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Super Bowl Super Babes: The Wives, Girlfriends And Cheerleaders Of The Ravens And 49ers Face Off!

The hottest wives and girlfriends of the Super Bowl teams

Football has taught us non-athletes many useful things, like sportsmanship, The Wave, and how to make nachos with “cheez” from a can. But most importantly, it has taught is that if you’re really good at tossing the ol’ pigskin, you get to date some of the hottest women in the world! We were reminded of this phenomenon a few weeks back when we got a glimpse of Alabama QB A.J. McCarron’s gorgeous ladyfriend Katherine Webb in the stadium stands. And as the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, we’re probably going to see a ton of seriously sexy wives and girlfriends in the VIP bleachers, not to mention the cheerleaders on the field! Which Super Bowl team has the hottest ladies rooting for ‘em? Head down to the gallery below to see for yourself, and then cast your vote in our poll!

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Jets Coach Rex Ryan Has A Tattoo Of His Wife “Tebowing” In Only A Mark Sanchez Jersey

Jets coarch Rex Ryan shows off new tattoo of wife with Sanchez jersey

New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan showed that he’s unusually devoted to his team as it’s revealed that he has a tattoo depicting a woman -who is reportedly his wife- wearing nothing but a the jersey of his beloved quarter-back Mark Sanchez. If that’s not enough team love for you, the figure appears to be bent in fellow Jet Tim Tebow’s trademark “Tebowing” move. Geez, we hope things don’t go south between Ryan and Sanchez! Although we guess he could turn that number 6 into an 8 pretty easily.

The coach was spotted with his ink while on vacation at Paradise Island in the Bahamas by a New York Daily News photographer. When he saw the camera pointed at him, Ryan reported let out an “Oh s–t,” and ran for the hills. But not before the photog caught the mildly racy image on his upper right arm. Oh yeah, you better believe this make our list of hilariously ill-advised celebrity tattoos. Check out a bunch more in the gallery below!

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NFL Legend Junior Seau Found Dead Of Suspected Suicide

We aren’t typically the most sports-oriented blog, but we think everyone has to give pause when a massive talent passes on. According to TMZ, retired NFL star Junior Seau was tragically found dead in his California home of a suspected suicide earlier today. According to a representative from the Oceanside Police Department, Seau was discovered by his girlfriend. After a 911 call was placed around 10:00am this morning, authorities allegedly found the former linebacker dead of a gunshot wound.

Seau spent most of his career playing for the San Diego Chargers, leaving the team after twelve years to joint the Miami Dolphins and finally the New England Patriots. Junior retired in 2010, and leaves behind three children. “I’m going to go surf. Whatever happens, I can say, honestly say, that that probably was my last game,” Seau told Showtime after announcing his retirement. “Everyone at the Chargers is in complete shock and disbelief right now,” said Seau’s former team in a statement, “We ask everyone to stop what they’re doing and send their prayers to Junior and his family.” Our thoughts go out to Seau’s family, and all the fans he thrilled in his 19-year-long career.

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Top 10 Hottest New NFL Draft Picks — For Football Fans And The Rest Of Us

Most people fall into two categories: those who know exactly what happened at the first round of the NFL draft last night, and those of us whose knowledge of football starts with “John Madden” and ends with “skintight pants” (two phrases we promise never, ever to write in the same sentence again). This list of the Top 10 Hottest New NFL Draft Picks aims to please both categories, but probably mostly the second.

Now, the draft might not be over until Saturday, but there is already a serious contingency of hotties being recruited, like Carolina Panthers pick Luke Kuechly, new Buffalo Bill Stephon Gilmore, new Miami Dolphin Ryan Tannehill, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick Mark Barron, just for starters. (Yeah, we know that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III went #1 and #2, but they’re both kinda busted.) Oh, and did we mention that these guys are also instant millionaires on top of being babes? Kind of makes up for forcing you imagine John Madden in shockingly-tight football pants, right? You’re welcome.

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Michael Vick Wants Back In The NFL

Michael Vick

Notorious animal abuser Michael Vick has been out of the public eye for a while now, seeing as jail has him pretty occupied. But the former star quarterback, who is eligible for release on July 20th, is eager to get back into the game, according to his bankruptcy plan currently being reviewed by a judge.

He’s apparently reached a deal to be released by the Falcons by paying them $6.5 or $7.5 million for a “contract-breach grievance,” and according to papers filed in court, plans on repaying creditors by earning $10 million annually. That is – if he’s permitted back into the NFL. Vick was suspended back in 2007 after he plead guilty to felony charges stemming from dog fighting.

Earlier this month his attorney said that Vick, “has every reason to believe upon his release, he will be reinstated into the NFL, resume his career and be able to earn a substantial living.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had this to say (and he ultimately determines Vick’s fate) : “I think it’s clear he’s paid a price, but to a large extent he’s going to have to demonstrate to the larger community — not just to the NFL community and to me — that he has remorse for what he did and that he recognizes mistakes that he made.”  [Photo: WireImage]

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Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Missing NFL Players

Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, NFL free agent Corey Smith and former University of South Florida football player William Bleakley are all still missing after departing for a fishing trip in Florida on Saturday. Their friend and fishing companion, former USF football player Nick Schuyler, was found yesterday clinging to their capsized boat (see pic above).

Schuyler told investigators that their anchored boat was overturned Saturday evening, and that the friends clung to it until somehow separating early Monday morning. All off the missing men were reportedly wearing life vests, which may enhance their slim chances of survival as time runs out.

Still, the coast guard is calling off their search, even as family members refuse to give up hope. “He doesn’t back down,” Bruce Cooper said of his son Marquis. “He’s just an extreme fighter. What I’m holding on to is that he’s out in the water right now, just fighting.”  [Photo: GettyImages]