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5 Emotions We Felt While Watching The New Cosmopolis Trailers

Talk about an emotional roller coaster! Two trailers for Cosmopolis dropped last night, and they are intense. The clips coincided with the announcement that the film, directed by David Cronenberg, will premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival next month, which is often the launching pad for the most buzzed about and acclaimed films of the year. (The Artist won the top prize at last year’s festival and went on to win Best Picture at the Oscars.) And of course we’re also really pumped about seeing Robert Pattinson walk around in a tux for a week, hopefully alongside his lovely girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who will also be in attendance for her film, On the Road.

We went through a whole bevy of emotions and reactions while watching the two trailers, so we whipped ‘em up in a little list for you to peruse. What did you feel watching while watching them? We await your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter.

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Chris Klein Tells Us What It Feels Like To Get Hit In The Nuts By Jason Biggs. No, Really.

American Reunion opens in theaters today, introducing a whole new generation of impressionable teens to the magic of band camp jokes and pie sex. We caught up with Chris Klein at the movie’s premiere, and he told us that things on set were even crazier than in 1999. People partied, prank wars ensued, and Jason Biggs greeted him by slapping him in the nuts. That’s the spirit!

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American Reunion Cast Skipped Their Own High School Reunions … And Other Revelations

I grew up on American Pie back in the day, so getting to interview the cast at the American Reunion premiere was a late ’90s high-schooler’s dream come true. I grilled Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth and the rest of the Pie Crew on the red carpet and learned some important things. Mainly, that they all had horrible prom nights, skipped their own high school reunions and really love singing Journey. In other words, some stars really are just like us!

American Reunion is out in theaters tomorrow.

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Game Of Thrones Star Sean Bean Thinks Downton Abbey Is Kinda Meh

When Sean Bean rolled up to talk to us at the Mirror, Mirror premiere recently, it was all we could do to keep from shouting “GAME OF THRONEZZZ OMG!” Yes, the show is that amazing, thanks in large part to Bean’s portrayal of Ned Stark. (His role in Mirror, Mirror is kind of blink-and-you-miss it, but pivotal and classic Sean Bean nonetheless.) We asked the British actor for his thoughts on another niche show with a mega-following, Downton Abbey. He surprised us by not being as big a fan as, well, the entire Internet seems to be. “I’ve kind of seen it all before,” he said when asked if he was into the show. “I might sound a bit flip, but I don’t think it’s representative of what the English are, of what the English were.

“I think it’s very well done and very well acted,” he continued. “It’s OK.” For more of the delightful Mr. Bean’s thoughts on Downton, and the kinds of stories of the U.K. that we should be seeing, check out our interview above. And Game of Thrones fans, take note (spoiler-y, if you STILL haven’t seen season one): The actor told us he’d be tuning in for this season, even though he’s not, uh, in it.

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The 15 Most Badass Up-And-Coming Female Action Movie Stars

With The Hunger Games raking in $214 million over its opening weekend and the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman topping last week’s Twitter trends, one thing seems sure: female action stars are having the best year ever, and it’s only March. And with Rooney Mara‘s Oscar nod for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, teaser trailers for Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Kristen Stewart as vampire Bella!) and The Host giving us chills and Lily Collins confirming her role in The Mortal Instruments, the ladies leading up 2012/13’s biggest action flicks are in good company.

We took a look at the women who are establishing themselves as the action heroines of the future, as well as some actresses from whom we want to see more onscreen butt-kicking. Did we miss anyone on our list? Check out our gallery and then let us know!

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Oh Deer, The Extended Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer Is Here!

As if The Hunger Games weren’t amazing enough, we got a sneak peek at Breaking Dawn – Part 2in the previews beforehand (watch it above!), in which Bella is finally an ass-kicking, vegetarian vampire. And since we’re such Twilight geeks around here, we’re gonna give you our thoughts on the 90 seconds of goodness.

1. We love vampire Bella, and we love her in blue. We’re desperate to see her actually annihilate something, and while we didn’t quite get a serious smack-down in the trailer, we drooled while watching her stalk that deer. Oh, Volturi, we look forward to your demise at the hands of our dear Bella Swan Cullen.

2. Is it just us, or does Edward’s voice sound extra, uh, turned on by vampire Bella? It’s got a growl to it that was more contained when Bella was human. And while we loved the honeymoon love scenes in Breaking Dawn: Part 1, we’re wayyyyy more excited about the vamp-on-vamp action that awaits us in this flick. Yes, we’re pervs, and we suspect some of you are too. Bring on the cabin in the woods!

