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Rihanna Unveils Her Bandana Bra For Sexy “We Found Love” Video Shoot

Well well well, this is a change of pace. We’ve told you about Rihanna’s well-documented fear of pants, but now it looks like she’s moved on to a shirt phobia too! The singer is currently filming her music video “We Found Love” in Ireland, and so far we like what we see. These on-set photos show Riri running through an open field with an open shirt and what appears to be underwear made out of bandanas. Frolicking in the grass while wearing homemade clothes…Is this Rihanna’s tribute to Fraulein Maria? Check out the gallery below and judge for yourself!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Britney Spears Is No Smooth Criminal

Eternal goofball Britney Spears was spotted today in London shooting the music video for her new single, “Criminal.” The world’s clutziest, giddiest bank robber made her getaway with boyfriend Jason Trawick in ankle boots, leather shorts and plenty of vision-impairing blonde extensions. See more pics of the heist below. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lady Gaga Dating Her “You And I” Vid Costar

Gags is in love again, folks! Yes, after the turmoil of her on-again-off-again relationship with long-time partner Luc Carl, Lady Gaga is stepping out with a new Papa Monster; her “You And I” music video co-star Taylor Kinney! If he looks kinda familiar, it might be because he also had a recurring role on Vampire Diaries. Gaga’s hoppin’ on the vampire bandwagon? How mainstream! We would have at least pegged her as a Team Jacob member…

A source tells RadarOnline that the pair met on the set of the music vid back in July, and have been inseparable since. “It was just casual at first, but things are getting pretty hot and heavy,” their insider says. Over the weekend, the newly minted couple were seen getting naughty over some shots of Johnny Walker in a posh California beach bar. “I couldn’t tell it was her at first,” says a fellow barfly, “It just looked like some hot couple making out, but then I realized it was Lady Gaga!” Even on her date nights, Miss Gaga took some time to look after her Little Monsters. “She was so sweet too, she even signed some autographs,” the witness continued. Not only that, but the two were spotted the next morning strolling the streets in the same clothes, and looking a little worse for the wear. “Her hair was a little messy.  It definitely seemed like a ‘morning after’ situation,” an observer spilled to Radar. “They are obviously totally into each other!” Did she take a ride on his disco stick? No one knows for certain, but…Congrats, Gaga! Glad to see she bounced back so quickly after Britney Spears turned her down.

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Kim Kardashian’s “Jam (Turn It Up)” Video Teaser “Leaked” Online

Sadly, Kim Kardashian’s “Jam (Turn It Up)” song failed to become the monster summer jam we all thought it would be, but maybe second time’s the charm, now that that Kim Kardashian’s “Jam (Turn It Up)” video teaser has leaked. Almost certainly not, but you never know! By the way, we use “Kim Kardashian” and “leaked” like we’d use her name with the words “video” or “song”: with one eyebrow comically raised towards the heavens.

Now, we’ll have to wait to see the whole thing to pass judgment (just kidding, we’re judging already!), but the video so far seems to follow one woman’s butt’s journey as it tries escape some sort of gigantic underground wind tunnel. Maybe Kim was trying on PVC booty shorts at PVC Booty Shorts ‘N Things when she accidentally fell through a grate in the dressing room, injuring her leg? That’s the only reason we can see why she’d be straight-up crawling in her music own video. What other reason could there conceivably be?

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The Glee Kids Celebrate Fashion’s Night Out, Velvet Vests In Music Video

And to think, just a few short years ago, Jane Lynch’s cough syrup addiction would have allowed the actress to believe that hideous jacket was only a figment of her imagination. It’s the only upside! Today, however,  the Glee “Fashion” music video features the cast promoting NYC’s Fashion Night Out on September 8 by belting out David Bowie‘s ode to the beautiful people.

While some of them look amazing (What, what, Lea Michele in a Balmain mini-dress), other did not, like Lynch and Darren Criss, who spents the entire video locked in a death match with that red three-piece suit over our attention. It goes without saying that Chris Colfer appears to have spent the summer rehearsing his fiercest face with his drama instructor (in addition to dealing with Glee firing rumors) and Heather Morris would look amazing in Hammer pants and our gym t-shirt, which is great since that’s exactly what they had her wearing.

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Justin Timberlake Brings Funky Back In New Music Vid

Justin Timberlake has been really loving the whole thespian thing lately. And hey, if it gets you tight with Mila Kunis, who are we to judge him. But his fans have been worried that the Friends With Benefits star has abandoned his first love, singing. But fear not folks, because JT has finally returned to music! Kind of. The renaissance man has recently directed a music video for the Memphis hip-hop group Free Sol, which he shared yesterday through his twitter.

