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Nicki Minaj Foils Her Own Wardrobe Malfunction!

Nicki Minaj Nipple Pasties In Full View During Manchester Show

Well, the good news is that Nicki Minaj actually learnt something from her GMA performance last year. The disastrous one where her too-tight, too-low top slipped down to reveals her little Nicki’s while she was on camera a la Janet Jackson. Because now, while she’s still wearing her too-tight, too-low tops, she’s making sure that with the nipple-slips that are bound to happen, no nipple actually shows. Case in point her show yesterday at the Manchester Arena. Nicki’s on her ‘Roman Reloaded European 2012 Tour’ and she clearly knew she was going to bust some moves. So what did she do? She put on nipple patches, or nipple daises, on which were visible throughout the performance, as you can see in the picture above. What we’re baffled about is why she doesn’t go up a size? Surely a stylist — or Nicki looking in the mirror — would reveal that a nipple patch isn’t a fashion accessory? Like, “hey Nicki, your nipple daisy is popping out all the time so maybe you should change?” The good news is that she at least thwarted the actual deed from happening. Otherwise the headline of this piece would be very different! We’re still in awe of her gravity defying cleavage, though!

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Madonna Is Still So Very NSFW, Flashes Audience During Istanbul Concert!

Madonna flashes nipple during Istanbul concert

Oh, Madonna. Seriously, what is up with all the antics? The singer hit up Istanbul, Turkey over the weekend as a part of her MDNA tour. What her fans didn’t realize was that they were going to see a lot more of their idol than they ever dreamed. During the performance of Human Nature, Madonna, gyrating as always, took off her shirt to reveal her bra, with a strappy harness over it. The harness came off next with a flourish. But was that enough? No, it’s never enough for Madge. She cheekily took off one bra strap and when everyone watching though that was it, Madonna peeled down one bra cup and flashed some superstar nipple to the whole audience who screamed their approval. Or was that shock? She then turned her back to the audience, showing the words “NO FEAR” written on her back, and finished the track by unzipping her pants and putting her hands inside her trousers. Woman … TOO MUCH!

Madonna’s definitely on a mission to establish herself as the Queen of provocateurs again. Just last week, she projected an image of the Nazi Swastika on the French National Front leader Marine Le Pen‘s forehead, and put it on multiple large screens around the stage. Did we mention this was during her concert in Paris? He’s pretty pissed! So what’s next? We have a feeling she’s planning to cause quite a ruckus through her tour, so be prepared. Check out the very NSFW video here for yourself!

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Wardrobe Malfunction Alert: Nancy Grace Pops Out Of Her Top On Dancing With The Stars (NSFW)

With a headline like that, you know this is going to be NSFW! Having said that, may we just dive in with our sympathies for Nancy Grace who had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on Dancing With The Stars last night! It was that one cross celebrities have always got to bear (and dread) — the nipple slip. Nancy popped out of her top post a rather energetic performance which begged for a wardrobe malfunction anyway. Seriously, while watching her navigate that plunging neckline and all those moves, we were like — that’s trouble right there! They should’ve laid on that double sided tape!

To be very honest, ABC reacted with lightening quick reflexes and cut away from Nancy as soon as the offensive nipple slipped out so you really can’t see anything at all. When the camera comes back you see her mortified and hiding her face while Tom Bergeron says, “on the European version, that would be perfectly fine.” Now we have to wait and see what the backlash is going to be. On the scale of harsh, will it be mild … or Janet Jackson?


Khloe Kardashian Flashes Nipple On Fox & Friends—And Fox Doesn’t Notice!

It’s been a big day for nipslip enthusiasts! As stunning as Lady Gaga’s wardrobe malfunction was at last night’s CFDA Awards, Khloe Kardashian topped her outrageousness by managing to pop a nipple out on Fox & Friends this morning. What makes it even more amazing? No one noticed! On the show with sister Kourtney to give a “sneak peek” (and how!) at the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe’s nipple was initially hidden by a mix of hair and text bar. But between the zooming camera and the shifting socialite, astute Fox viewers eventually noted a dark circle under her sheer blouse, something no one on screen (or behind the camera) seemed remotely aware of.

