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Stars Get Their Hipster On At Coachella

Coachella 2011 just ended and as usual, tons of stars were around – both onstage and off – at the music festival. They all wore their best hippie chic gear, as is evident with the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens (who, we kid you not, wore printed bell-bottoms). Some ladies did represent vintage, like Dita von Teese who looked like a 1940’s pin-up in a sailor hat, and Katy Perry, who went quasi-flapper!

It’s no secret that we have a massive crush on Ian Somerhalder and we’ve resolutely ignored rumors of him and Nina Dobrev dating because IT ISN’T HAPPENING. So him and Nina at Coachella? Casually almost draped over each other? Hanging out with Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger? Just because those two are a couple, doesn’t mean it’s a double date! (Someone hold us while we cry.) For more skinny — quite literally with ladies like Whitney Port and Kate Bosworth — on who was there, check out our gallery below. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Miley Cyrus Leaves America Off World Tour, Feels A Lack Of “Love” From Us

When does an American pop star not include America in her world tour? When she isn’t feeling the love, y’all. “I just think right now America has gotten to a place where I don’t know if they want me to tour or not,” Miley Cyrus told the Associated Press, explaining why her tour has dates in Central and South America and Australia, but no parties scheduled in the USA. “Right now, I just want to go to the places where I am getting the most love, and Australia and South America have done that for me…I don’t want to go anywhere where I don’t feel completely comfortable with it.” But the Britney song’s still on, Miley! Britney’s summer tour, too.

Of course, with Miley’s Gypsy Heart Tour only scheduled through the beginning of July, she could always tack on some US dates if her mood lifts. But with 2010’s Can’t Be Tamed a flop, it’s hard to imagine why she’d bother. Then again, maybe she can team up with Twitter buddy Charlie Sheen for a Torpedos Of Teen-Pop tour.

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No One Will Post Gucci Mane’s $5700 Bail

Poor Gucci Mane. After being arrested last week for allegedly pushing a woman out of a car (okay, maybe we don’t feel so bad for him), the rapper is still sitting behind bars, even though Gucci’s bail is just $5700. Big money for us, sure, but not much in the world of celebrity bail! It’s not like he’s short of famous friends with pockets full of cash, and you’d think one of them would come to his rescue. But nope – Gucci is still stuck in an Atlanta cell, hopefully reflecting on the many reasons it is NOT cool to push a woman out of a moving car after she refuses to go back to your hotel with you. ‘Cuz seriously…who does that?

If you’re a Gucci fan and are interested in forking over some cash to rescue the star, head on down to the DeKalb County Jail in Decatur, Georgia. Look for the dude with the ice cream cone tattoo on his face. Pay up. And then politely decline when he offers you a lift home.

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Janet Jackson Shows Off Her Toned Bod As Tour Hits LA

Janet Jackson ditched her original “35 dates for 35 number ones” tour plans due to fan demand for more shows, and photos from her show at the Universal Ampitheatre last night LA help explain the excitement. There’s no mohawks or gratuitous S&M imagery on this tour, just a 44-year-old icon with a backlog of classic songs and an amazing body. All we could possibly complain about are the space-age hip concealers on her latest “Rhythm Nation” outfit—as the photos prove above, there’s no need to hide her flattering curves.

See more photos from the show in the gallery below.

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Shakira Robbed Mid-Concert By A Fan

What the hell? Safe to say this person is not a “fan”. Shakira was robbed mid-concert while she was performing in Monterrey, Mexico. She was working the crowds and walking amongst the throngs of people when all of sudden, someone ripped a ring off one of her fingers—you can see it very clearly in the video above. A hand comes out of nowhere and snatches the piece of jewelry right off. You can’t even tell if it was a man or a woman (or even a kid for that matter).

Got to hand it to Shakira, though. She looks a bit confused about how quickly it all went down, glances at her hand, and carries on singing. With that many people, it would be impossible to pinpoint who did it, anyway. She doesn’t even pause, which we’re kinda in awe of, because we’d be screaming bloody murder. We’re hoping it didn’t have sentimental value for her. Whoever the thief is —you know who you are and what you did — shame on you. [Photo: Getty Images]

UPDATE: As it turns out, Shakira’s ring wasn’t stolen, despite all the stories that said it was. The singer’s publicist, Joseph Carozza, has stated, “There is no truth to this report. A fan grabbed her hand and she looked down. Her ring is still visible on her hand as she continued to walk through the crowd.” That’s a relief!


