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Heather Morris Allegedly Latest Victim Of Nude Pics Leak

What’s that, Unicorn? Heather Morris was probably possessed by the spirit of her less-than-genius alter-ego Brittany S. Pierce when she snapped nude pics of herself and sent them to someone? Maybe. I mean, we’re not the devoted investigators who endeavored to prove that those are Olivia Munn’s privates that were leaked from a hacked phone last week, so we don’t really feel qualified to judge whether these latest photos are all of the Glee star.

But we’ll make a few points so that you can come to your own conclusions:

  • Some of the photos, in which she’s wearing some clothing, are obviously Heather. She’s even wearing her costume from last year’s Britney Spears episode in one of them.
  • Heather’s got a slamming body, which she’s got no reason to hide.
  • She was definitely the model for these professionally shot nude photos that leaked in 2010. One of those is even a similar pose to a recent one.
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New Olivia Munn Nude Pic Theory: She Was Paid By Skitch!

Seriously, world, if as much effort would be put into improving renewable energy technology or feeding children in Africa as has been used to prove that the nude pics that leaked on Monday are actually of Olivia Munn, well … the world would be a very different place. (Wait, maybe Olivia Munn is a source of renewable energy? Try that one out, Science!) But the world is what it is, and the result is a number of fascinatingly detailed NSFW cases put forth on Egotastic, Gawker and WWTDD. While Munn herself denied that her phone was hacked, tweeting that if it were, people would find pics of fat babies and cats, her devoted (obsessed) fans are convinced otherwise. The Attack the Show host now just seems to want to change the subject, suggesting that we talk about the moon landing instead.

A quick recap of the evidence presented to us:
1) The pics look like Olivia, duh.
2) In one photo, she’s wearing the same bikini as she did in a 2010 Maxim shoot.
3) In another, headless shot, she’s wearing the same ring she’s been pictured with. Read more…


Chris Brown Blames His Nude Photo Leak On The “Reckless” Girl He Sent The Photos To

You have to feel sorry for Chris Brown, because no matter what he does, he still doesn’t realize that he has to own up and take responsibility for his actions. When a nude photo of Brown leaked online the other day, it was unfortunate for Brown, but all our sympathy for him was lost when he blamed the girl he sent the photo to for posting it online. Brown admitted to radio station Hot 99.5 that he took the pic himself (that’s pretty obvious),  but then blamed the “reckless” girl he sent the naked photo to for making it public.

“When I saw it I was like, ‘Oh, damn, I kinda did take that picture,'” Brown told DJ Toby Knapp. Knapp then asked what Brown’s mother would say about the situation, and Brown replied “She’ll probably just tell me to watch who I be sending the pictures to—if you gonna do that, don’t be sending them to no . . . Girls be reckless.” Yes, you just kinda took all your clothes off and you kinda took the picture and you kinda hit send, but it’s the “reckless” girl at fault. We’re not saying the girl is innocent (in fact, if you want to be all gross about it, the photo is sort of impressive, so maybe she was trying to put the good word out about Chris), but Chris needs to start owning up to his behavior.

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Kanye Is Sad They Cut Off His Junk (In Picture)

Kanye West is always good for livening up a Friday afternoon, but here’s a statement we never thought we’d write: Kanye is pissed that the media cut his dick off. *eyes begin to fill with tears of gratitude* Thank you Kanye…thank you.

The rapper went on New York’s Hot 97 radio station earlier this week and admitted that those nude pictures (very NSFW) floating around the web are in fact the real thing. And he is damn proud of it! “Have you heard the first line of ‘Runaway?'” he asked DJ Funkmaster Flex. In case you haven’t heard, the line is, I sent this girl a picture of my dick. “I only rap reality. I went to the Internet. They had the link, I went to it. Man, you cannot imagine how disappointed I was that I got cut off.”

The full frontal picture was actually cut in two, with the top half showing Kanye in Mr. T-like gold chains, and the lower half showing his….errrr, “Phoenix,” if we may. Most sites only displayed the top half, for obvious reasons. While most of us would be thankful that naked pictures of ourselves aren’t flooding the media, Kanye feels offended! And as we all know, when Kanye gets offended, interview magic takes place.

“The media is scared, they’re scared of me,” he continued on Hot 97. “They’re scared of a black man with this taste level…So what they do in order to take that power away? They try to turn me into a demon. And it’s happened so many times throughout history. They knocked the nose off the Sphinx. They tried to tell you aliens built the pyramids… People need to understand, I’m not above the people. I’m of the people. I love the people.”

And there you have it. They censored Kanye’s privates for the same reason the nose fell off the Sphinx and aliens built the pyramids. But he loves the people. And he thinks they should be able to see his dick.

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