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Swizz Beatz’s Baby Egypt Is Too Cool For School And For New York Fashion Week

Swizz Beatz brings son Egypt to Fashion Week

We’ve been to New York Fashion Week, and we spent most of these experience being scared out of our damn minds, worried that our outfit was as out of style as a powdered blue leisure suit and that we’d be spat at by uber hip dudes in front of fancy models and assorted celebrities. Thankfully this did not happen, but it was still pretty nerve wracking. But little Egypt Dean didn’t seemed to mind it much that much. In fact, he seems right at home!

The little tyke showed up with dad Swizz Beatz for a front row seat at the Jeremy Scott show at Milk Studio last night. With his sweet tie-dye kicks and too-cool sunglasses, the kid could have been on the runway himself. He even found time to chat up Paris Hilton, before checking his (maybe his dad’s) iPhone. Stock prices, perhaps? Or maybe he was sending a quick email to his mom Alicia Keys. Man, we wish we possessed the self confidence of this one-year-old. You rock that pacifier, kid! Check out all the cuteness and coolness in the gallery below!

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Kanye, Kim And Ko. Catch The Marchesa Show At Fashion Week, Tyra’s Hair Takes Over

Celebrities At Marchesa Show, Fashion Week

The Marchesa show was always going to be a big draw since it’s such a celebrity favourite. We were hoping for a couple more A-Listers, but hey, Fashion Week’s such a packed schedule that this lot is just fine. Kanye West, check. Kim Kardashian, looking strangely like Big Bird, check! Tyra Banks … check. But hold up. That smizing is really beginning to freak us out. Like … this is something right out of The Exorcist now. That — and her hair. What can we say about her hair? We can’t. We’ll just let you gaze in wonder at the photograph below.

Tyra Banks At Marchesa Show

Yeah. That. It is unreal. It goes beyond volume. And it’s as if she’s smizing right at us! How much more perfect could it get? Others present at the show were a ladylike Stacy Keibler, a very excited Sarah Hyland, a casual chic Rachel Roy, a retro-looking Jenna Dewan and Michelle Trachtenberg who looked like her Gossip Girl character, Georgina Sparks in sunglasses. Check them all out in the gallery below. Werk!

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Adam Lambert Shows Off His New Grey Hair At Fashion Week

Adam Lambert Shows Off Grey Hair At Fashion Week

Well, hello there. Grey hair is fashionable again? If Adam Lambert‘s doing it, then it must be. The Glambert was all over Fashion Week in New York yesterday showing off his new ‘do. He rocked that stylin’ black-and-white ensemble you see on the left at Indian designer’s, Shane and Falguni Peacock’s showcase, sitting front row, of course. And then he decided to hang out with … Paris Hilton. Who was very blond, very cleavage-y, and in a very tight dress, which basically translates into: same old, same old. The duo were at The Blonds show at NYC Milk Studio, and Lambert decided to go for a much stronger look. He totally overshadowed Hilton with his strong, highlighted brows and smoky kohled eyes. An all-black ensemble with a leather jacket and gloves completed the look. We know he doesn’t have that hair for his guest role on the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. Yeah, remember that? He’s going to be giving a performance on train. Wonder what that’s about! And he’s not just singing once, but will have two songs on the episode. Can’t wait to catch the episode. And we can’t wait to see more of him glamming up the big city. Somewhere, Kelly Osbourne is screaming, “SEE, I told you grey hair was in!”

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Katie Holmes’ Style Line Set To Drop At NY Fashion Week, Here’s 10 More Celebrity Designers

Katie Holmes is sticking to her passion for fashion through her very public divorce from Tom Cruise. So much so that a spokesperson from Holmes’ brand, Holmes & Yang, announced that they will be putting on a presentation during New York Fashion Week in September of this year. This is Holmes & Yang’s debut at New York Fashion Week and they will be showcasing their spring collection. It seems like more celebs than we can count have dabbled in the fashion industry along with being musical artists or actors. Gwen Stefani with her punk rock L.A.M.B line and of course Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with their high fashion design line, The Row. Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Coco, and Victoria Beckham are also no strangers to the world of fashion. These multi-talented go-getters show their spunk, individuality, and sequins (of course, Coco) in their designs. Head down the gallery below to see what they’ve come up with for the catwalk!

