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Ranking The Fashions From The Hills Alumni: Which Clothing Line Do You Like Best?

More than trips to Paris and mascara tears, The Hills will be remembered for its connection to fashion. Not only did we covet the going-out tops and high heels Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, and Co. would sport during the work day or late nights out at Les Deux, we watched as they followed their dreams at FIDM, Teen Vogue, People’s Revolution, and beyond. Which means it’s not entirely out of left field that three years after the finale, three of the show’s protagonists have clothing lines of their own.

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Kristin Cavallari Is Done With Reality TV

Kristin Cavallari tells Janell Snowden of VH1 News that she does not miss reality television. As we all know, the actress and designer became famous as the mean girl on Laguna Beach and later on The Hills when she took over for Lauren Conrad. While she admits that she had a lot of fun starring on the two shows, she’s done with that world of entertainment.

“I definitely don’t want to do it again,” admits Cavallari backstage at Junk Food presents NFL/Elements Curated by Kristin Cavallari runway show during New York Fashion Week.

Cavallari also says she did not see the alternate ending of The Hills (sad face), which aired during MTV’s Retro Mania programming block in July. The ending, which Cavallari did not see, shows Brody saying goodbye to Kristin before returning to his apartment where LC was waiting. (Gasp! Watch it all here.)

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40 Celebs Thinking Very Hard About New York Fashion Week

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You don’t have to give us the whole Miranda Priestly speech to remind us that what happens on the runway really does affect our everyday lives. But then again, when you look through these photos of Rihanna, Martha Stewart, Christina Hendricks, Kerry Washington, Justin Bieber, Kanye West and other famous folks in the front row of the Spring 2014 shows at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, you wouldn’t be blamed if you thought these were people watching a life-saving surgery, or a lecture on pre-emptive military strikes.
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VH1 Lives Through Fashion Week – Here’s What We’ll Be Buying In 2013

Alas! Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is over, but its looks will guide our closets bravely into fall. True, there are some trends we will happily live without. (Seriously designers, what is with the fur? We are not living in the Game of Thrones nor do we have any desire to drape ourselves in dead animals.) But there are many others that we can’t wait to rock. Read more…

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Ryan Lochte Tells Us What He Looks For In A Girl, And In A Fashion Accessory

We’re still not sure if Ryan Lochte is actually dating Miss USA Olivia Culpo or if the two are just enjoying each other’s company enormously during New York Fashion Week. What we do know, thanks to an interview with E! and another VH1 News’ Janell Snowden, is that she seems like his ideal woman.

“I want a girl that can actually take care of herself that’s not always looking for me to take care of them, they can hold their own,” he told VH1. “And if a girl can make me laugh and smile, because that’s what life is all about is just having fun, so if a girl can do that to me, I’m sold.”

And you may recall that his words to E! about Olivia included mentions of her “great sense of humor” and how impressed he was that she won Miss USA after just a year of participating in pageants. It’s meant to be!

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Meanwhile, after seeing Ryan out and about at the shows all week long, sporting various forms of subdued, casual menswear, we wonder what fashion item gives him the most confidence when he heads out into the world. One of those great leather jackets he’s been wearing? That grill? His Speedo? Nope. “My watch,” he told Janell, showing off his blingy Breitling. “I designed this. I got it custom-made with black diamonds.” And how much does that bit of confidence set you back? “About 60 grand.”

Olivia, if you ever want a break from making Ryan laugh, we’re next in line. Here’s a closer look at that watch: Read more…

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Bethenny Frankel, 25 Other Celebrities Really Love Clothing At New York Fashion Week

So Bethenny Frankel likes her clothes, you guys. A lot. When we interviewed her at New York Fashion Week, the Real Housewives star spoke about her wardrobe in the same awestruck tone that people speak about their children, significant other, or God. According to her, it’s been her primary motivator in life, and is the reason she’s done pretty much everything done, ever.

“My closet is a shrine to be prayed to,” she says. “I waited 40 and a half years for that closet. Everything I’ve ever done, ever cocktail I’ve ever swilled and hawked. Every piece of shape-wear I’ve ever sewn was all to get to the point where I have the closet that I now have.” Wow. What else can you say to that, really? But the outspoken Skinnygirl spokes-lady wasn’t done.  “People are coming out of the closet? I want to go back in the closet!”

So there you have it: this lady devoted her life to clothes. But even more importantly, what couture would she rather die than wear? “I wouldn’t be caught dead in Aladdin pants, those Sinbad pants. I wouldn’t be caught dead in acid wash.” She also admits a weakness for a certain fashion no-no. “I am often caught dead in a camel toe. As much as I try to avoid it, and as much as I love a jumpsuit, camel toe is my best friend.” We’re going to take some time come to terms with the fact that we just typed that. In the meantime, you should head down to the gallery below and see more familiar faces who hit up New York Fashion Week!

