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MTV Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week: Watch The To Do List Livestream With Aubrey Plaza And Scott Porter

To Do List Sneak Peek Week Livestream

Sound the alarms,  beat the drums, and for goodness sake make the popcorn! The 2013 MTV Movie Awards are coming on SUNDAY APRIL 14TH AT 9 PM. Let’s hope the all-caps got your attention. If you loved last night’s Pain & Gain livestream with Mark Wahlberg and Michael Bay, well then you’re in luck: We’re coming atcha tonight at 10:30 PM with a second helping of behind-the-scenes movie livestream goodness. This time we’re going to be speaking with Aubrey Plaza and Scott Porter about their staring roles in The To Do List!

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The 20 Sexiest Red Carpet Outfits In The History Of The MTV Movie Awards

Sexiest MTV Movie Award Outfits Ever

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards are almost upon us (Sunday, April 14th at 9 PM, y’all). First and foremost, the night is a celebration of summer blockbusters and all that we love about Tinsel-Town. But it’s also a celebration of style, skin and super sexy outfits. Which happens to be what we love most about Tinsel-Town, now that we think about it…

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MTV Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week: Tune Into Pain & Gain Livestream With Mark Wahlberg And Michael Bay!


The movie train keeps on rollin’ with Sneak Peek Week as we get closer to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards this Sunday at 9 PM! You can get an insider look at upcoming action blockbuster Pain & Gain during MTV’s livestream with leading badass Mark Wahlberg and director/pyromaniac Michael Bay. All you have to do is tune in right here at 10:30 PM tonight!

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MTV Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week: Did Rihanna Lay It Down On Michael Cera In This Is The End?

It may only be April, but rumbles from the upcoming summer blockbusters are getting louder and louder thanks to the MTV Movie Awards, which airs this Sunday night at 9PM/8C and is being hosted by the lovely and talented Rebel Wilson! Some very lucky film lovers got to check out This Is The End as the kick-off to the show’s Sneak Peek Week last night, and then got to ask cast members Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and Evan Goldberg some questions with MTV.

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Rebel Wilson, 2013′s MTV Movie Awards Host, Is Going To Rule Next Year

It’s been five years since the MTV Movie Awards had a female host (Sarah Silverman in 2007), but we think they’ll make up for lost time in 2013 when Rebel Wilson takes the stage. We’re thrilled, not only because it means that on April 14 we’ll get to see more of the kind of comedy the Aussie lady brought to the VMAs this year, but also because it means everyone’s onboard with what we posited last Friday: that the Pitch Perfect star was one of the rising celebrities who dominated 2012 and is on the verge of even bigger and better things in 2013.

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She doesn’t get to do a whole lot in the first trailer for the show — the lines all go to Matt Lucas, the guy who played her brother in Bridesmaids — but it’s a good tease of what’s to come!

Rebel Wilson will host the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

[Photo: Elisabeth Caren/MTV]

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Did Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Fill Robsten’s Cute Couple Vacuum At The MTV Movie Awards?

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone YOLO Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield onstage

We long ago established that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are ridonkulously cute together. I mean, on their own, we always wanted to be BFFs with each of them, so together, they’re a nuclear fusion of sweet, funny and awesome. That cute was fully on display at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, where Robert Pattinson‘s absence left a big vacancy in the GIF-able couple category. From the moment the Amazing Spider-Man co-stars arrived on the red carpet, they were making us squee. Just take a look at their interview with Kat Graham during the Pre-Show, which began with Andrew hiding behind Emma. When Kat, on duty as MTV’s style correspondent, asked Emma a question about her makeup, she started to answer, and then turned to BF Andrew mid-sentence and said, “You don’t have to be here for this!” “I do!” he protested, and proceeded to look very interested in Emma’s answer. Only boys in the early stages of love can look so absolutely absorbed in such things.

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What’s In A Best Kiss? MTV Stars’ Opinions Might Differ From Yours

Just as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have dominated the MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss category for the past four years — including last night, when KStew had to settle for a little onstage self love — their first onscreen lip lock was victorious in our own tournament last week. By an overwhelming majority of 84 to 16 percent, the Twilight kiss crushed The Notebook in our Ultimate Best Kiss Smoochdown. Judging by that vote, you guys your kisses wrought with tension and danger, but no tongue.

VH1 News hit up the Movie Awards carpet last night to find out what the stars thought was their own best kiss, and their tastes tend to differ from the typical Twi-hard.

“A five-minute Frencher is usually the go-to, and if that’s too long of a scene and people get all weird about it, then a nice, light tongue nibble on the lip kind of thing with groaning,” said Jeff Dye, the host of MTV’s hidden-camera show Money From Strangers.

“When a guy takes me out on a date and it’s a surprising kiss,” said Kirsten Prout of ABC Family’s The Lying Game. “Not like a sneak attack, pins you against the wall kind of kiss. When they dip you down low and it’s romantic and it’s like an old Hollywood movie, I’m a sucker.”

“Yeah, and I like up-against-the-wall hair pulling,” chimed in Lauren McKnight, Prout’s co-star in the My Super Psycho Sweet 16 movies.

To each her own!

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The Ultimate MTV Movie Awards GIF Wall

While we wish this GIF wall contained a healthy – er, gluttonous – dose of Pattinson, there were still many memorable moments at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. From Elizabeth Banks grinding up on the Magic Mike men (I mean, who wouldn’t?!) to Kristen Stewart making out with herself to Charlize Theron beating up Michael Fassbender, there was no shortage of GIFable material. And can we talk about the over-the-top cuteness that is Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?! It was very tempting to make this entire wall those two lovebirds.

Check out our Ultimate MTV Movie Awards GIF Wall after the jump.
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Hilarious Clip At The MTV Movie Awards Gives Us A Peek At Star Trek 2

Sneaky sneaky! We laughed so hard at this clip aired at the MTV Movie Awards that we almost missed the very important news encoded within it. The parody stars Jennifer Lawrence and Joel McHale and features a cameo by J.J. Abrams who opens the video by saying, “Lets face it, archery is back. You’ve got The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Game Of Thrones. Actors need archery experts.” McHale is archery coach Lester Boonshaft who sadly, isn’t that expert. In fact, Abrams goes on to say, “There was this whole Klingon archery subplot in the new Star Trek that I completely cut out just so I didn’t have to work with him.” And therein lies the surprise, neatly hidden element of this whole exercise. Abrams happens to be sitting in front of a screen that has a freeze frame of a masked character who is part of the sequel we’ve all been dying to watch — Star Trek 2! That’s what we’re calling it right now, as the film doesn’t have a title yet.

The character doesn’t look familiar at all. Is it a new villain? We do know that Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatchlove him in Sherlock — are in the new movie but we have no idea as who or what. Could this be one of them? We’ll have to wait and watch!

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