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How Does Ryan Gosling’s Teen Sitcom Compare To Other Embarrassing Celeb Roles?

There’s a lot of potentially humiliating stuff going on in Ryan Gosling‘s Breaker High, the Canadian sitcom that helped launch the Drive actor’s career in 1997, back when he was just a hunky teen. Between Ryan’s faux-Brooklyn accent, the insanely flamboyant hockey coach, and the fact that the show revolved around a high school located on a cruise ship, it’d be understandable if Ryan wanted to toss all copies of this show into the Atlantic and never look back. But really, is it any worse than any other early embarrassing celeb role? From Jack Black to Jennifer Aniston to Renee Zellweger, plenty of A-listers have had to take some Z-list roles when they were starting out. If you had to chose one from our humiliating list (and you do!), which cringe-worthy part do you think is the most regrettable?

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Rob And Kristen Were “Connected” During Sex Scene, Says Breaking Dawn Producer

Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey is one of our favorite guys to talk to on the red carpet. He’s friendly, approachable and always down to chat. In our interview with him at the Breaking Dawn premiere, Wyck told us he’s collaborating with Rob Pattinson on a “couple of things,” to which we replied: “YAY!” He also raved about Rob and girlfriend Kristen Stewart‘s work on-set while shooting that infamous Breaking Dawn sex scene everyone’s talking about.

“Rob and Kristen were so comfortable with each other,” said Wyck. “I’ve done a lot of sex scenes in movies and the two of them really handled it in such an intimate, creative way. They really connected.” Yep, the chemistry between the two stars was one of our favorite things about Breaking Dawn, and it totally comes across when their clothes are off (and on). See more of our interview with Wyck in the video above.

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Kate’s Fangirl Review: Five Things That Make Breaking Dawn Extra Awesome

[Warning! There are spoilers in my video review.]

When my editor Mark was like, “Hey, Kate, do you want to do a video for your Breaking Dawn review?” I was all, “Sure! I love hearing the sound of my own voice, especially when it’s saying words like ‘thrusting’ and ‘ugly wigs.’ I’ll talk for two minutes, tops.”

Er, guess who talked for six straight, gushy minutes about the movie? THIS gal. But guys — it’s because the movie is so great. Seriously. I mean this. And I’ve never raved about the previous three films. I like them enough because, you know, my brain only functions in a Twilight-loving way, but I’ve never actually been completely sucked in, onboard and moved to tears MULTIPLE times. Enter director Bill Condon and the fourth Twilight film, and all that changed. That is why I tweeted a photo of myself grinning like a clown after screening the movie  — which Bill told me at the premiere he saw and loved, because it was the first reaction they had to the movie. Me, guys. I was the first Breaking Dawn reaction Bill saw, and yes, you better believe this is a full on BRAG. (Bill, call me. Let’s do lunch. My treat if it’s somewhere cheap.)

It should go without saying that this is a non-review review. We all know I’m like the conductor of the Twilight train, so I walked into the theater with a major bias already in place. But perhaps that also makes me a harsher critic. I wanted desperately for Breaking Dawn to live up to my very high expectations, and it did. I was truly surprised to find myself completely absorbed in the film; I knew the story and yet it still felt entirely new to me. So if you have six minutes to spare, my Breaking Dawn fangirl review awaits you above. And if you’re reading this, you know you’re required to tell me what you thought of the movie after you see it, right? I eagerly await your @ replies (@katespencer).


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Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner Cover Entertainment Weekly

Well, well, well. Look who we have giving smolder-face off the cover of Entertainment Weekly. It’s Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart which is a no-brainer considering all the hype around The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. And they’re giving dish on the movie, especially on that love scene that has us all in a tizzy. Robert revealed, “There’s a version where it was really intense.” Kristen adds, “Cinematically, cut all together, it’s awesome. But we didn’t really do that scene.” Rob then pitches in with, “And when we did, they kept telling us to stop.” PG-13 can be such a killjoy.

Kristen also talks about wishing she hadn’t had to tone down the birth scene. She says, “That’s what I’m really disappointed about — and I’ve talked about it with Bill. It was more sympathetic or something when I played the scene with less energy, and it made it easier for him to tell the story.” It’s a different story altogether in the book, where, as Kristen put it, “Bella is screaming, ‘NOOOOO!’ And I did it like that — crazy and Exorcist-like. I was going for this weird mix of turning into the most feral mother you can imagine and also fighting for my own life. I mean, I was a nutcase. I was an absolute nutcase.” There’s a lot more there, EW promises, but we’ll have to wait for the issue out tomorrow.

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Will Channing Tatum Replace George Clooney In The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?

