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Get Ready For Magic Mike With The Top 10 Moments In Male Movie Nudity

Guys, today is the day Magic Mike comes out and changes our lives forever. Okay probably not, but we do get to see Channing Tatum strip on the big screen, and that still feels pretty important. Despite the way everyone woman (and, let’s be honest, man) is foaming at the mouth to  see Alex Pettyfer and the gang take if off this weekend, it turns out Magic Mike is only the most recent in a long line of awkward, dramatic, sexy, humiliating moments in male movie nudity. From Jason Segel‘s weepy reveal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall to basically every movie Ewan McGregor has ever done, enjoy what we consider to be the top 10 moments in cinematic dude nakedness. Though…aren’t they all pretty excellent? Warning: There will be butts.

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American Pie Hottie Shannon Elizabeth Discusses Her Character’s “Lack Of Costume”

American Reunion opens wide today, allowing us to catch up with Jim, Stifler (and his mom!), Finch and the rest of the East Great Falls crew. But personally, we’re probably most excited to reconnect with Shannon Elizabeth, who stripped her way into teen movie history as the sultry exchange student, Nadia! VH1 News was lucky enough to speak to the actress at the red carpet premiere of Cirque Du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour” in New York City this week, where she looked just as lovely as she did in Jason Biggs’ bedroom.

Even though it’s become a modern classic, Shannon admits it’s still weird to see herself on film 13-years younger in the original American Pie. “We were babies,” she says. “We didn’t even look like adults then! I know at the time we thought we were adults. But now it’s like, ‘OK, now we look like adults.'”

Though the 90s tinge of the original makes it look a little dated, it’s not the fashion choices that make Shannon cringe. “Maybe my lack of costume,” she admit. “I think that might be it for me.” It’s true that Shannon does spend a major part of the film wearing next to nothing. “Yeah, well, it worked for the time for the film, so what can I say? I made it through.” What a pro! Check out more in the video clip, and see the gallery below for some of Shannon’s hottest clothed looks.

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Lea Michele Looks Back Fondly At Ashton Kutcher Flashing

It’s like Punk’d, but with more A-list genitalia! Apparently Ashton Kutcher flashed Lea Michele on the set of New Year’s Eve early this year, which sounds like a real knee-slapper. Says the Glee star, who we still think of as being a teenage so, ew, “He really takes everything so seriously, but then he would also make me laugh so hard and play pranks on me. … One day, I opened up a door and he was supposed to be there fully clothed and he wasn’t. That was awesome.” That’s quite a prank, Ashton! Didn’t you allegedly play a similar prank on Sara Leal a few weeks ago? It sounds like a classic!

Seriously, though, we question the wisdom of any sort of junk-related comedy, what with the rumors swirling around Kutcher’s marriage to Demi Moore. Kutcher even posted a video last week, in which the Two And A Half Men star tried to shut down any discussion concerning his pants area, claiming, “People can bastardize the truth in any way, shape or form that they want and spread that around the world.” Sounds like something you should take up with Lea, son. Unless…this one all one giant episode of Punk’d where the victim is the American public? Then well-played, sir. Well-played.

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Inappropriate Much? Artist Makes A Nude Sculpture Of Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

The phrase “TMI” was invented for situations like these. Also, “My Eyes!” Because that was our reaction when we heard US based artist Daniel Edwards had created a sculpture of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez nude together. Can we please repeat this? Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez. Together. Naked. They’re supposed to be a 21st Century Adam and Eve. And just to up the ick factor, he’s called the piece. “Justin and Selena as One.” Seriously? And check this out, their most naughty bits have been covered by a Canadian maple leaf and a Texas lone star respectively.

It gets even more freaky. Right in front of the couple, he’s created a sculpture of a Canada goose — how should we say this politely — getting it on with a Texas armadillo. And in the best “explanation” we’ve heard, Edwards’ rep Cory Allen has said of the whole thing, “Justin and Selena joined together, symbolizes the great harmony between neighbouring countries Canada and The United States.” Right, that’s why the goose and the armadillo are doing the nasty? Also, doesn’t the fact that Selena and Justin are like hatched chickens bother him? Too YOUNG, artist dude. Lay off!

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Which Jennifer Lopez Ex Plans To Take It All Off For Playgirl?

It ain’t Diddy, or that dancer dude, or Jennifer Lopez‘s most recent — Marc Anthony. This gold-digging ex Ojani Noa! Remember the J.Lo “honeymoon tape”? Considering that little tidy stash o’ cash was denied after Jennifer blocked the sale of the video, you know he’s been looking for another avenue. And he’s found one. Or, it found him?

Ojani and Playgirl are inking a deal for him to make an appearance in the magazine. Let’s be clear — it’s going to be all of him! TMZ reports that deal will only go through if he agrees to do full-frontal shots. Which he doesn’t mind at all considering he told the site, “If the money is right, especially for full nude, then I would be flattered to pose for Playgirl.” Of course he would. There’s a price for everything, right?

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Evan Rachel Wood Talks About Full-Frontal Nudity In Mildred Pierce

It’s hard to believe that someone who dated Marilyn Manson— a man who lives to shock and bare his own ass—would be squeamish about being nude on camera. Yet in an interview to promote her new film, Mildred Pierce, Evan Rachel Wood brought up how uncomfortable she was to show off her goods for the movie. Wood’s character has to bare all, we’re talking full-frontal nudity, so we can’t say we blame her for her apprehension. She said “I was a lot more nervous than I thought I was going to be… I hadn’t made my mind up if I was going to go full until we were rehearsing, and I was talking to Todd [Haynes, the series’ writer and director] – like ‘What do you think?’–and he was like, ‘I think we’re going to be chickening out if we don’t just go for it.'”

