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Keri Hilson’s Military Head Gear: Hit Or Miss?

True story: we once spotted the lovely Keri Hilson here at VH1 doing her own make up in our bathroom lobby, which confirmed our adoration for the singer. A lady with bold, adventurous style who isn’t afraid to touch up her own blush is a winner in our book. Not to mention she pens kickass dance tunes! “Pretty Girl Rock” is our ‘gettin’ dressed to go out’ jam.

Keri was in Las Vegas this weekend where she performed at The Gallery nightclub. We love her militaristic mini with the hint of neon peepin’ out at the top, and the mary-janes are an easy pairing with just about any look. But the hat! Oh the hat. We like the nod to the troops and the 1940s throwback, but we think the look would have worked better with some pin-up style victory rolls and dramatic red lips. What do you think about her head-cessory?

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John Legend Accused Of Slow Jam Thievery

John Legend: always a smooth singer, allegedly a smooth criminal. Reportedly the “Save Room” singer just got slapped with a law suit, courtesy of a songwriter accusing Legend of stealing his tune. John Legend’s song stealing debacle comes at the hands of performer Anthony Stokes, who claims that he gave his demo to Legend in 2004, but failed to get any follow-up. Cut to 2006, when Legend released a similar sounding song. Are we to believe that there are only so many bittersweet romantic ballads circulating in the universe, or is this something more sinister?

Stokes now claims that Legend’s song “Maxine’s Interlude” is clearly based on his tune “Where Are You Now?”; Stokes is seeking damages, as well as attempting to block the sale of Legend’s song. No! Then how will babies get made?!?! TMZ has the two songs side-by-side for comparison, if you want to make your own judgment. Personally we think it could go one way or the other, just as long as either way ends with someone drinking champagne in a heart-shaped Jacuzzi.

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Taylor Momsen Strips, Makes Out With Fans In Concert

We’ve never been to a Pretty Reckless show, but we’ll be sure to sport our finest lingerie when we finally do. Taylor Momsen, her band and a gaggle of half-naked fans got down last night in Barcelona, and the scene looked like a parent’s worst nightmare. We have to admit when we first saw these pics we dropped our best “I’m a mom and I’m appalled face!” But then we spent a second remembering the things we did at 17 (yes, Taylor is 17) and we quickly backed off. We did dumb stuff. At concerts. In our bra. Expressin’ yourself, and all that teenage jazz. We kinda get where these girls are coming from, but we’re still kinda like “Woah, ladies, chill it on the grinding!” You know?

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Poor Taylor Swift Has Bronchitis, Cancels Shows Under Doctor’s Orders

Everyone needs to send Taylor Swift some love! She’s sick with a bout of bronchitis that left her no choice but to cancel her Louisville concert — which was part of her Speak Now tour —  over the weekend. T.Swizz tweeted, “Louisville, I so sorry to have to postpone this show to Oct 11. This is my first time having to do this. I’m so, so sorry.” Unfortunately, her condition hasn’t got any better and she’s had to cancel upcoming shows in Charlotte and Atlanta as well after doctors advised her to rest her lungs.

Taylor’s released a statement to all her fans that reads, “It breaks my heart to miss out on this weekend’s shows with my friends in Charlotte and Atlanta. I would never cancel if I thought I was physically able to perform these shows. I am so sorry to the fans, but I look forward to seeing you when we come back through your towns, which we will do.” Her people have also been giving updates on Taylor’s Facebook Page writing , “Just wanted to update you guys on Taylor’s health. She has bronchitis and although she is getting better, she has been advised by her doctor that she is not well enough to perform this week. Her concert dates in Charlotte and Atlanta have been rescheduled and she plans to resume the Speak Now tour in Montreal. Charlotte will now be November 16. Atlanta will now be October 1 & 2. Thank you for your concern!” Sounds pretty serious. Hugs to you, Taylor! Feel better soon.

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Nicki Minaj Takes To Twitter To Mourn Cousin’s Murder

Our condolences go out to Nicki Minaj and her family this morning. The hip hop starlet announced on Twitter today that her cousin, Nicholas Telamaque, was gunned down outside his Brooklyn home over the holiday weekend. “Lived in Brooklyn his whole life. My precious cousin. My baby. Killed last nite,” she wrote on Twitter, adding, “*My cousin Nicholas. Also goes by Juse, or @brolicalcoholic* Murdered. Last nite. Near his home. Brooklyn,NY.”

