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NBC Drops Bill Cosby Sitcom Due To Sexual Assault Allegations


The fallout from rape allegations against Bill Cosby continues. According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has canceled a family comedy starring the 77-year-old actor. Although the show didn’t yet have a final script, many speculate that Netflix “postponing” its Thanksgiving special with the former Cosby Show star may have helped push NBC to its decision.

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Netflix To Stream All 10 Seasons of Friends Starting on New Year’s Day

Friends fanatics will be extremely pleased to hear that Netflix just announced they will stream all 10 seasons of Friends starting January 1, 2015. Buy some champagne and make sure your Internet is working now, because there will be nothing better than ringing in the New Year with your trusted companions Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey. Let the binge-watching begin!

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James Gandolfini Netflix Guide: Films To Stream This Weekend

James Gandolfini

James Gandolfini‘s final film opens this weekend. Written by Dennis Lehane, The Drop, is a crime drama starring Tom Hardy and multiple pitbulls, and has been getting strong reviews after premiering at the Toronto Film Festival. After the actor’s sudden death in 2013 we’ve spent the past year celebrating the abundance of memorable film and television roles he left us with — many of which you can watch by simply logging into your Netflix account. Read more…

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Like The Giver? Here Are the Best Book-to-Film Adaptations Currently Streaming on Netflix


Opening this weekend is the big screen adaptation of Lois Lowry’s The Giver. The 1993 Young Adult novel has quickly become a favorite among readers in the 20 years since it’s been published. While the adaptation is getting mixed reviews, there have been a number of stellar film adaptations that have surpassed readers’ expectations. With that in mind, we oriented our Netflix streaming guide around the best of book-to-film transformations. Read more…

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A Guide To the Best Romantic Comedies Streaming on Netflix

Clueless: Cher and Josh

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We’re always looking for a good romantic comedy, be it for a movie night with friends or a rainy Sunday afternoon in solitude. In recent years the output has been bleak — will anyone admit to seeing Gigli, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, or The Ugly Truth? — but we can’t help but hope and pray that soon an adorable on-screen couple will whisk us away to a land of meet-cutes and apartment parties in a tidy 90 minutes. Read more…

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A Guide To Every Philip Seymour Hoffman Movie Streaming on Netflix

Philip Seymour Hoffman

It’s been nearly six months since Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose, and yet his presence is still heavily felt throughout Hollywood. In addition to a lengthy and acclaimed filmography, the Academy Award winner kept up a busy work schedule until the time of his death. He had three films slated for 2014 release: John Slattery‘s directorial debut, God’s Pocket, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, and A Most Wanted Man. Read more…

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Your Netflix Original Content Viewing Guide


With Ricky Gervais’ Derek debuting today on Netflix, it’s obvious the service is staying in the original programming game. And as other series like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black get tons of buzz, you might wonder what streaming gems will whet your appetite. Check out our guide to Netflix’s content and which television shows you should be watching after you finish your favorite original series.

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