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What Happened To Coach On New Girl?! And Other TV Pilot Mysteries

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We all love watching TV, there’s no denying it. We relish those minutes (or hours) in front of the screen because they let us completely tune out the world. In just a 30-minute episode, we’re transported to a new reality, and it’s oh-so refreshing. Our personal drama, work stress and  roommate issues instantly evaporate and it’s cloud 9 for the night. But what happens when the TV show you’re falling madly in love with deceives you? What happens when you watch a pilot episode and then BOOM! The following episode is completely different. It’s heartbreaking. Read more…

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Merritt Wever, Best Emmy Speech Giver, Wasn’t Even That Nervous On Sunday

“Thanks so much. Thank you so much. I gotta go. Bye.” We’re pretty sure Outstanding Supporting Actress winner Merritt Wever will be forever remembered for her awesomely short acceptance speech at the Emmys on Sunday night. The actress has been amusing Nurse Jackie fans for years as enthusiastic nurse Zoey Barkow — enough for her to beat out such faves as Sofia Vergara and Jane Krakowski. And her charm has made her New Girl character Elizabeth a very credible rival of model CeCe’s for Schmidt’s heart. Before her big win, our own Kate Spencer talked to Merritt on the red carpet.
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Hannah’s Q-Tip! Walt’s Ricin Vial! The Unsung Inanimate Objects We Feel Deserve Emmys

Game of Thrones New Girl The Waking Dead

We’re all for the Emmys awarding the living, breathing humans who make our favorite shows so spectacular — but what about the the unsung heroes? The mega-memorable props that get no love?  Check out TV’s 10 most award-worthy inanimate objects!

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Bottoms Up! Jake Johnson And Olivia Wilde Got Drunk On “Real Beer” In Drinking Buddies

There’s something almost too accurate about Drinking Buddies, the new film from mumblecore king Joe Swanberg. The movie does a wonderful job exploring the simmering (and sometimes awkward) sexual tension between two brewery co-workers, played by Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde. All the drunk conversations and inebriated, awkward moments just felt a bit too authentic, too close to conversations we’ve had after tossing back a pint or 10. And now we know the reason why!

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Sex, Sharks, And Girls: 10 Emmy-Worthy Performances Too Good To Ignore


The 2013 Emmy Award nominations will be announced bright and early tomorrow morning, which means we’ll soon have the pleasure of knowing who to root for come September and what to immediately start complaining about on Twitter. Assuming some of the performances we’ve been most fond of won’t be recognized by the Academy, here are a few of our favorite moments from the past year on the tube worthy of both industry hardware and your undying love.

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How Did Jess And Nick’s First Kiss On New Girl Stack Up To These 10 Monumental TV First Kisses?

Nick and Jess kiss on New Girl
We’ve been on our death bed all day, trying to recover from Nick and Jess’s first kiss on New Girl last night. Could that kiss have been any better? On one hand, dear God, no. The heavy breathing? The two small kisses at the end? We aren’t made of stone here, people! On the other hand, there is nothing more gratifying than a long-awaited TV kiss, and there have been a number of shows who absolutely killed it. How do Nick and Jess compare to, say, a Sam and Diane? A Damon and Elena? A Pam and Jim? Using our totally objective (read: highly personal) opinions, let’s see how their first smooch stacked up to the epic TV first kisses that came before:

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New Girl’s Nick And Jess Kiss: Why Jake Johnson Never Saw It Coming

Sorry if you haven’t watched this week’s New Girl yet, but Fox has been promoting this thing all week long, so get out of your cave already! Just halfway into season two of the Fox comedy, Zooey Deschanel’s Jess and Jake Johnson’s Nick shared a super-steamy lip lock at the end of the episode, deceptively called “Cooler.” At first, I screamed, “Noooooo!” — worried that it meant an early resolution to the will-they-or-won’t they tension between the roommates, which can sometimes be the kiss of death for a show. But after reading executive producer Liz Meriweather’s interview with the Hollywood Reporter, my fears are mostly allayed. She felt like a drawn-out tease wouldn’t work in this situation. “I just think it doesn’t correspond to real-life relationships, especially for people the ages of the characters on New Girl, because they are so complicated these days,” she explained. “And I don’t think a kiss means a relationship is going to happen. I don’t think bringing two characters together takes away story possibility; I think it adds a lot of story possibility. Keeping them apart, at this point, felt more fake then bringing them together for me.”
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New Girl Fashion Cap “Cabin”: Give Me The Boom Stick!

