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Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Wanted A Shout-Out In Ted – Did She Get One?

There’s a really funny scene in Ted that you’ve probably caught in the trailer (and can see in our clip, above). In it, John Bennett, played by Boston’s most beloved son Mark Wahlberg, quickly rattles off a giant list of “white trash names,” trying to guess the one belonging to Ted’s new girlfriend. I talked to Mark about how this scene went down because, well, it just seemed hard to do. He tells VH1, “Well, I memorized all the names but we improvised the set up. Because, you know, it just felt like to rattle off 57 names in a kind of slow, normal way would never make it in the movie. So, I figured, if I sort of just said, what if we do it like, it’s kind of like a game show thing where I’m just talking to him and say, ‘Okay, I’m going to get a bunch of names and if I hit the name then you buzz it.’”

Mark says he didn’t sneak a name onto the list, even though he wife Rhea later insisted that he should have included hers. “That wouldn’t have been good,” says the married dad of four. “If it was her idea, she would have said, ‘Yeah, that’s funny!’ But if I just did it, she would have been pissed.” Sounds like a sitcom set-up to us!

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Exclusive: In Which We Spend 5 Minutes With Ted‘s Mila Kunis Discussing Poop

If you’re going to see Ted tonight, you may want to skip my interview with the hilarious Mila Kunis until after you’ve LOLed your way through the film, because we get a little spoiler-y up in these parts. [Language might be NSFW, too] There’s one scene that is both so ridiculous and yet done in such a realistic way (Mark Wahlberg and Mila play it perfectly) that I had to ask her about shooting it. Yes, it involves poop and yes, we ended up mostly discussing poop together — what to wear while shooting poop scenes, picking up her dog’s poop – throughout the entire interview. If you’ve ever wanted to know Mila Kunis’s process when she comes home to discover her bulldog has gone to the bathroom in her house, well, here’s your chance.

And yes – you are welcome. Ted is out in theaters today – go, go, go!



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Mark Wahlberg Sheds Tough Guy Image And Gets “Awkward” In Ted

As a Boston native, I have a seriously huge soft spot in my heart for Mark Wahlberg. I first crushed on his brother Donnie back in the NKOTB days and then dropped him to the curb the second Mark made me feel the vibrations. And then he made movies – SO MANY good movies! Boogie Nights, The Departed, Date Night, The Fighter. Not to mention, he’s an amazing producer (Entourage, RIP). Sometimes I’m like, “Slow down, Mark Wahlberg! I can’t keep up with all your awesomeness!” (And like, he owns a restaurant outside Boston called Wahlburgers, so obviously he’s the greatest person on the planet.)

All gushing aside, the actor has most often played the beefy tough guy in his work, whether it be as Marky Mark the musician to Dirk Diggler to feuding with Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live. In Ted he takes a sharp turn from the Wahlberg we know and delivers a goofy, awkward, low-status peformance as pothead-slacker John Bennett. He totally nails it in the movie, but he tells VH1 that it was harder than it looked.

“Well the things that were awkward for me was singing, dancing, then having to fight with the bear,” he says. “Those were the scenes I was not looking forward to.”

Still, working with Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane, the film’s writer/director/star  made it all worth it. “Working with Seth was a blast,” says Mark. “When I read the script [I knew] that it could be something special.”

Ted is out in theaters on June 29.


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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart On Making A “Feminine” Action Movie

Snow White and the Huntsman is unique in that it’s an action movie with two women at the helm – the always fierce Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. The guys in the movie, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin, play important but supporting roles. We chatted with Kristen about the “girl powerness” of it all, and asked her if that influenced her decision to sign on as Snow White. “I am really excited about that,” she tells us. “It’s so on trend right now to have that girl power thing. It’s great when it’s done in a way that’s actually feminine.”

“I read so many scripts now,” she added, “where it seems like they’ve literally taken a male character and renamed it with a girl.” As for Snow White, Stewart was drawn to her “very steady, very set staying power.” Considering the positive buzz Kristen garnered in Cannes last week for her work in On The Road, we think the same could be said about her!

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Kristen Stewart On Beauty: “When People Are Truly Beautiful, It’s All Encompassing”

Beauty is a recurring theme through out Snow White and the Huntsman — both with the Queen’s obsession with her youthful looks and Snow White’s benevolent heart. Not to mention, the cast is really easy on the eyes. (I like my Hemsworth with a side of Hemsworth and a little bit of Hemsworth on top … you know what I mean?) I asked Kristen Stewart about her thoughts on what makes people truly beautiful, and she offered up a thoughtful answer about how genuine beauty shines through one’s physical attributes, regardless of what they are. “I meet people all the time that I think are so gorgeous,” she says. “And then it’s like ‘Oh my God, you’re wearing a costume.’ ”

My personal favorite part of the interview is the adorable hand over heart gesture she does at the end. What would a Kristen Stewart interview be without her busting out a goofy/sincere/precious move like that? Awwww.

