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Nostalgia Check: Tyler Shields Reminds Us Abigail Breslin Is No Longer A Tiny Child. We’re Not Ready!

Tyler Shields Shoots Abigail Breslin

Olive, who let you grow up? We know we’ve been agog at the newly grown-up Abigail Breslin before, but can we say how struck we are by Tyler Shields‘ glam new portraits of the Little Miss Sunshine actress? Somehow Abigail Breslin has been in the lime light during the most awkward years of any human beings life (approximately age 11 to 13) and managed to look adorbs the entire time. Check out our A.B. gallery below if you don’t believe us. Abigail never looked like we did in middle school. Never.

Abigail Breslin Shot By Tyler Shields

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Heathers A TV Show? Time For A Nostalgia Check On Our Fave Mean Girls

So the news from this morning that Bravo is planning to make a TV series sequel to the 1989 cult classic Heathers is being met with a whole lot of skepticism. The story’s supposed to pick up 20 years later when Veronica (Winona Ryder’s character) moves back to town with her daughter, who has to deal with “the Ashleys,” who happen to be the daughters of Heather Duke and Heather McNamara. It is hard not to picture this as messing with a classic. But we want to reserve judgment. After all, it could be the next Awkward.! And anyway, we should be happy today, at least, since this news means we can revel in some Heathers nostalgia! Everywhere we’ve looked, bloggers have been uttering our favorite quotes, from “F— me gently with a chainsaw” to “What is your damage?” I am now kicking myself for losing my list of the movie’s best lines, which I wrote down during the Christian Slater movie marathon I hosted at my house in 1991.

As it turns out, looking up quotes from the movie is way more fun that catching up with Ryder, Slater, Shannen Doherty and company, because now that we look back, this was the best work of their careers. Here’s what everyone’s been up to…

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