How NYC Has Changed Since Phil Jackson Was Last Here

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The New York Knicks don’t look so good this NBA season but everyone in the city is holding onto hope that they can turn things around next year, and now, they certainly have reason to. Last month, Phil Jackson was appointed President of the basketball organization. That’s right, PHIL JACKSON. The legend. The icon. The guy who won 11 championship rings in his time coaching superstars like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal, and two as a player himself…for the Knicks. But things have changed in the 36 years since Jackson was last associated with the team, and we’re not even talking about sports.

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Is Kobe Bryant Hooking Up With Aussie Swimmer Stephanie Rice At The Olympics?

Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice might not be going home with a medal, but she may have snagged herself an NBA star at the London Olympics! The three-time gold medalist was seen catching the Woman’s Cycling yesterday with L.A. Laker and Team USA basketball player Kobe Bryant. Witnesses say that the two were laughing and cozying up to one another in the stands, and tabloids are screaming that these two are now an item. We’re know there’s a breast stroke joke in there, but we’ve decided that we’re better than that.

The athletes were introduced several weeks ago, and Stephanie tweeted a picture of the meeting with the caption “First piccy with a “star” going to be hard to beat… Kobe.” They even went so far as to present each other with gifts. Stephanie gave him two of her swim caps, and Kobe apparently gave her a pair of sneakers that he hilariously signed “To Stephanie. Be epic.” 5th and 4th place respectively in the Woman’s 200M Semifinals and Finals might not qualify as “epic,” but it’s still good enough for Kobe because they’re still hanging out.

Who knows the reality of their relationship, as his ex-wife Vanessa is also in town with their children. Considering the two still occasionally kiss, this might not be the best time for some Olympian-on-Olympian action. But then again, what do we know? Stephanie, for  her part, was linked to a guy called Michael Phelps (heard of him?) when they were both competing at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. We guess she has a thing for champs? Or maybe it’s  just realllllllly tall dudes.

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The 15 Sexiest Ballers Of The NBA Playoffs

It’s NBA Playoff season – aka The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for those of us who love to oogle at arm muscles and guys with legs as long as tree trunks. We’ve handpicked fifteen of our favorite lanky ballers who make the games that much more enjoyable for us to watch. Check out our picks below and feel free to foul us if we’ve missed your favorite. See what we did there? We made a basketball reference! Proof that we’re not just watching because we like the eye candy…though it sure doesn’t hurt!

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Someone Feed LeBron James A Slice Of Humble Pie STAT

As if the saga surrounding which team NBA star LeBron James will join couldn’t get anymore disgustingly reminiscent of Brett Favre’s yearly antics, ESPN revealed LeBron will conduct his own show on their channel in a one hour special airing at 9PM tonight. Oh, sorry did we make a wrong turn down egotistical lane? Who does he think he is? The president?

It was cute when Betty White made a plea for Lebron to stay in Cleveland and it was even worth a chuckle when Rachel Ray begged LeBron to come to New York, but taking it to the extreme and being given his own hour-long segment called “The Decision” (how horribly dramatic and Jersey Shore-esque, no?) is basically like wrapping the entire NBA up and tying it in a big, shiny, golden bow for him.

Let’s break it down together: a one-sentence announcement should only take ten seconds, right? We thought so, but hey, we could be wrong so let’s practice: “After much thought, I have decided to join the [insert team].” Oops! We were wrong, it took less than ten seconds! So what the #$%*&@! does he need his own one hour show for?!

Dearest LeBron (no, we will not call you “King”), we don’t care how great of an athlete you are. After you make “The Decision” just stick to basketball games, press conferences and interviews. Oh, and don’t even think about doing a reality show, leave those to Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.


NBA Star Jayson Williams Fractures Neck, Charged With DWI


Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams hasn’t had an easy retirement. The former New Jersey Nets player faced reckless manslaughter charges for the shooting death of his limousine driver in 2002, and in November he was sentenced to 3 years in prison. In early 2009 he was tasered by the NYPD after reports that he became suicidal and violent. Now it’s reported that Williams fractured his neck in a car crash on the FDR Drive in Manhattan.

Williams will face drunk driving charges for the wreck. It was reported that authorities found Williams in the passenger seat and that he claimed someone else was driving, although witnesses report that no one else was in the car. He also refused a breathalyzer at the scene. Williams is now being held in the prison ward at Bellevue Hospital. [Photo: GettyImages]