The track’s called “Hoodies On, Hats Low,” and the vid features an appearance from a hooded Justin, who rocks out on the air drums and chimes in on the chorus. The song ain’t have bad…we just wish it would feature more singing from the man who brought sexy back! Has it really been five years already? Come home, Justin! Don’t leave us with LMFAO!

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Rihanna Likely Headed To Court Over S&M Video

On one hand, Rihanna’s “S&M video lawsuit is headed to trial. On the other hand, you know it’s going to be the sexiest trial of all time. “I find that an ordinary observer may well overlook any differences and regard the aesthetic appeal…as the same,” judge Shira Scheindlin wrote in a response to photographer David LaChapelle‘s claim that RiRi’s video ripped off his work. Judge Scheindlin also decided that certain “angles, poses and lighting” could potentially violate copyright law, as well as remarked that Rihanna’s “fair use” defense of the video was “misguided,” though we would like to add it is also “very cool” and “made us want to buy a latex cocktail dress.

While some of his allegations were tossed out of court, LaChapelle’s primary claim of copyright infringement is now allowed to proceed to trial. Rihanna was also sued by photographer Phillip Paulus last month, also for claims of copyright infringement in the exact same view. Let’s hope no one has a copyright on underwear built out of gum balls and Legos, or Rihanna’s concert outfits are going to have her in front of a judge in no time.

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James Franco New Music Video Is Exceedingly James Franco

Floating wigs, lightening and a beat that could have been stolen from Prince‘s recording studio in 1993 via time machine: yup, sounds about right for James Franco’s music video for “Rising.” A track on Franco’s upcoming album Turn It Up with drag performance artist Kalup Linzy, “Rising” seems to declare to the world, “I know that I can overcome all of life’s obstacles… specifically this giant tuxedo-wearing  Ghost Franco that follows me around everywhere I go.” The video’s end credits indicate that Franco supplied “additional footage,” which make sense seeing as how he doesn’t actually seem to be audibly singing. Overall we feel like the whole video is  just an exercise in creepy smiles and rhyming “me” with “me.” That being said, if someone is interested in making a dubstep remix? We might have a summer jam in the palm of over grinning, bow-tie wearing hands.

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We Know What Katy Perry And Rebecca Black Did On Friday Night! Together!

OMG! Kathy Beth Terry, you’re so lucky your parents are Corey Feldman and Debbie Gibson, or else you’d be in big trouble, young lady! HAH. Seriously though, Kathy’s alter-ego and all around ham Katy Perry‘s Last Friday Night (TGIF) video has us tripping! All the promotional activity Kathy-Katy did — the Kathy Beth Terry Twitter account and Facebook page — did not prepare us for the awesomeness of this video. It’s 80’s overload with the whole ‘ugly ducking morphing into the swan’ cliche included. But it’s the cameo’s that have us in splits. Apart from Corey and Debbie, the partystarter in the video is none other than …. Rebecca Black!  Insert whatever “Friday” puns you’d like to here.

That’s not all, peeps. While Rebecca’s responsible for Kathy’s makeover in the video (she waxes her mustache off), cool Uncle Kenny a.k.a Kenny G and Hanson make an appearance too! And if that wasn’t enough, how about Glee‘s Kevin McHale as her dorky knight in shining armor? Darren Criss is in there too, as a frat-boy type. This song has summer hit written all over it. Watch the video and let us know what you think.

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Rihanna Warns Fans Not To Make Threats Over “Man Down” Video

People are getting crazy crackers over the violence in Rihanna’s “Man Down” video. Fans, as well as detractors, are bombarding Rihanna’s Twitter about the scandalous vid, which features the “S&M” singer gunning down her attacker in the middle of a crowded city street. However, just because Rihanna takes part in some fictional gun play does not mean she needs her supporters to go all The Warriors on her naysayers. “Guys please stop making threats #NotCool!!! We love it, they don’t…that is all, and the world keeps turning!,” the singer writes, brushing off the haters by saying, “People gon’ talk whether u doin BAD or GOOD!!! Yeeeaaaaaaa.” Rihanna doesn’t apologize either, telling concerned parents: “The music industry isn’t exactly Parents R Us! We have the freedom to make art, LET US! Its your job to make sure they dont turn out like US.”

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