3. Well hello there, Jacob. What a saunter you have! Taylor Lautner‘s all man these days and yeah, we’re into it. So what?

What we want for the next teaser trailer: More action, please! We finally get to see Bella’s powers at work in this film, so come on, give us the goods! Battle scenes would be much appreciated. And we’re desperate to see Edward and Bella as parents with a wee Renesmee under their wings. Sigh. How long is it til November?

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We’d Totally Be Into Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender Dating

Take a minute and soak in this gorgeous photo of Prometheus co-stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender, snapped at Wonder-Con this weekend. Just let their majestic gene pool wash over you, and then dare to dream of what it would be like if these two A-List singletons were a couple. Yes, we are currently sitting here “shipping” Charlize and Fassy (Charbender?), and with good reason.

1) They are two of the most attractive people on the planet, and staring at two attractive people never gets old.
2) They are two of the most talented people on the planet, and imagining them conquering awards season together gets our film nerd panties in a twist.
3) Charlize has a new baby and we want to see Michael Fassbender hold a baby!
4) For more LOL-filled moments like the ones we got at Wonder-Con, which included Charlize jokingly complimenting Michael on his manhood. “Your penis was a revelation,” she said about the actor’s full-frontal reveal in Shame. “I’m available to work with it any time.”

For more pics of the co-stars, check out our gallery below and be sure to watch the Prometheus trailer, which looks awesome.

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Josh Hutcherson Is A “Humble” “Old Soul” Say Hunger Games Co-Stars

The praise was only super positive for Josh Hutcherson on The Hunger Games red carpet last night. Dayo Okeniyi, who portrays District 11 tough guy Thresh, was all smiles as he told VH1 News about his “Southern gentleman” of a co-star.

“Josh is Peeta. If you watch the movie, you’ve hung out with Josh. He is Peeta, 100 percent.” Dayo — who is himself a Hunger Games mega-fan (check out that wrap gift pin he’s wearing!) — added,  “He’s such a Southern gentleman, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he’s a fun guy. We play basketball off-set. He does a really good job of making what he does look extremely easy. I hope to be as a great of an actor as these guys someday.”

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First Look: Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund And Sam Riley In On The Road

The trailer for Walter Salle’s On The Road finally premiered today, and it’s a hauntingly beautiful glimpse into a film we’re dying to see. It’s been a while since we’ve read Kerouac’s iconic tale, but from what we can tell in ninety seconds, the film feels very close to the book. (Smart Kerouac fans, do you agree?) The movie stars and is narrarated by Sam Riley (Sal), who has a shockingly sexy voice. Garrett Hedlund co-stars as Dean, Sal’s co-hort in his cross country journey of discovery and debauchery, as does our girl Kristen Stewart, who plays Dean’s wife, MaryLou. We love her dancing scene in the trailer, don’t you? So electric!

We’re also excited to see Kirsten Dunst in the mix, who is coming off an amazing year filled with serious accolades for her work in Melancholia, as well as a new, handsome boyfriend who just so also happens to be her On The Road co-star (Hi Garrett!).

What do you think of the trailer, OTR fans?

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Amanda Seyfried On Les Miz Critics: “If They Don’t Think I’m The Right Cosette, Eff ‘Em!”

The video above should really just be titled “The Moment I Fell In Love With Amanda Seyfried.” I caught up with the actress recently while out promoting her new, super-scary film Gone. Of course I had to ask about her upcoming role as Cosette in Les Miserables, because I, like every other human, first saw the musical when I was eight years old and then spent the next 20+ years listening to and crying over the soundtrack. (Did I sing “Castle On A Cloud” while auditioning for my fifth grade’s performance of Oliver only to be cast in the chorus? Oh yes. Yes I did.)

It should be noted that when I refer to the “theater geeks panting to see” Les Mis, I am obviously speaking about myself. I also meant that fans are excited for the film; but I clearly articulated myself poorly and it was interesting to hear Amanda’s response. Her passion for the project is evident in her face alone, and her dedication and conviction made me immediately excited to see her in the role.

As for the pressure already building around the project, the actress says, “you can’t really focus too much on what the fans want completely when you’re cast. If they don’t think I’m the right Cosette, eff em. Because, I’m an actor and I’m going to try my best to embody that character. That’s my focus…it means a lot to me to get Les Mis. And I’m going to honor that.”