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Ryan Lochte Sounds Totally Smitten With Miss USA Olivia Culpo At Fashion Week

Ryan Lochte, Venus Williams and Olivia Culpo

Since Ryan Lochte is planning to launch his own fashion line soon, it makes sense that he’s all over the runway shows of New York Fashion Week. But now we’re kind of wondering how much he’s actually studying the fashion and how much he’s studying the ladies near him in the front row. But that’s his job too now, right? His antics with Prince Harry practically proved he’s ready to be American royalty, and thus we are obsessed with matching him up. How fitting, then, that the latest object of his attention appears to be Miss USA herself, Olivia Culpo. The pair were first spotted together last week, at a show for Evening Sherri Hill, and later that night at 1Oak. “We just met last week, so I can’t say anything for that, but he’s a good guy,” she told reporters.

But Ryan was even more effusive about the beauty queen when E! caught up with him yesterday, when he was again snapped in the front row with Olivia. “She is beautiful. I love hanging out with her. She has a great sense of humor, she makes me laugh, she’s just a good girl to hang out with,” he said. “She was telling me yesterday that she had never done a pageant until like a year ago, and now she’s Miss USA. She’s got something.”

Wow, those were a lot of words coming from the notoriously brief interviewee, which means either he’s getting better at this, or he’s in loooove.

And in other news, he made some great faces with Tyra Banks

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Swizz Beatz’s Baby Egypt Is Too Cool For School And For New York Fashion Week

Swizz Beatz brings son Egypt to Fashion Week

We’ve been to New York Fashion Week, and we spent most of these experience being scared out of our damn minds, worried that our outfit was as out of style as a powdered blue leisure suit and that we’d be spat at by uber hip dudes in front of fancy models and assorted celebrities. Thankfully this did not happen, but it was still pretty nerve wracking. But little Egypt Dean didn’t seemed to mind it much that much. In fact, he seems right at home!

The little tyke showed up with dad Swizz Beatz for a front row seat at the Jeremy Scott show at Milk Studio last night. With his sweet tie-dye kicks and too-cool sunglasses, the kid could have been on the runway himself. He even found time to chat up Paris Hilton, before checking his (maybe his dad’s) iPhone. Stock prices, perhaps? Or maybe he was sending a quick email to his mom Alicia Keys. Man, we wish we possessed the self confidence of this one-year-old. You rock that pacifier, kid! Check out all the cuteness and coolness in the gallery below!

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Kanye, Kim And Ko. Catch The Marchesa Show At Fashion Week, Tyra’s Hair Takes Over

Celebrities At Marchesa Show, Fashion Week

The Marchesa show was always going to be a big draw since it’s such a celebrity favourite. We were hoping for a couple more A-Listers, but hey, Fashion Week’s such a packed schedule that this lot is just fine. Kanye West, check. Kim Kardashian, looking strangely like Big Bird, check! Tyra Banks … check. But hold up. That smizing is really beginning to freak us out. Like … this is something right out of The Exorcist now. That — and her hair. What can we say about her hair? We can’t. We’ll just let you gaze in wonder at the photograph below.

Tyra Banks At Marchesa Show

Yeah. That. It is unreal. It goes beyond volume. And it’s as if she’s smizing right at us! How much more perfect could it get? Others present at the show were a ladylike Stacy Keibler, a very excited Sarah Hyland, a casual chic Rachel Roy, a retro-looking Jenna Dewan and Michelle Trachtenberg who looked like her Gossip Girl character, Georgina Sparks in sunglasses. Check them all out in the gallery below. Werk!

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Adam Lambert Shows Off His New Grey Hair At Fashion Week

Adam Lambert Shows Off Grey Hair At Fashion Week

Well, hello there. Grey hair is fashionable again? If Adam Lambert‘s doing it, then it must be. The Glambert was all over Fashion Week in New York yesterday showing off his new ‘do. He rocked that stylin’ black-and-white ensemble you see on the left at Indian designer’s, Shane and Falguni Peacock’s showcase, sitting front row, of course. And then he decided to hang out with … Paris Hilton. Who was very blond, very cleavage-y, and in a very tight dress, which basically translates into: same old, same old. The duo were at The Blonds show at NYC Milk Studio, and Lambert decided to go for a much stronger look. He totally overshadowed Hilton with his strong, highlighted brows and smoky kohled eyes. An all-black ensemble with a leather jacket and gloves completed the look. We know he doesn’t have that hair for his guest role on the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. Yeah, remember that? He’s going to be giving a performance on train. Wonder what that’s about! And he’s not just singing once, but will have two songs on the episode. Can’t wait to catch the episode. And we can’t wait to see more of him glamming up the big city. Somewhere, Kelly Osbourne is screaming, “SEE, I told you grey hair was in!”

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