Nicki also posted two photos of Nicholas, one of which is above. The NY Post confirms Nicki’s report in their Daily Blotter, with this brief report:

“A man was killed in a barrage of bullets in East Flatbush yesterday, police said. Nicholas Telamaque, 27, was shot five blocks from his home on East 52nd Street and Farragut Road at 2:40 a.m. Cops were called and found him with gunshot wounds to his upper torso. He was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he later died. It is unclear what spurred the violence.”

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Kelly Osbourne Embarrassed At A Music Festival, Isn’t VIP Enough!

This may look like any other photograph of any other celebrating having a chat with a group of friends. Not so much, because the context changes everything! The Wireless festival just got done in London’s Hyde Park yesterday and had everyone from Pulp to The Black Eyed Peas to David Guetta hit the main stages! Of course, celebrities across the pond, turned up to watch. Not all of them were considered VIP though, like Kelly Osbourne! Which is totally weird because apart from being famous herself, musically speaking her father is pretty much in the top echelons of Royalty.

This photograph has Kelly and her chums arguing with the bouncer because he wasn’t letting her into the VIP area. We don’t know why. Maybe her PR didn’t get in touch? Maybe he thought she wasn’t actually Kelly? Maybe he was just in a really bad mood! None of the security guards were allowing her in until Alexa Chung intervened on her behalf and convinced them to let her through. Bet Kelly didn’t expect that to happen to her. How embarrassing!

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Beyonce Surprises Young Fans In Harlem

We’re not just riding on the Beyonce train, we’re the mother-effing conductor. We love Bey something (Sasha) fierce, for both her tunes and the way she connects with her fans, especially the little ones. Who can forget the time she surprised the kids at a school in Harlem in the middle of their Move Your Body workout? We melt just thinking of it.

Yesterday she was back in Harlem, this time at the local Target where kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem were performing to songs off her new album. She walked out onstage and, well, it was a cute overload. As one young fan on the scene told the Washington Post, “She makes me dance, and she makes me feel like having a playdate with her.” We know what you mean, kid.

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Jennifer Lopez: Saying No To Second Season Of Idol?

Hold us. Jennifer Lopez still has not yet decided if she’ll be returning for a second season of American Idol, and from the sound of this interview she did with BBC Radio she may be ditching the show. “I haven’t been forced to make a decision [about returning to the show] and I’m glad about that. I loved it, but I have a lot of other things happening and it’s going to come down to me making a choice of what I want to do for the next year.”

Jennifer earned $12 million for last season alone (excuse us, going to faint now) and the gig seems fairly easy-breezy to us: show up, rock amazing hair, laugh and be really nice to everybody. Popeater hints that J.Lo may be holding out for more cash, and as a result claims producers are already scouring the sea of beloved but kinda washed up pop stars for her replacement. Don’t leave us Jen! We’re totally down with your comeback — as long as you come back to the judge’s chair too!

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Taylor Swift Morphs Into Nicole Kidman On Teen Vogue Cover

You see it too, right? We’re not imagining things? Taylor Swift looks exactly like Nicole Kidman on the August 2011 cover of Teen Vogue. Someone in Hollywood needs to be writing these two a mother-daughter indie drama set in Nashville, stat. The cover story inside has the kind of quotes we’ve come to expect from the blond beauty. You know, stuff like, “I love getting ready: the makeup, the dresses. I write lyrics on my arm for every show,” and this description of her favorite show outfit: “It’s long and sparkly and a total princess dress.”

But when she’s not ODing on twee she also reveals some redeeming things too, like an obsession with the show Teen Mom and the app CatPaint. When she’s not being too precious for words, she’s just like us! Check out more pics at

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Lady Gaga Joins Tumblr, Poised To Become Most Popular Blogger In The World

Microblogging site Tumblr has it’s fair share of celebrities users: Katy Perry, John Mayer, Dianna Agron, Jamie Bower, to name a few. (Not to mention theFABlife and Kate Spencer!) Lady Gaga has now jumped on the blog bandwagon, starting a Tumblr called Amen Fashion. Her inaugural post (see above) was simply a picture of the superstar grabbing her boobs with her claw-like hands. In other words: ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

Every single one of Gaga’s posts have been shared on the site thousands of times in the past 24 hours, which surely means she’s on the fast track to being the most popular Tumblr user ever (she already holds that crown on Twitter) She’s mostly posted photos so far, because, duh — it is a fashion blog, after all. We’re gonna pray to Mother Monster that she posts a shot of ever outfit she wears, like so many other bloggers do. What we wouldn’t give for daily photos of her in her various McQueen mega-heels. That’s why the internet was made, right?

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