by (@hallekiefer)

Jennifer Aniston Gets A Tattoo Of Her Dead Dog’s Name

Made in honor of a special man whom she was with for a long time, Jennifer Aniston’s tattoo commemorates his passing from her life. No, it’s Brad Pitt or current man-friend Justin Theroux; it’s not even human, though thank God it’s not a cat. The jokes would write themselves, forever. “That’s my dog,” Aniston told ET Canada about the ink. “My baby who just passed away.” But…you know he wasn’t really your baby, right, Jen? Right?

Welsh Corgi-terrier mix Norman passed away in May at 15 years of age, or 105 in dog years, inspiring the ink on the inside of Aniston’s right foot. “I never thought that would ever happen,” the Horrible Bosses star explained. “It’s just my way to pay homage to him…forever.” Couldn’t have put it better, or creepier, ourselves!

[Photo: Splash News Online]