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How Cobra Starship Wound Up Glamping With Tommy Hilfiger: A Love Story

A fabulously well dressed family heads out into the New Mexican wilderness for a weekend of “glamping” (glam camping), all while being serenaded by an amped-up dance band from Manhattan. Nope, it’s not the premise of a new VH1 reality program, but the runway show for Tommy Hilfiger’s spring 2012 line at Lincoln Center last week. The production was hosted for American Express Cardmembers, and brought to life the fictitious “all-American Hilfiger” family, strutting to the tunes of Cobra Starship.

It certainly isn’t a stretch to picture CS in the fashion world. “You’ve gotta be creative but have a social, business mindset,” lead singer Gabe Saporta notes, before adding that both he and guitarist Ryland Blackinton date women who work in the fashion industry. But that doesn’t mean they’ve always been blessed with dead-on style sense. Some of their early looks were dead on arrival! “Early on [in our career] we embraced a Day-Glo neon, retina-burning color palette. We looked like Harajuku girls.”

So how did these guys hook up with the king of prepster style at New York Fashion Week? We were lucky enough to get backstage at Lincoln Center and ask Hilfiger himself. “Rock music has influenced me forever, since I started my brand when I was a teen. In high school I wanted to be a rock star,” he admitted, though sadly, music wasn’t where his talent lay. “But I knew I could look like a rock star!” This love of music continues to imbue his work to this day. “I’ve always wrapped my brand around pop culture. We’re the first designer company ever to sponsor rock tours,” he told us proudly.  In many ways, it helps keep the 60-year-old young, and he counts himself a fan of the very youthful electro-pop-rock sound of Saporta and company. “I love their music,” he gushed.

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Ashlee Simpson Gushes About Becoming An Auntie, Bonding With Big Sis Jessica

While chatting it up about life and rocking an absolutely adorbs ensemble at the Rock & Republic for Kohl’s Show at New York Fashion Week, Ashlee Simpson squealed her excitement about becoming an auntie. “I can’t wait for that!” she exclaimed. Ash admits to being a great sister to mom-to-be Jessica Simpson all throughout her pregnancy.

Even though Jessica may be older,  lil sis Ashlee definitely has one up on her when it comes to motherhood. She gave birth to her son Bronx Mowgli back in 2008. We know she’s been offering Jess the love and support she needs, including lots of low key hang out seshes as the due date grows ever closer. Check out the video below to see Ashlee’s enthusiasm yourself. Who’s ready for Auntie Ashlee? We sure are!

If hearing Ashlee gush over her big sis isn’t enough, here’s 10 pics of Jessica looking absolutely pretty in pregnancy!

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Celebs Spill the Highs and Lows of New York Fashion Week

Gossip Girl here…just kidding! But Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, and Penn Badgley were all over New York Fashion Week showing off their threads and sharing the mania, competition, and definite fashion don’ts with VH1. “There’s lots of music pumping in rooms you can’t get in to and then you find the free bar and you drink free drinks,” Penn revealed. While Penn chased the booze and bass, Ed compared backstage to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as the rooms seem to get smaller while more and more fashionistas and fashionisters pack themselves in.

Celebs admitted the lengths they go to to pump up the volume in competition with other fashion-forward celebs. Maria Menudos shared the number of make-up and hair changes she endured to maintain her coiffed look. Let me tell you, it’s more than one change. A LOT more! As if the buzzing energy of parties, drinks, music, and new looks don’t keep Lincoln Center jumping, celebs bug out about their personal fashion don’ts that just may be in this season. Leighton claimed, “I don’t think anyone wants to see me in stretch leggings.” As if! Check out the video below to find out what other en vogue celebs had to say about New York Fashion Week.

