National Metal Day

by (@shalapitcher)

Demi Lovato To Keanu Reeves: 10 Headbangin’ Celebs On National Metal Day

In case you didn’t realize, VH1 Classic has declared today, 11/11/11, National Metal Day. We’re sure we’re not the only ones to blast Mastodon in our headphones while everyone assumes we’re typing away to the sweet sounds of Britney Spears. Not every metalhead wears leather pants, T-shirts and a scowl, right? Over the years, several surprising celebs have come out of the closet as fans of the hard stuff — and not just when those Iron Maiden shirts were really popular at Hot Topic.

Years ago, MTV discovered that Demi Lovato was a serious fan of black metallers Dimmu Borgir among other groups we’re sure never appeared on Radio Disney. Kat Dennings likes to tweet about knitting while listening to metal. This 10-minute video of a tipsy Kelly Clarkson rocking out onstage at a Metal Skool show in 2006 is truly endearing. And only one celeb has actually toured with Ozzfest — Ms. Jada Pinkett Smith. Check out the other headbanging A-listers in the gallery!

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Also, head over to VH1 Tuner to see pics of metal gods being very unmetal and read Top 20 Countdown host Jim Shearer’s account of his Big 4 Metal Moments.
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