, no matter how avant garde you may consider this new old look to be. In addition, it is unfair to the average-paid women of America to go and introduce this trend just when we all got on board with skinny jeans and gladiator sandals. For though we loathe your look, we will follow you blindly, but will only be able to afford the $40 H&M baggie-roll jeans that will come out next year and will consequently fail at mimicking your new style.

Please, do us a favor: Bring sweatpants back instead.



[Images: Splash News Online]

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Heath’s Ex Michelle Lands Hot Indie Director

Good for Michelle Williams. The girl undoubtedly has had what one might call a shitty year, so it’s nice to see that she’s found love with one of Drew Barrymore‘s many rejects, Spike Jonze. The dude is every indie girl’s fantasy, as the director of skateboarding videos (and, oh, amazing movies like Adaptation) and the ex of alt-chick idol, Sophia Coppola. Also, he’s Oscar-nominated, ladies, and apparently treats Michelle and her elfish little daughter extremely well.

“Spike had a gentle way of just being there for Michelle. There was no pressure for her to spend time with him – he just wanted to be a loving, supportive shoulder for Michelle to cry on.” Yep, that’s a source dishing on their romance. Apparently all these people are poets in their spare time, too.

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Gossip Break: Seezinz’ Skinz

Flavor of Love 3‘s Seezinz follows the lead of other FOL greats and shows us some skin. Thanks. [Bossip]

Amy Winehouse‘s dad is in denial, and thinks a “friend” spiked his daughter’s drink with the drug ecstasy. And the friend’s name rhymes with Mamy Minemouse. [DListed]

Yes, we are made of stone, but even we cracked at the cuteness of Matthew McConaughey and his baby. [Seriously? OMG!]

These Gossip Girl guys might be getting all LoRonSon on each other. Or maybe we all just wish they were. [WWTDD]

Hef‘s girlfriends look really…plastic. Still. [ONTD]

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All Obama Needs Is A Vag Flash

As the old saying goes, politics are dirty. But taking it down to Paris and Britney’s level? That’s just straight up crotch flashin’ nasty. And yet that’s just what presidential nominee Senator John McCain has done in his new ad (watch it above), comparing Barack Obama mania to the paparazzi-fueled hype that surrounds Hollywood’s hottest tramps (who really aren’t all that hot anymore).

John McCain has got to be kidding himself if he thinks anyone is going to believe that Obama is just like Hollywood’s tramp army. Our country digests as many tabloids as they do Big Macs, and we know our celebs! Aside from the fact that Obama’s missing $3000 worth of hair extensions, the only thing this guy has flashed in his life are his fist-bumping skills.

We’ll change our tune when Michelle Obama is replaced by Adnan Ghalib. [via Huffington Post]

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Ali Lohan Meets With Porn Director, Mommy Gets Pissed

On last week’s episode of Living Lohan (a.k.a 101 Reasons Not to Let Your Kid Go Into Showbiz), the show’s tortured starlet, Ali Lohan, was seen auditioning for a horror flick in front of two old dude producers. Turns out our pals at TMZ have identified one of the men as Peter Davy, whose past work includes the tragic tale “Bun Busters 12″ and the uplifting “Breast Wishes 14.” Yep, Peter’s a porn producer.

The meeting was set up by Ali’s agent (nice one!) and Dina, of course, freaked the f*ck out. But doesn’t it pretty much sum up the future of Ali’s career? She should just get used to meeting with porn directors now, because that’s what she’ll be doing for the rest of her life – especially if her Mom’s management skills have anything to do with it. Until then, we’re waiting with baited breath for the first installment in the Loving Lohan series.

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George Clooney’s Ex Needs a Reality Check

Remember George Clooney‘s ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson? Of course you do. She’s so famous, you don’t even associate her with the Cloonster anymore! She’s her own person! Her own brand! Famous for…oh, right – for f*cking George Clooney. But that didn’t stop Sarah from requesting that George’s name be removed from promo material pimping her appearance at Las Vegas club Tao last week.

“Sarah feels she is famous enough now,” a source reported. “She doesn’t want to be regarded as some famous guy’s ex.” So friends, from now on regard her as who she really is: A cocktail waitress who appeared on Fear Factor.