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We’re Still Pining for These ’95 Heartthrobs and We Don’t Care Who Knows It

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-Courtney Enlow

There is nothing like an awareness of the passage of time to make us feel old. Like, the fact that the movie Clueless, the song “Gangsta’s Paradise,” and French Toast Crunch cereal are all 20 years old as of this year. You know what else is 20 years old? Your crush on these 1995 teen heartthrobs. Read more…

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Claire Danes Cryface Project Is What The Internet Was Made For

Claire Danes Cryface Project

This is how I know I’m getting too old and slow for the Internet: I put off writing about the Claire Danes Cry Project for a day and already I might have missed the proverbial boat. Maybe not, though — have you become a fan yet? It’s the best thing on Pinterest and Tumblr, if you happen to also be a fan of Claire Danes and the singular face she makes when she’s about to cry onscreen. Or if you happen to hate that face. If you have ever seen a single thing she has ever been in, you know what we’re talking about: the wrinkled chin, the scrunched down eyebrows, a bit of desperation in the eyes. It’s much like the way you can tell a little kid is about to cry. She first broke out heart with the look back when Jordan Catalano refused to commit to Angela Chase in My So-Called Life. She probably overused it a bit in such melodramatic movies as Little Women and Brokedown Palace. We wonder if ex-boyfriend Ben Lee once wrote a song about it. But now she’s getting some Emmy love out of the look as part of her bipolar character on Homeland.

So, if you’ll forgive us for being about 15 hours late on this, we’re going to go watch some clips of Temple Grandin and Princess Mononoke to make our contribution. Hey, even if the latter is animated and was originally voiced by a Japanese actress, we bet Claire retroactively influenced that princess’ chin.

[Photos: Showtime, 20th Century Fox, ABC and Columbia Pictures via The Claire Danes Cry Project]