MTV Europe Music Awards


Star of the EMAs: Barack Obama!

No, sadly he wasn’t at the MTV Europe Music Awards cozying up with Grace Jones and Estelle. But President-elect Barack Obama proved to be the real star of the evening’s proceedings, featuring in a huge number of tributes …

  • At the beginning of the show Jared Leto got the crowd chanting in a “Congrats Barack” shout-out. (“Maybe Europe will love us again now,” quipped Katy Perry.)
  • Katy Perry‘s least-mad costume choice of the evening was a glittery yellow Barack shift dress. We’ll all be wearing them next season!
  • Estelle and Kanye West ended their less-than-exciting “American Boy” duet with a giant projection of the man himself on the video screens. It got the biggest cheer of their entire performance, natch.
  • Paul McCartney also namechecked Mr. Obama in his self-depracating acceptance speech.
  • And Solange Knowles tried to get in on the action by bigging up Obama while wearing a puffy striped top and glittery skirt. Yet she still managed to have the personality of a wet towel. Never mind.

— By Beck Howard (in London)


EMAs: Bono Ruins Paul McCartney’s Award By Making It All About Him

U2 frontman Bono didn’t do anything to dispel his tedious windbag image by his appearance presenting Sir Paul McCartney with his Ultimate Legend award. After winding his way through the crowd (and my goodness, he really is SHORT), and in an accent owing more to the US than Ireland, he proceeded to annoy the crowds at the beginning of a very, very long speech.

“It’s great to be here in the capital of east Ireland. We Irish claim the Beatles. Listen pals, if it wasn’t for the potato famine, John Paul George and Ringo would come from bubbling Dublin,” he crowed to boos from the Liverpool crowd. Duh!

“This is the man that invented my job,” he bragged. Listen we don’t want to blame Paul McCartney for U2 but you’re making it difficult for us, mate. And he went on so much McCartney was only on for approximately one-eighth of Bono’s stage time. Something’s not right with this picture. … — By Becky Howard (in London)


EMAs: Jared Leto Is Not The New David Letterman

We’re now starting to feel pretty sorry for Jared Leto. While Katy Perry gets to wear lots of mental outfits (like a merry-go-round dress and a giant apple) and stand up on the main stage introducing acts, he’s lumbered with the more tricky job of actually trying to fill air time with scintillating conversation.

Hot on the heels of his thrilling “Are you from Louisiana?” conversation with Kid Rock, Jared has now just presented a cringingly bad segment where he interviewed the Ting Tings mixing a drink. “You wouldn’t happen to be a witch would you? A good witch, like the Wizard of Oz?” he asked singer Katie White, who looked pretty non-plussed. At which point Grace Jones suddenly turns up in a silver bowler hat and terrifies the crap out of Mr Leto, purring: “You’re not sweating at all, you look very sexy.”

He then did a sit down with British band Take That — who Jared had clearly never heard of before –– and asked them how many tons of potatoes got eaten backstage. We bet he wishes My So-Called Life never got cancelled now.

After the jump, check out who’s winning what. — By Becky Howard (in London)

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EMAs: Katy Perry Rides Phallic Chapstick, Fends Off Jared Leto

Katy Perry rode into Liverpool’s MTV Europe Music Awards tonight on a great big phallic cherry chapstick (natch), dressed as an American footballer, and has already got Jared Leto hot under the collar. His band 30 Seconds to Mars is hosting the “VIP Bar” area at the ceremony. Having already got everyone in the crowd to join in a “Congrats Barack” chant, he couldn’t resist perving over La Perry, who by now has changed into a more fetching dress.

“She’s so beautiful it’s difficult to look and talk at the same time,” he dribbled over the glamorous host.

She obviously put him off his stride as he then proceeded to “interview” Kid Rock in a half-assed spectacle. Their totally meaningless conversation was about being from Louisiana. And not being from Louisiana. OK, Jared, but no-one knows what that means over here, love. — By Becky Howard (in London)


The MTV Europe Music Awards Red Carpet – The Horror, The Horror!

Stars have been pouring into Liverpool to kick off the MTV Europe Music Awards and already there are some pretty ropey style disasters being exhibited tonight. Beyonce has brought along her Robot Friend, otherwise known as her left hand, while Katy Perry decided to wear a great big pair of eyes on her boobs — as if we haven’t noticed them enough (although she’s already changed into a footballer’s outfit for her opening number!) The Killers looked like they’ve had a party in Joan Collins‘ old Dynasty wardrobe (shoulder plumage? Leopard print tops? On blokes? WTF?). Estelle couldn’t find anything to wear so shimmied into a roll of aluminium foil, whereas Leona Lewis let her mum dress her up in her five-year-old party dress for the “special occassion”. So far, so deliciously hideous … — By Becky Howard (in London)

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MTV’s Europe Music Awards Borrows Perez’s Loud Mouth

The celebrity blogger and tireless self-promoter Perez Hilton is bringing his brand of manic-mouthed commentary to Liverpool, where he’ll serve as digital host of the MTV Europe Music Awards on Nov. 6. Not one to mince words, Perez says “if Amy Winehouse isn’t dead by then, I’m going to bring her out of rehab and we’re going to f*ck shit up.”

The real host of the night is singer Katy Perry, who is a nominee for Best New Act — a category in which she was beat out by Tokio Hotel at the American version of the show last month. Performers include Beyonce, Duffy, Pink, Kid Rock and The Killers. After the jump, read a list of this year’s nominees and visit MTV’s Europe Music Awards website to cast your votes.

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Katy Perry Poses With Knife, Crime Victims Fail To See Artistic Merit

Katy Perry was just about winning over the hearts and minds of the British public — we love a faux lesbian, you know — but she’s blown it big time with her latest “edgy” venture. As the hottest crime topic in England for the past year has been the shocking rise in knife murders of teenagers, Katy (well, actually her PR and record company, we’re not blaming her entirely) thought it would be a GREAT IDEA to pose with a flick knife in a shoot for her recent album.

Can we just say “durrrrr”? As parents of murder victims have spoken out to condemn her action, we’d just like to give KP some advice — apologize. If you want to present the MTV VMA awards next week and not end up doing a Sarah Silverman, then I’d get a nice scripted response sorted ASAP. Those Liverpool crowds can be tough. … [Source: The Sun; Photo:]


Rick Astley: King of the World!

Has the Rickrolling craze just gone way too far or is this the best, funniest news ever? We can’t decide but on hearing that Rick Astley is up for Best Act Ever at the forthcoming MTV Europe Music Awards, we’re stunned, either way!

The British pop star, who experienced a second wave of fame this year when an online meme viral linked to his 1987 hit Never Gonna Give You Up, is competing against Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Tokio Hotel and U2 to win the award.

This is Rick Astley, people! Who last had a proper chart hit in the UK in 1991. Seriously. Actually, it would be amazing if he won. Could you imagine the Bono rage? Probably worth it for that alone. …

We’ll find out at the MTV Europe awards from Liverpool on November 6.

Editor’s Note (and total non sequitur): Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sex tape hits Internet!

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