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Weezy Gets Denied Entrance To Thunder Playoffs Game — What Could Have Happened?

Lil Wayne Says He Wasn't Allowed Into the OKC Game

Lil Wayne doesn’t like anyone coming between him and his NBA courtside seats. According to the New Orleans syrup sipping rapper, he was denied entrance into the Spurs vs. Thunder game in Oklahoma City on Memorial Day weekend. He tweeted his frustrations saying, “Was going to go to the Thunder game tonight but was denied by the team to be in their arena. Wow. Smh. Go Spurs!” That’s great sportsmanship, Wayne. When you don’t get your way switch your support to the other team. That’s mature.

Although a rep for OKC released a statement saying Weezy wasn’t denied, rather he didn’t get in because he didn’t have a ticket, Wayne says last night he was treated horribly, again, by OKC. He tweeted, “Again I was treated like sh!t by the Thunder arena staff…dam..I hope da Heat beat da dog sh!t out em!!” Oh, Weezy F. Baby. We don’t know whether to believe Wayne or the team’s rep at this point, but we have a few theories on the rather strange coincidence of Wayne having two “bad” experiences with OKC. Read more…