Not that Khloe is embarrassed about it now. “I f—ing love nipples!!!!” she tweeted after fans told her about the slip, later adding “My mom just called me saying my nip slip is ‘all over the internet!’ Ha! Is it weird that I love it?! Who knew nipples were so special?” Gee, we dunno…Janet Jackson maybe? Check out the subtly NSFW video from Fox—for as long as it’s available!—after the jump.

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Lady Gaga Has A Wardrobe Oops At The CFDA Awards, Then Parties Half-Naked

Lady Gaga won “Fashion Icon” at the CFDA Awards last night and we’re still trying to figure out what she wore. We think it was a see-through body stocking, corseted strapless micro-mini with some strange metallic action going on, on top, with a detachable bustle and train. The trademark crazy platforms were on as well, but this time, she chose a pale blue bob as a wig to go with the whole “outfit”. She also brought her sister, Natali Germanotta, who seems to favor the goth side of the Gaga gene. You can totally see the resemblance!

This is Gaga, so some crazy was bound to happen. The top of her bustier was cut so low that it slipped down to reveal *gasp* Gaga-nipple! While a wardrobe malfunction like this would have sent any other star shrieking into her limo, for Gaga the show must go on! And it did, with the singer removing the train of her skirt to receive her award, this time intentionally flashing a fair amount of Gaga-ass! Not that most of the globe isn’t familiar with most of her body by now, but were we prepared for what came next? Our Lady G took it almost all off while performing at a CFDA after party at the Boom Boom Room. The see-through body stocking was still on, but was accompanied by black underwear and little black circles covering her nipples. Seriously. That happened! See it all in the gallery below.

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Paz De La Huerta Falls Out Of Her Dress, Biffs It Hard At The Golden Globes

We love us some party people over here at TheFABlife, but occasionally we get too much of a good thing, like seeing Boardwalk Empire’s Paz de la Huerta drunkenly flash the paparazzi after failing to get into a Golden Globes afterparty. TMZ has a video of a clearly intoxicated de la Huerta being turned away Chateau Marmont before nearly doing a face plant on the curb. De la Huerta’s sober assistant hustles the staggering actress away, but not before he fails to tell the actress that her dress had fallen down in the front…and a big hole had been ripped in the back. Paz’s Boardwalk character might strip down for Steve Buscemi at the drop of the hat, but drunkenly spilling out of your dress within 500 yards of the Hollywood Foreign Press? Not our idea of a good time.

This isn’t the first time Paz has caused a bit of a scene. From posing nude to discussing her sex life in public, Paz definitely seems like a free spirit. Let’s hope that if she continues to be this free, she’ll hire somebody who knows enough to yank her gown back up after she takes a nose dive.


Amy Winehouse: They Tried To Make Me Pull My Dress Up, I Said “No, No, No”

Amy Winehouse and her date Reg Traviss look nice from a distance, don’t they? The couple was out in London last night at a Shaka Zulu launch party (who hasn’t been to one of those, am I right?). But really, Amy is what Cher from Clueless refers to as a “Monet”, nice from a distance, but up close she’s just a big old mess. That’s because Amy was not only rocking the full-on nip-slip pretty much all night long, but she was also doing the oh-so-2006 move of exiting her ride while revealing what lies beneath. We’re thankful she wore underwear, but still, by this point there should be a school for celebrities where they learn how to demurely get out of a car. Check out all the pics in our gallery which is not terribly safe for work.

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Ashley Cole And A Topless Woman Make Our Dreams Come True


You know what we dreamed about last night, curled up in a little ball on top of our air conditioner? Our subconscious took us to a magical place where skeezy British soccer (yes, SOCCER) stud Ashley Cole hit up the cheesiest, douchiest LA club and after a night of grinding and charming skanks with his British accent, he had a heartfelt chat with a LA club troll while her giant boobs hung out of a sliver of cloth she tried to pass off as a shirt.

And guess what?!! It happened IRL!!!

Yes, dreams really DO come true in Los Angeles, where Ashley is drinking away his sorrows over England’s lame-o showing in the World Cup and getting his Popsicle melted – Katy Perry style – by California’s most stunning crop of ladies.

Cheers, mate!

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