Dolly Parton Really Wants To Sing For Kate & William

Prince William & Kate Middleton somehow forgot to invite Dolly Parton to their upcoming wedding, but that’s not going to stop the country singer from trying to get on the list. She told the UK show Lorraine that she’d be honored to sing “I Will Always Love You” with Elton John…not that anyone’s suggested she should. “Wouldn’t that be great? Nobody’s asked me about that but I might offer it. [A duet] with Whitney Houston, I would do anything. Elton John could play for me  and I could sing the song, he could sing a duet with me. I’m sure he was probably invited, I wasn’t invited.” You and 99.9999% of the people who’d like to be there, Dolly.

Some entertainers aren’t waiting to be asked for their contribution, though. George Michael has tweeted that he’s sending Kate & William an undisclosed ’70s cover as a gift. “We have a mutual friend who i think will make sure it gets to them. That and the toaster….” While he’s only revealed the song’s decade of origin and the first word of the title (“You”), George plans to release the song to the world on Friday. Here’s hoping he skips the T-Pain autotuning he smeared all over his recent New Order cover.

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Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj Talk Femme Fatale Tour, Announce Opening Acts

Nicki Minaj admitted she was “in talks” to join Britney SpearsFemme Fatale tour, and TMZ “confirmed” the news Monday, but the ladies didn’t make a statement until today, followed with a series of predictably winky tweets.

  • Britney: “Could not think of a sexier Femme Fatale than [Nicki] to come on tour with me! Gonna be a hot summer people!”
  • Nicki: “Hot INDEED Your Fierceness!!! This tour’s gonna KICK ASS!!! The #FemmeFataleBARBZ r READY!!! Let’s GO!!!”
  • Britney: “The #FemmeFataleBARBZ wont know what hit em. Ready or not people, here we come….”
  • Nicki: “Yup! and let’s keep the “other thing” a secret for now…”
  • Britney: “All good things to those who wait….”

Does anyone else have “Me Against The Music” stuck in their head after reading that? Nicki won’t be the only opener on the tour—the Australian sisters known as NERVO (who’ve previously written with Ke$ha and Alison Iraheta) and Jessie And The Toyboys (whose single “Trash Me” was rumored to be ripped off by Brit’s “If You Seek Amy”) will warm up the crowd first. Good thing: going from zero to Nicki could cause whiplash!

See photos of all four Femme Fatale acts in the gallery below. Enrique Iglesias really would have been the odd man out.

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Marilyn Manson’s Ex, Evan Rachel Wood, Loves Justin Bieber

Evan Rachel Wood always seemed sort of intense to us, from the roles she chooses to play, to the fact that she dated Marilyn Manson for four years, to her occasional penchant for Lolita-esque attire. She’s not someone we would have pegged as a giant Justin Bieber fan. But oh, is she ever.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Wood professes her love for Bieber, and it’s totally unironic. “I’m really enjoying being single and concentrating on work right now. That and watching the Food Network and listening to Justin Bieber. People honestly think I’m kidding about Bieber,” she said, possibly unaware of the fact that the only other musician she’s ever been associated with is the anti-Bieber. And also the Anti-Christ. “My mom is so confused. She’s like, ‘Evan, really?’ I’m like, ‘Go see Never Say Never. You’ll understand.’” Hear that Justin? Rihanna might not want to date you, but maybe you should ask Wood out, sounds like she’s game!

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Lady Gaga Falls Off Her Piano On Stage In Houston

This could have been a lot, lot worse. Lady Gaga was just hanging out in Houston Sunday—on stage with one foot on a piano bench, one on a flaming piano, wearing nothing but a bra, panties and boots—when the bench gave way and sent the singer sprawling to the ground. While her head just missed whacking the edge of the piano, Gaga was unfazed, bouncing up and barely missing a note of “You And I.” What a pro!


Chris Brown To Duet With Joe Jonas On The JoBro’s Solo Debut

Warning: unfortunate word choices to come! Chris Brown and Joe Jonas just recorded a track with producer HitBoy (erm), who tweeted a photo of the trio with the message “just did a smash! Whoooo.” The “smash” (woof) could appear on Joe Jonas‘ solo album, which Joe told Details will be full of “electro indie pop rock.” Hey, someone has to fill the nasal void Justin Timberlake has left on the charts! Hopefully, Joe’s Futuresnuggle/Hugsounds will have songs about losing your purity ring, visiting sex shops, celebrity catfights, and dating your clones. And one song that’s tooootally about Taylor Swift.

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