Natalie Mark

by (@missmuttoo)

Sam Worthington Is A Single Man

We’re not terrible people, so that tiny part of us that’s happy that Sam Worthington is single again? We’re squashing it out as we type. This news also comes as a bit of a surprise to us because he seemed really tight with his girlfriend of three years, Natalie Mark. He even once said that Mark, “keeps me in line”. But a source close to the Avatar actor reveal that the split was a long time coming, saying, “It’s been on the cards for a while, I believe.”

The Daily Telegraph reports that Worthington was definitely not acting like himself at a recent public event. On the G’day red carpet, he got belligerent when event organizers requested him to make an entrance instead of slipping in from the side. He reportedly starting swearing and even hit a photo wall. Easy now, Sam! We know break ups are hard!

His behavior inside was much of the same, making a reckless bid of $50,000 for a four night-stay at an island resort. Well, the auction was a for a good cause—The Queensland Flood Relief—so at least he’s channeling his pain into doing something that’ll increase his positive karma! He probably erased all of it by parting all night at The Chateau Marmont right after, though. Call us, Sam. We’ll make you feel better!

[Photo: Getty Images]