So Jess and Sam invited Nick and Angie to a cabin for a couples’ weekend on New Girl tonight, even though no one in their right mind would ever do such a thing, especially without Winston and Schmidt. For shame. While we were obsessed with Jess’s woodland beauty, we have to pay homage to Winston’s faux crack memory before we get into the fashionings:

Winston: I remember when I was a kid, me, my mom, and her mom, and, well, her mom and then her mom and of course her mom and then my little cousin Peanut. It all went back to that flaming trash can where we would sit around and harmonize, just “Shoo-oop!” One of those nights I remember, we ran out of crack. I would grab my scarf and run down the the liquor store where thugs hung out and try to get a good deal on some crack. They would give me a good price, but I’ll tell you what. There’s not thing like the feel of a fire, a fresh-baked cookie and the sweet, sweet taste of crack in your lungs.”


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A Totally Objective Guide To The Best Shipped Relationships Of 2012

After watching Spider-Man: The Animated Series in 1997, we decided Venom and Mary Jane Watson were actually a better couple than Mary Jane and Spider-Man, and we haven’t looked back since. In case you’re new to the Internet, pretty much every TV show, movie or otherwise fictional couple has a huge fan base swooning over their relationship. It might be a well-established couple or the characters might have met once to sign for a UPS package, it doesn’t matter. Someone is obsessed with them declaring their eternal love. This is a phenomenon known as shipping, and it is 75% of the reason anyone even knows about Twilight.

Maybe we just spent too much time on Tumblr over the last twelve months (we really, really did!), but 2012 seemed like a year where shipping was front and center. From New Girl to Sherlock, everywhere we looked shippers were building onto the fictional universes they loved, mostly with smooching. So we decided to pay homage to the most passionately shipped relationships of this year as part of our Best of 2012. Don’t see your favorite couple? We probably just didn’t know about them yet, so inform us in the comments! 2013 is almost upon us and we want to feel that Venom/Mary Jane feeling again!

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Golden Globes Nominations: History, Spies, Salmon … And A Few Girls For Good Measure

the 2013 Golden Globe nominations were announced

With Jessica Alba, Ed Helms and Megan Fox announcing the nominees for the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, we thought maybe there would be a few more unconventional choices this year. But alas, there was not a single Magic Mike nomination in sight. Instead, historical fare like Lincoln, Argo and Django Unchained led the pack on the movie side, while Game Change and Homeland took over on TV. With Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook dominating the comedy/musical categories, we’re kind of leaving it up to the older ladies of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel — and Jack Black — to make this a less serious occasion. Also, apparently we need to check out Salmon Fishing in Yemen, since that little-seen Ewan McGregor/Emily Blunt flick nabbed a few nods (and we’re trying not to hold Beasts of the Southern Wild’s snub against it). But we are happy that New Girl, Girls, Downton Abbey and Nashville are bringing some awesome girl power to the event, which will be appropriately hosted by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey on January 15. Check out the full list of nominees below.

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Best Picture, Drama
Django Unchained
Life of Pi
Zero Dark Thirty

Best Motion Picture – Comedy Or Musical
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Les Miserables
Moonrise Kingdom
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen
Silver Linings Playbook

Best Director
Ben Affleck, Argo
Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty
Ang Lee, Life of Pi
Steven Spielberg, Lincoln
Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained

Best Actor, Musical or Comedy
Jack Black, Bernie
Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook
Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables
Ewan MCGregor, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Bill Murray, Hyde Park on Hudson

Best Actress, Musical or Comedy
Emily Blunt, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Judi Dench, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
Maggie Smith, Quartet
Meryl Streep, Hope Springs
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