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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart “Doesn’t Play By Anyone’s Rules” Says Snow White Director

Just what makes Kristen Stewart the perfect Snow White? Director Rupert Sanders‘ answers may surprise you. Though the fairytale is all about beauty (and his leading lady is admittedly very stunning) he was moved by what he found inside the actress. “She’s very vital,” he told me at the film’s press junket in the UK last week. “She’s very on the edge and very rebellious, which I like. She doesn’t play by anyone’s rules. She’s just got all those things that make a very modern and intoxicating Show White.”

Rupert said he didn’t want this film to be about “damsel in distress waiting for her prince,”  but rather a “leader” who inspires her people to follow her into battle for the greater good. He found his heroine in Kristen. “When I first met her with the producers,” said Rupert, “we all saw something really raw and primal in this girl, and we really liked that.”

So do we!

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Kristen Stewart Is Learning French And Trumpet In Her Spare Time

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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart Is Learning To Speak French, Still Teaching Herself The Trumpet

There are really no words to describe my trip to the U.K. last week to interview the cast of Snow White and the Huntsman. “Awesome” just doesn’t do it justice. It was thrilling, a bit nerve-wracking and so, so, so much fun. Thanks to everyone who chatted with me over Twitter, to Universal for a great weekend and to the stars and director of the film, who were amazing to talk to. (And to my fellow press-mates, who didn’t once make fun of me for all the nerdy things I said over our 72 hours together.)

So let’s get to it, then. Here’s the first clip from my chat with Kristen Stewart. She was my first interview of the morning, and I was, quite frankly, crapping my pants with nerves. Seriously, even my eyelids were sweating. For some reason, the combo of the gorgeous castle, the jet-lag, my personal KStew adoration and her super-cool jacket just got my stomach churning. The actress was absolutely lovely — both in demeanor and looks — and seems so excited about this film. (And with good reason; it is awesome.)

It was great to check in with her again about her newfound love for the trumpet. Turns out she’s teaching herself how to play, which seems impossible, but if anyone can do it, it’s Kristen. As if that weren’t adorable enough, the ambitious star is also teaching herself French with the help of Rosetta Stone CDs, because, as she told me, she knows “a lot of Frenchies.” And yes, I’m still kicking myself for not asking her to demonstrate her new language skills. I blame my nerves, and I’ll make up for it at Comic-Con if she’s there, I promise. Or should I say, “Je promet.”

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Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone Team Up Again For The Gangster Squad

The Gangster Squad‘s IMDB page says that the movie is “A chronicle of the LAPD’s fight to keep East Coast Mafia types out of Los Angeles in the 1940s and 50s.” What they don’t add, and what the trailer reveals, is just how loud, violent and big the movie is. You know what we mean? Big noises. Big dialogue. Big actors. We’re talking Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. We also did a jig when we saw the latter two reunited, although this movie is nothing like Crazy, Stupid, Love. Gosling does get the best lines of the trailer, though. It actually may be the best line of the whole film. When a deliciously vintage looking (and, yay, redhead again) Emma, playing a gangster’s moll, asks him, “Wanna take me away from all this?” Gosling’s character replies, “No, ma’am, I was just hopin’ to take you to bed.”  Add to that, Jay-Z’s “Oh My God” looping in towards the end, and you’ve got yourselves a hell of a trailer.

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Young Hollywood Face-Off: Chloe Moretz Vs. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts, Chloe Moretz Hick premiere

Young Hollywood is anything but junior in the style stakes. Watch your back, ladies-of-a-certain-age (we wouldn’t dare use the word “old”). Actresses still in their teens and early 20s have already morphed into fashions mavens. Case in point, Chloe Moretz (15) and Emma Roberts (21). The two were at the premiere of Chloe’s new movie Hick in New York last night, and we got to say that they definitely worked it out. Chloe’s always been a sartorial favorite of ours, and she looked like a total dish in a floral Dolce & Gabbana with her hair done in loose waves.

Emma, on the other hand, looked dainty, but gorgeous in a black RED Valentino frock with lace detailing and ruby pumps. Her hair was similar to Chloe’s but side-parted, as she normally does. The two actresses are also friends, as Emma tweeted Chloe on the day, writing, “Excited for Hick premiere!! ChloeGMoretz cant wait to see your pretty face.” Chloe replied saying, “i’m excited to see you!!! Mishhh youuuu.” It’s nice to see they’re so pally with each other, but right now, we’re going to put that aside and pit them against each other. Whose outfit do you prefer? Chloe’s Dolce or Emma’s Valentino? Time to put your thinking caps on!

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