Steven Soderbergh’s big screen adaptation of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is missing its star now that George Clooney has bowed out due to health concerns. Fresh out of surgery, George isn’t sure he’s up for all the fancy footwork the film will entail, so now a whole host have young hunky actors are being considered for the lead role in the film of the television classic. Perhaps the most serious contender is Channing Tatum, who acted in Soderbergh’s latest film, Magic Mike. Although no formal offer has been made, Steven is very interested and could pull the trigger any day, according to a report in Deadline. Other actors up for consideration include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling, Joel Edgerton and Alexander Skarsgard. Who do you think should star? Let us know in the poll below!

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30 Photos Of Robert Pattinson Being Super Adorable With Super Fans

Tonight’s Breaking Dawn black carpet reaffirmed what we’ve grown to know and love about Robert Pattinson — he’s one of Hollywood’s nicest, most patient, appreciative actors. Seemingly still befuddled about why 1,200 Twilight fans would camp out for days for a chance to see his face, Pattinson exudes a genuine modesty possessed by so few physically perfect human beings.

At every premiere since his breakthrough in 2008, Rob has made an over-the-top effort to meet fans, sign autographs and guest star in their Facebook profile photos. Let’s get our squee on and look at the 30 most adorable photos of Rob Pattinson posing with lovingly rabid fans.

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Do you have a photo of yourself with Robert Pattinson? Tweet it to us @theFablife and we could feature it later this week!

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Leo DiCaprio Through The Years: From Child Phenom To The Top Of Tinseltown

Over the last 20 years, Leonardo DiCaprio made jaws drop in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, melted hearts with Romeo + Juliet and Titanic, and has delivered one stellar, award-winning dramatic performance after another. DiCaprio’s résumé is one of Hollywood’s most impressive and with titular characters in J. Edgar (out today), The Great Gatsby (2012) and Sinatra (rumored, 2013), this über-A-lister isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Celebrate the 37th birthday of the ever-so-handsome Leo DiCaprio by taking a look back in photos.

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Leonardo DiCaprio May Direct Someday, Says Clint Eastwood

We caught up with Clint Eastwood at the LACMA Gala in his honor this weekend and asked him if Leonardo DiCaprio, star of Eastwood’s new movie J. Edgar, might follow in his directorial footsteps someday. After all, don’t you think Leo would kick some serious ass behind the camera? Clint, an iconic actor-turned-director, charmed our pants off by complimenting our outfit, and then offered up this tidbit about a future Director DiCaprio: “A lot of actors, myself included, like to move to to that thing. … I think he would like to try it someday.”

Sounds promising! Clip above.

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Robert Pattinson Inspired Scene In Breaking Dawn, Director Says

[Spoiler Alert! Bill Condon talks about a scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 below. Read at your own risk.]

Robert Pattinson was influential in inspiring an important scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 1, says director Bill Condon. “I met with Rob a couple of months before we started,” Condon told us last week at the film’s Los Angeles press junket. “And we were having a general talk about everything about Twilight. He mentioned something that I hadn’t known before: one thing he’d been playing through out those first three movies [as Edward Cullen] was a man who was filled with regret, self-loathing.”

Pattinson’s inspiration, said Condon, grew from Stephenie Meyer‘s unfinished book Midnight Sun, which details Edward’s decision to dabble in killing humans in the ’30s. Condon explains: “[Edward] realized he’d turned into a monster, and it was something that really weighed on him. Now he’d been playing with that across three movies, but it was barely mentioned in those movies. I went back and worked with [screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg and we put that into the beginning of the movie. So you understood where Edward was coming from and then you were able to watch him shed that because the person he cared most about said, ‘OK, I see that but I accept you anyway,’ and then he’s able to accept himself.

“So much stuff comes out of working with the actors,” added the director. We’ve seen the scene Condon is referring to and we love that it grew entirely from Rob’s research and relationship with Edward Cullen. We can’t wait to hear what other fans think!

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Robert Pattinson Has Future As Writer, Says Breaking Dawn Screenwriter

Earlier this year Rob Pattinson revealed to Vanity Fair that he was adapting a Lillian Hellman story for the big screen. “It’s a secret,” he later told reporters while promoting Water for Elephants, refusing to divulge details about his writing. The actor has long been modest about his other creative talents and intellectual interests, which he often mocks in interviews. “I sound like such a snobby little sh–,” he said to VF, after discussing his passion for Japanese films.

We like Rob’s smart side, and have long wondered what was up with his secret screenwriting project. We asked Melissa Rosenberg, writer of all five Twilight movies, what she thought about Rob’s pursuits on the page. Turns out, she had no idea she’d been working with an aspiring screenwriter for four years. “Is he really?” she said, after we filled her in. “I wish him luck, it’s tough work.”

When asked what advice she would offer Rob, Rosenberg passed along these sage words. “Just understand the craft, understand structure,” she said. “You can have the talent, but do you have the craft? That’s always the challenge.”

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