Nikki Williams

by (@missmuttoo)

Weston Cage And His Wife In A Major Domestic Bust-Up

Domestic bliss, this ain’t. What it is, is some major anger issues that need to be worked out, stat. Post Weston Cage‘s crazed street fight, you would have thought he would have calmed down and taken some yoga classes or something. One would have also hoped that his newly-wed wife Nikki Williams would support his stress-free endeavors. Not so much.

They’ve graduated to domestic violence, which Nikki and Weston were just booked for yesterday. Felony domestic to be precise, after cops responded to complaints at around 7.30 am. What’s being reported is that Nikki went ballistic and went for Weston with a bottle, ending up cutting him on his arm, punching him like crazy and threatening to jump off the balcony. Wonderfully balanced couple, this. The police do believe that Weston got violent as well, and carted both off to the police station. As of now, Weston has posted bail of $50,000 and apparently told waiting photographers, “Don’t get married”. Nikki got him good because he looked super beat up! FYI, this happened just days after the both of them got out of rehab. We think a tad more therapy is required still, guys. This sort of violence can really spiral out of control again.