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MTV EMAs: Rita Ora, Kim K’s Maxis Vs. Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Lana Del Rey’s Minimalism

Fashion MTV EMAs: Alicia Keys, Lana del rey, Gwen Stefani

It was the battle of the volume at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards yesterday. While Heidi Klum was OTT in various Versace ensembles and Carly Rae Jepsen was Taylor Swift‘s doppelganger, the likes of Alicia Keys, Lana del Rey and Gwen Stefani stood out by keeping it simple and stylish. Alicia complemented her angular bob with a Stella McCartney ‘Miracle’ dress with its very geometric use of three colors. She paired it with pointed silver Gianvito Rossi metallic pumps. Lana kept it very minimal (almost boring) in a Shareen Mitchell dress and bouffant, backcombed hair. Gwen’s thigh-high boots were amazingly hot with her black draped satin Jean Paul Gaultier outfit.

MTV EMAs: Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian

Going completely in a different direction were Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora who went B.I.G. Kim tweeted that she was wearing “the coolest Stephane Rolland” dress for the show. but this whole mullet silhouette and long train just doesn’t do it for us. It almost got her to fall flat on her face ON STAGE as well. Rita’s gown may cause some people to frown, but we love it. It’s a red taffeta Marchesa ballgown and we think it looks like a dream on her. Not very many people would be able to pull this off, but Rita certainly can. Does it work for you? Who else do you think worked it?

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Heidi Klum Hosts The 2012 MTV EMAs, Outfits Go From Decent To Bad To OMG!

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Heidi Klum Hosts The 2012 MTV EMAs, Outfits Go From Decent To Bad To OMG!

Heidi Klum Outfits At The 2012 MTV EMA's

Erm, who styled Heidi Klum at the MTV EMAs? She was the host for the evening, probably because the event was held in her native country Germany, making her the hostess with the mostest … skin. We’re a little bewildered to be honest. The evening started out great with the black and dull gold mesh-panel Versace you see on the left, which looks like a dream on her. But then she switched to another Versace for the red carpet, which is what you see on the right. Why, Heidi, why? The blue and gold embellishment is okay, but between the lace-up bodice and the slit, the one batwing sleeve and those tacky pumps this is one ridiculous mess of no. Versace was the choice of the evening, as she chose to wear the brand on stage for all her costume changes as well.

Heidi Klum Outfits At The 2012 MTV EMA's

We’re kind of digging the frothy, cut-out white gown on the left, mostly because we like top-hats and have a secret yearning for ’80s fingerless gloves. But that whole ensemble pales in comparison to what Heidi has going on, on the right. Forget what she’s wearing — they actually had two dudes wearing assless chaps on stage which the supermodel seems to be … enjoying. We’ve blurred out the naughty bits, but we feel it’s our duty to tell you that assless-chaps dude on the right had Heidi’s prompter card “positioned” in the … cracktacular area. Only, in Europe …  Read more…

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Did Carly Rae Jepsen Try To Out-Taylor-Swift Taylor Swift At The 2012 MTV EMAs?

Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen: MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

Look at Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift here, photographed at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards held yesterday in Frankfurt, Germany. Something seem a little off to you? We don’t mean they look bad or anything. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They look pretty great. So great that Carly could be Taylor but not vice versa. Look at her strapless silver Johanna Johnson gown with the minimal fishtail. Considering the long bangs and the red lips paired with porcelain skin. It’s not Carly … it’s Taylor! Only it’s not, because Taylor suddenly went and completely switched it up. Well, her J Mendel dress is sparkly, so it’s still so, Swifty, but the cut and the Art Deco inspired motif is a lot more grown-up, serious glamour than we’ve seen on Taylor. She paired the gown with Christian Louboutin shoes and Neil Lane jewels so you know she meant business. Also gone were the signature red lips, as she opted for a smoky eye instead. New stylist? All we know is that Carly may have “borrowed” Taylor’s steez, but we do like Ms. Swift’s new awards-show avatar. Carly looks like she may need to trim her bangs though, because we don’t know how she can see. Taylor always gets the length just right, so Carly, take a closer look at the blueprint.

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Miley Cyrus’ Wardrobe Does It Again

Way to keep us guessing, girl! Miley Cyrus dressed half-naked for a performance on the German TV show Wetten,dass…? She made quite an achtung wearing a sheer, white tulle dress with her pants-and-more fully on display. Thankfully, she wore a  nude body stocking because, as expected, she writhed around quite a bit while performing her new single Who Owns My Heart.

