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Sam Lutfi Can’t Stop Stalking Britney Spears

Remember ol’ crazy face Sam Lutfi? You know, the BritBrit hanger on who alleged drugged up the diva in an attempt to control her? Yes, that winner. After Britney’s parents filed a strict restraining order against Sam, he’s been nowhere to be found, probably because he’s been busy working double shifts at Denny’s. But apparently Sam is back on the scene and ready to fight the restraining order that’s kept him away from Britney, her pill supply and her credit cards since February 1st. A hearing is scheduled for tomorrow to address whether the restraining order should be made permanent, and Sammy’s supposedly coming to fight!

“Sam won’t sign a permanent stay-away,” says a source nuts enough to be friends with the guy. “If they want to go to trial, he will go to trial. He did nothing wrong.” Oh come on, dude. We all saw her weave for those six months of friendship. He did A LOT wrong. Like, 3000 plastic hairs worth of damage.


Underwear Model Nelly Shy About His Underwear

When Diddy promised that “all of the ladies out there are going to be thanking us” after seeing Nelly‘s ad campaign for the mogul’s Sean John underwear line, one assumed the photos would, at the very least, show the “Hot In Herre” rapper in his underwear. But Nelly seems a little gunshy in the released pics, showing off the labelled elastic but leaving his cup safely hidden under baggy jeans. Unless more revealing shots await, Nelly can’t hope to compare with proud pants-dropping predecessors like David Beckham and Marky Mark. You can’t go halfway on something like underwear modeling, Nel! Own it!

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Jessica Simpson Doesn’t Know Much

Bimbo turned bimbo/country singer Jessica Simpson has released the cover of her new album on her website. Apparently all chicks in the country lounge around on wooden benches in $1000 dresses wasting their sweet summer days practicing their favorite ‘desperate face’ pose. It’s a good look for her! It almost makes us forget that underneath, she’s a rich divorcee who makes a living hawking cheap shoes and acne cream.

The title of her album has obviously been shortened down from some longer, super-dumb question our gal Jess has asked along the way.

  • Do you know why John Mayer dumped me?
  • Do you know what my sister’s phone number is? She seems to have changed it without telling me.
  • Do you know if fat free cheese still has fat in it?
  • Do you know when I can take these smelly cowboy boots off?

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Wino Hospitalized For Mixing Prescription Drugs

Amy Winehouse headed back to her home away from home last night – the hospital. The singer was packed up in an ambulance and whisked off as her dad looked on and friend Remi Nicole freaked out. The doctors released Amy this morning, and her dad summed up the drama, saying, “She’s fine, she just mixed up her medication.’

Translation: she’s high on crack. [DailyMail]

[Photos: Splash News]

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Gossip Break: Miley’s Makeout Session

New Miley Cyrus candid kissing pics: now with 10% more slutiness! [ONTD]

John Mayer‘s O face is way less sexy with his new haircut (sorry Jeniston). [DListed]

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romjin are adding to their cuteness with twin babies. [Seriously? OMG!]

Ryan Seacrest was bitten by a shark while swimming. In other news, I love sharks. [ICYDK]

Rihanna and Chris Brown go jet skiing in Maryland. Yeah, we don’t care either. [Bossip]

Lindsay Lohan was not hit by a motorcycle, no matter what her crazy dad says. [PopSugar]

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Britney’s Ass Looks Better in Cabo

Britney Spears is on vacation this week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with hotelier George Maloof. Because, you know, being a little bit less insane is seriously hard work.

But for reals – Brit looks pretty good! We don’t see any daiquiri stains on her white bikini yet, surely that is a good sign. We like that her friend is filming the pool party with a giant video camera from 1984. All Brit needs is a couple more tequila shots, and that sex tape is finally gonna happen.

[Photos: Splash News]

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Brangelina Likes Bono Better Than You

Sorry, regular peeps. There is absolutely no chance you’ll be considered for the role of god-father to the new golden gods, Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. Super famous kids need super famous godparents, and Bono‘s getting the job, soley for the reason that it’s pretty f*cking cool to get money on your birthday every year from the dude who sings “With Or Without You.” Also, Brad and Angie are star f*ckers. Need examples?

1. A source says: “They have been friends for years. Brad is a massive U2 fan and told Bono how much he admired him when they were introduced at a party a few years back.”

2. The same source reveals: “Angelina is inspired by Bono’s humanitarian work and gets on with his wife Ali Hewson. Ali’s given Angelina some clothes from her ethical clothing range Edun.”