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Vampire Diaries Star Kat Graham Is “All About The Ass”

Kat Graham and her date Perez Hilton did their darndest to blind us on the red carpet of the NewNowNext Awards last week: Perez with his brand-new abs and Kat with the blingiest corset we’ve ever seen. The two were actually in matching outfits from The Blonds. “It’s very Britney/Justin 2000,” the Vampire Diaries star said of their matching outfit. “That [denim] was iconic. He had the cowboy hat, we have diamonds and studs.”

Kat has certainly been enjoying showing off her curves as she promotes her new single, “Put Your Graffiti on Me.” “I’m all about the sexy part of you,” she told us. “It’s all about the ass in this dress. I think it’s going well so far.”

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Glambert Rocks Red Carpet Pumps As An Homage To “All The Queens Here”

Only at the NewNowNext Awards red carpet would a blond-streaked pompadour and giant wedge boots be considered business casual. But seeing as how he’s sharing the carpet with the fashion courageousness of  Eden Wood and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Sharon Needles and Latrice Royale (in addition to so many over-the-top others), Adam Lambert knows that the eyeliner and heels he’s sporting are almost downright conservative. “In honor of all the queens here, I’m wearing a pump. I got a wedge happening,” the singer explained, showing off a hot high-zippered boot. “Compared to all these drag queens, I look normal.” Normal, fabulous in a different way, call it whatever you want Adam. The point is everyone on the red carpet was rocking “a lot of hair.” And isn’t that what brings us all together in the end?

Adam is also performing at tonight’s awards show, airing on Logo at 10pm/ET, so we’re sure he knows we love him for more than just his fashions. In fact, when VH1 News reporter Kate Spencer joked that Glambert was practically the Mitt Romney of the NewNowNext red carpet, Adam just laughed. “I look like I came off a politician trail!” he agreed. We can’t be the only people who would immediately vote for a President Glambert, right?

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Kelly Osbourne Calls Out Haters Who Branded Her A “C-Word” Over Gray Hair

Pretty much everyone looked infinitely fabulous on the NewNowNext Awards red carpet last Friday, but host Kelly Osbourne was killing it in particular with her lavender gray dye job. While we personally think she looks smoking hot in a Alexander-Hamilton-meets-Judy-Jetson way, Kelly’s haters initially attacked her new look…until the fashion world declared it badass and they changed their minds. “I got called the c-word by everyone on Twitter when I dyed my hair gray and they told me I was stupid,” Osbourne explained on the red carpet. “Then the Chanel ads came out and everyone’s like, ‘I love it!'” Man, if only Karl Lagerfeld could do a Chanel ad campaign every time Kelly needed normos to understand her fierceness. Also, are people really getting that worked up over gray hair? They must be really stroking out over that whole half-shaved hair trend, then…

Laughed Osbourne, “I like it; I don’t care what anyone says.” Check out Kelly’s silvery locks, plus her non-stop outfit changes and the rest of the attendee’s fashion excellence at the awards show on Logo tonight at 10pm/ET. Decide for yourself if Kelly’s look is Grey Gardens or…well, Grey Gardens, but in like an awesome  way. We think which one we’re going with.

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Could Hunger Games Could Dethrone Robsten For Best Kiss? Josh Hutcherson Weighs In

We’re still enjoying this little breather in between awards season madness and summer blockbusters, but our own Kate Spencer already has the MTV Movie Awards on her mind — specifically, the Best Kiss Golden Popcorn, which has been dominated by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for three years now. When she got a minute with Hunger Games cutie Josh Hutcherson at the NewNowNext Awards, she gave him the toughest of tough questions: Will Katniss and Peeta’s cave kiss rival any of Bella and Edward’s from Breaking Dawn – Part 1?

“I don’t know, they had a great kiss,” he admitted. “Theirs was so passionate. Ours was like, I was on my deathbed, wasn’t very sexy. I don’t know, we’ll see. Maybe. I’d be so lucky. One can only hope.”
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Adam Lambert, Eden Wood Make Our Jaws Drop On The NewNowNext Awards Red Carpet

Photos from Logo’s NewNowNext Awards red carpet made our jaws drop open so many times today, we practically dislocated the thing. While host Kelly Osbourne looked all kinds of silver fox fabulous in her approximately 8,000 costume changes, we’d like to give a special shout-out to both Adam Lambert‘s blond streak/fabulous nail game and Eden Wood‘s hot purple number. Our jaws unhinged once when we realized the Toddlers & Tiara star was up way past her bed time, then again when we realized she has achieved a level of fierceness far surpassing our own and she has yet to enter fifth grade. We would cry, but that just makes our jaw even more sore.

We could go into the amazing sight of RuPaul and Josh Hutcherson broing out back stage at the show, which airs this coming Monday, or Neon Hitch‘s Ariel steez or Perez Hilton‘s sick abs (they are not of the human realm!), but we’d rather you check it out yourself. Make sure you aren’t chewing though, because if so, that food is going to all over your keyboard. Because  your jaw is going to flop open in amazement. Duh.

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