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Nostalgia Check: The Mighty Ducks Turns 20 This Week! See The Cast Then And Now

The Quack Attack is back, Jack! It’s hard to believe that the  beloved Mighty Ducks franchise turns 20 years old this week. The Disney series inspired millions, and even lead to the creation of a real life team. It also inspired countless children to strap sharp blades on their feet and wave big sticks around on ice. That part didn’t always end so well. And finally, the sequel inspired us to be terrified of Iceland for a time thanks to the scary villainous team.

It’s amazing how many actors got their start in the movie rink. If you watch the movies now you see a tinnnnnny Joshua Jackson as little Charlie Conway. He’s so cute, we wonder if his current GF Diane Kruger makes him watch it with her on date nights. There’s also a pre-Nickelodeon Kenan Thompson and Danny Tamberelli. And of course Marguerite Moreau stole our 8-year-old hearts as the butt-kicking Connie. Yeah, she was the one who uttered the immortal “I’m not a lady, I’m a duck!”  And to be honest, we forgot what a heart-throb Emilio Estevez was as Coach Gordon Bombay. Head to the gallery below and catch up with you MD favorites, twenty years later. Do it with us now: Quack quack quack!

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Happy 36th Birthday Alicia Silverstone! Look Back At Her 20 Most Awesomely Crazy Looks Of The 90s

For most of us, Alicia Silverstone defined 90s style. Or rather, her fabulous character Cher from the classic Clueless did! The plaid skirts, the berets, those sunglasses…everything about it makes us want to throw on some acid washed jeans, pound a Surge, jump into our Volkswagon New Beetle and blare “Steal My Sunshine” as loud as we can. People did that stuff, right? Was that just us? That’s what was so great about the 90s: It was a lawless time when you could totally do your own thing, like wearing white bell bottoms and a cowboy hat, a leather jump suit, or a leopard print see-through blouse. It didn’t matter!

And trust us, Alicia did all of those things. We’ve got the proof in the gallery below! The lovely Ms. Silverstone turns 36 today, and spends much of her time with her boy Bear Blu, and feeding him like a momma bird by spitting chewed food into his mouth. There’s a sentence we never thought we’d write! But she’s never far from her movie past. She has a recurring role on Suburgatory as the love interest of her former Clueless costar Jeremy SistoThe universe wants them together, you guys!

In honor of Alicia’s big day, we’ve assembled her 20 most awesomely crazy looks from that fashion free-for-all that we call the 90s. Enjoy!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legacy Continues — But Where Are The Movies’ Stars Now?

Now that Nickelodeon is rebooting the uber-popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, beginning this Saturday morning, a whole new generation will be shouting “Cowabunga!” as they imagine a life of fighting crime and eating pizza. Rob Paulsen, who voiced Raphael in the 1987 cartoon series, is back as Donatello, and he told VH1 and fellow stars Jason Biggs, Sean Astin and Greg Cipes about the privileges associated with being a turtle. “When you work on something this iconic … you make a phone call to a child in a hospital, or you show up at a friend’s kid’s birthday party or you go show up in the hospital — whatever it is, the impact that the Turtles have on children is so profound, way beyond action figures, ratings, all of that,” he said. “I now get email and notes from people I talked to 20 years ago.”

We’re happy to see Paulsen back doing what he loves, but that got us wondering what has become of the stars of the equally beloved and maligned TMNT movies of the ’90s. Those live-action flicks featured appearances by the likes of Vanilla Ice, Elias Koteas and Paige Turco, not to mention the voice talents of Corey Feldman and Kevin Clash, whom many of you might know as the voice of Elmo. Take a look at the career highlights of a number of the stars of the first three movies, and then relive a little of your childhood magic by tuning in to TMNT this Saturday!

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My Girl‘s Anna Chlumsky Confirms Your Childhood Crush At Iron Lady Premiere

Whether you were a kid who would have gladly suffered a million bee stings to date Veda Sultenfuss, or wished that you too could live in a funeral home and have Jamie Lee Curtis as your stepmom, it’s probably a relief to see My Girl star Anna Chlumsky looking hot and happy on the red carpet of The Iron Lady premiere in New York last night. A child actor who didn’t end up rehab or taking off her underwear for money calls for a nostalgia celebration! So what’s Anna been up to since My Girl 2, the film’s almost as satisfying sequel? Since we last saw her sobbing over her mood ring, Chlumsky:

  • Attended University of Chicago and graduated with a BA in International Studies in 2002. Meanwhile, she didn’t do any screen work between 1998 and 2005.
  • Worked at Harper Collins as an editorial assistant of a sci-fi imprint before returning to her true calling: acting whilst having flawless skin.
  • Over the last six years has cameoed on shows ranging from Law & Order to Covert Affairs to White Collar.
  • Was the female lead in the 2007 comedy horror movie Blood Car, which IMDB describes thusly: “In the near future, gas prices are at an astronomical high. One man is determined to find an alternate fuel source. That alternate fuel source turns out to be blood…HUMAN BLOOD.” Amazing.
  • Guest starred in March 2007 as “Liz Limler” in the 30 Rock ep “The Fighting Irish.”
  • Co-starred along side James Gandolfini in the 2009 British political satire In the Loop.
  • Married to lucky bastard/fiance Shaun Sho on March 8, 2008.
  • Will star as the vice president’s chief of staff in the upcoming political comedy series Veep in 2012.

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Growing Pains: What The Hell Happened To These Sitcom Kids?

Last week theFABlife gave you a list of sitcom kids whose iconic small screen characters didn’t stop them from becoming grown-up Hollywood stars. But that got us thinking: What happened to the kids who didn’t go that A-list route and got sucked into the black hole of former child actors? We recently heard from Family Matters star Jaleel White, who said that he still feels suffocated by Steve Urkel’s high-wasted pants. But that just got us curious about the others. Kimmy Gibbler, Danny Tamberelli, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Larisa Oleynik … where have you been!? We’re so sad that we’ve fallen out of contact with ‘em.

But never fear, folks! Through the magic of the Internet, we’ve managed to track down some of your favorite sitcom kids of the ’80s and ’90s. All you gotta do is click on the gallery below for a tearful reunion with your long-lost television friends. Enjoy! And bring a hanky.

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It’s The Clueless Reunion We’ve Been Waiting For!

We’ve harbored lusty feelings for Paul Rudd ever since he wooed us as nerdy, moody, Rock the Vote-y Josh in Clueless, AKA the best thing birthed by the 90s besides the original Real World cast. Rudd met up with his Clueless co-star, Alicia Silverstone, at the NYC Our Idiot Brother premiere last night and damn, have they aged well. Or rather, not at all. Look at these two! Just stunning, we say, and yes — still cute. Is it possible Paul’s a vegan too and vegetable juice is a magical elixir?

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