And we never thought we’d say these two names in one sentence, but post-performance, Miley sat down with Denzel Washington, who was promoting his new film, Unstoppable.

We heart us some Miley, for real, and didn’t really want to say anything negative about our girl considering what a bad week she’s been having. She split up with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, again and her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish are divorcing, too. All in all, pretty damn rough.

But Miss Miley did a fantastic job shoving us off our high horse all on her own. Because before we could say, “Put some clothes on,” Miley turned up at the MTV Europe Music Awards all covered up! And for that we say, Miley, we applaud you.


Beyonce Is The Sexiest Lady In Red


Gasp. That’s really the only sound we could make after watching Beyonce‘s super-sexy EMAs performance of “Sweet Dreams” last night. Dressed in red suspenders, a split-to-the-waist red basque and red gloves, the diva proved that there’s no-one to touch her for pure fierce hotness.  It turned out to be her night too, as she picked up the award for Best Song, for “Halo,” Best Female and Best Video, for “Single Ladies” (at least Kanye West will be happy, now). All hail Queen Bey! [Photo: Getty Images]

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Katy Perry’s Raunchy EMA Cabaret


Katy Perry paid tribute to the host city of last night’s EMAs – Berlin – by opening the show with a Teutonic raunch-fest of the highest, filthiest order. Dressed in a teeny-tiny basque (complete with heart over her vay-jay-jay), host Katy performed a medley of hits including Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face”, Beyonce‘s “Halo” and the Kings Of Leon’s “Use Somebody” in a Liza Minnelli in Cabaret style.

Once the impressive chair-humping was over with, Katy decided to remind us all that she is banging Russell Brand. “Last year I popped my MTV cherry, but this time i’m a bit more experienced if you know what I mean,” she not-too-subtly teased.  At least, we think that was what she means… [Photo: Getty Images]


Beyonce And Jay-Z Get Loved Up At EMAs

Beyonce and Jay-Z denied for yearsthat they were even dating, and their wedding was crowned the Sneakiest of ’08. But now they are open about their romance, and we love it! On winning the Best Video for “Single Ladies” at last night’s EMAs, Beyonce said in her acceptance speech, “There’s only one person I want to thank – and that’s Jay, for putting a ring on it.” The romantic couple were also snapped getting up close and huggy at the after-show parties in Berlin. Sweet!

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MTV EMAs: Wentz Punched, Perry Stunning, Hasselhoff Drunk


For a second year in a row little Mrs. Russell Brand (AKA Katy Perry)hosted the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards. Mega stars like Beyonce, the Jonas Brothers, and Shakira attended the show but first rocked the red carpet in style.

Pete Wentz strutted down the carpet with one smokey eye (we’re sure there is a good reason for this…right?!) and David Hasselhoff seemed to have just staggered his way into the event (sporting sequins no less).

Check out these stars and more in our MTV EMAs red carpet gallery below. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Kanye Wests Blasts Europe Music Awards As Fixed

Hey, we kind of knew he wouldn’t stay quiet for long. Kanye West has blasted the results of last week’s EMA awards, reckoning they were fixed. Yes, the hip-hop superstar who proved he was nothing if not a sore loser when he stormed the stage at the 2006 awards complaining that he didn’t win Best Video, is now complaining at the choice of winners at this years’ awards.

Britney Spears over Rihanna? Are you serious? I mean f****** Jared Leto? He’s my boy but he shouldn’t have won over some of those other artists. I won nothing last year and I’d brought out “Stronger.” Then this year, just because I was there, I won best urban act. This was L’il Wayne’s year.”

Ok, we see his point about 30 Seconds To Mars. We may have mentioned something about that ourselves. And we love the fact that Kanye is the opposite of a bland, media-trained singer. But you know, it’s only a little award — it doesn’t mean anything, love!

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MTV Europe Music Awards: Photo Highlights

The 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards snoozed up Liverpool tonight, but left behind plenty of photos worth ogling. Scandalist blogger Becky Howard, who watched the show from London, was stunned that host Katy Perry managed to change outfits six times in one night. The singer dressed up like a carnival ride, a football player, a Barack Obama stumper, and even some kind of hermaphrodite.

In other news: Singers Duffy and Estelle looked super hot during the show; celebrity blogger Perez Hilton looked super ridiculous. (Hey, doesn’t he always?) And Beyonce‘s outfit was a bit hard for us to interpret — but we think she was wearing body armor!

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After the jump, Becky Howard comments on all of 2008’s winners.

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