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Taylor Momsen Gives Herself A Marchesa Makeunder For Fashion Week

Taylor Momsen! A nude pump? That shoe doesn’t have nearly enough buckles! Nor is it even made out of Lucite! We don’t know what to think about the former Gossip Girl star’s makeunder, which she debuted at the Marchesa show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Plaza Hotel today. If anything, we though New York Fashion Week would  have been the perfect place to show off Taylor’s signature style, a.k.a. shredded t-shirts, an exposed garter belt and a look of utter disgust in humanity. No wonder the Pretty Reckless frontwoman looks like a beautiful dear in a set of fabulous headlights. At least Momen kept her smoky eye. Or…couldn’t figure out how to scrape it off.

Check out the exclusive vid below for more stars sounding off on Fashion Week fun and faux pas!

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New York Fashion Week: What’s In It For The Celebs?

This was my first year ever actually attending New York Fashion Week, and though I only attended a couple of shows (little obstacles like Whitney Houston and the Grammys), it was exhausting! I mean, looking at the fashion is great fun, but there’s a lot of shuffling around to and from the venues, wondering where you’re supposed to be, shoving yourself between people’s outlandish fur coats and giant bags, and worrying that someone who matters will think you’re wearing something hideous. That may just be my own neurosis. Anyway, for the fashion editors, photographers, models, designers and millions of employees who make their shows happen (the ironing, the lint-rolling, the getting models water while they’re getting their makeup done, the escorting of clueless bloggers through the backstage area), Fashion Week is a lot of work. But all so many people (us) seem to care about is which actors and reality TV stars are sitting in the front row. Oh well. Anyway, when I went to the Alice + Olivia presentation on Monday night, I asked a few celebrities what they got out of going to the shows.

Ahna O’Reilly, who’s been on all sorts of red carpets this year after co-starring in The Help, was enjoying her first ever Fashion Week. “If I could wear any of the clothes that I’ve seen today I would be a lucky girl,” she said, wide-eyed. “Before today, my experience with fashion was Project Runway, so I kind of feel like I am living my fantasy.”

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Kristin Chenoweth
and Jennifer Aspen, who star in the upcoming comedy GCB together, have been photographed at practically every single show this week. And they had a very good reason: “You have to understand something: We are in love,” Aspen said. “We are it’s a little weird,” Chenoweth agreed.
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Theophilus London Claims Heidi Klum As His “New Boo,” Becomes Don Juan Of Fashion Week

When Theophilus London isn’t calling Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman a gremlin and covering it up, the flashy Brooklyn rapper is making a move for all kinds of ladies, including Seal’s soon-to-be ex-wife Heidi Klum. On Wednesday, at the amfAR New York Gala kicking of Fall 2012 Fashion Week, Theophilus took to Twitter to show off his “new boo.” He tweeted:

An hour later, Theophilus tweeted how he planned to “chill” with the German supermodel. As if one hot mama isn’t enough, Theophilus snagged photos with Janelle Monae and Dina Lohan (hotness is relative here) while at the gala. That night, he tweeted his photo alongside a photo of Angela Simmons on the red carpet. As if Theophilus hasn’t put his stamp on Fashion Week and its female attendees, the alternative hip-hop playboy also “curated” the music at Rebecca Minkoff’s fall/winter fashion show today at 3 p.m. while “the babes” walked the runway. “Guests are LOVING the combination of live music and exquisite design,” the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Twitter said. And the designer herself seemed pleased, posting a photo and writing, “Dying over @TheophilusL at soundcheck. Holy Sh+T!!!!!”

Seems like Heidi might have some competition!

Lindsay Lohan’s Bangs, Solo Heidi Klum Kick Off Fashion Week With amFAR Gala
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