Ultimately it was her co-star Kate Winslet that convinced her to really go for it though. “I looked at Kate and she was like, ‘You’ve got to do it. Trust me, it’s so brave. Put a merkin on and you’ll be fine.’ Let’s just say, I had to wear a wig because it was in the 30s, and everything had to look like it was in the 30s.” So, FYI, Mildred Pierce fans—we’re looking at astroturf in the film, it’s not the real deal. Still, Wood wasn’t a fan of that aspect of filming. “I can’t say I had a lot of fun,” she said.

In case you missed them, check out a few more pictures from the red carpet of the Mildred Pierce premiere.

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Taylor Momsen’s Video Unreleased Due To Underage Nudity…Taylor’s

Another day, another piece of evidence that Taylor Momsen’s parents should be locked up in solitary confinement. Apparently the video Taylor’s band the Pretty Reckless originally shot for their song “Make Me Wanna Die” was held up by Momsen’s nude scenes…oh, and the fact she was 16 when they filmed them. “It was held up in legal for a long time because I was 16 when we shot that. We couldn’t release it because, yes, I actually got naked,” admits Taylor. The final version of the video depicts Momsen in lingerie, which is still icky enough to make us want to build a time machine, travel through the space-time continuum, and lock Taylor in her room until she’s 30.

Underage nudity isn’t the only thing Momsen is sticking up for, unfortunately; she also has more to say about her favorite topic of conversation. Says Momsen, “I’m a promoter of masturbation. Don’t sleep around—learn yourself first! Guys do, but girls don’t. And that’s why girls have so many bad experiences. But you can know your body, know yourself, know what feels good. You don’t have to give yourself away just to have sexual relevance.” Hmmm, good advice from Taylor Momsen? Has the whole world gone crazy?!?! Back to the time machine; let’s just start everything over again! 

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Jake’s Not Ready For Taylor To See Him In His Birfday Suit. Neither Is Anne.

We know what you’re thinking: is Jake Gyllenhaal’s naked butt about to tear his new relationship with Taylor Swift apart? Reportedly Love & Other Drug’s star Gyllenhaal will not be taking his lady love Swift to the movie’s premiere. Allegedly the couple has yet to enter the Bone Zone, and Jake wants to wait before showing Taylor the goods, i.e. ruining all other men for her forever. Aw, that’s so sweet of Jake to be protective of her like that! We didn’t think the movie looked appropriate for children either.

Then again, if we were Taylor, we’d be pissed that everyone in America gets to see our new boyfriend in his glorious, well-tailored birfday suit before we do! A source claims, “Jake is making no secret that he spends most of the film naked. In fact, you get to see so much of Jake in the original cut that the director made a few edits to try and take the focus off Jake’s naked ass and back onto the story.” Is it redundant to buy two tickets for opening night right now? What if we know we are going to need the extra room for all the fainting we’ll be doing?

However, Swift isn’t the only woman getting enraged as the release of Love draws near. At a press junket over the weekend, Jake’s Love & Other Drugs co-star Anne Hathaway unleashed the manicured beast when reporters quested Gyllenhaal about the intense apple-picking he and Swift have been getting in to. “Hang on, hang on. I have to say something,” Hathaway interrupted, “I have been Jake’s on-screen love interest for years. You keep the conversation to me and only me or otherwise I’m going to get nasty! Thank you.” As you may recall, the two starred together in Brokeback Mountain in 2005. We know how you feel, Anne. All the good ones are either gay cowboys or dating Taylor Swift. Or both.

Jake joked about  Hathaway’s outburst, saying  “Don’t get Ella Enchanted pissed off,” to which Anne replied, “Don’t get Ella Enchanted pissed off, and I’m not obedient.” Comparing yourself a six-year-old princess movie to prove your point? Girrrrrrrrrrrl. Jealousy can be an ugly thing.

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Love & Other Drugs Uses The Most Effective Ad Campaign Of All Time: Naked Jake Gyllenhaal

Movie makers often spend millions on the trailers, commercials and viral videos necessary to get people off their keisters and into a sticky movie theater seat. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Love & Other Drugs, on the other hand, appeals to its base with the strongest, and cheapest, ad campaign we’ve ever seen: the promise of Jake’s naked butt. Let’s break down the campaign point-by-point to show you what we mean:

In the November issue of Esquire with hits newsstands tomorrow, Jake explains, “I was naked a lot in the movie. I was naked in more of it than was even in the final cut. A director’s cut? I don’t even know how that would be rated.” That statement just guaranteed hundreds of millions in DVD sales right there. The movie could be a line-by-line remake of Good Luck Chuck and still at least 50% of the America population will buy a copy to watch in slow motion. And then another copy for when their DVD players burn a hole through the first one.

When asked who was more nervous about the nudity, Jake or co-star Anne Hathaway, Gyllenhaal laughs, “Annie, because as a woman I think it’s harder. She said at one point, ‘Well, we’re both topless and we both show our butts.’ And I was like, ‘Hmm, but it’s a little different for you.'” See, there’s something in this movie for everybody! Don’t care for a naked Gyllenhaal? Might we offer you something in a lovely Hathaway?  It’s like a real-life episode of Mad Men over here, and we are furiously entering our credit card info into Fandango to prove it.


Michaele Salahi Takes Her Fame Whoring To A Whole New Level

There are some “reality” stars that  have clearly spent way too much time trying to stay famous and will do anything to remain in the public eye. (Oh, hello Vienna Girardi, I didn’t see you there.) The worst of the lot, in our opinion, would have to be the Salahis. They’ve parlayed their White House party crashing incident into a spot on The Real Housewives of D.C., and PR fight with Whoopi Goldberg and now, probably most horrifying of all, a fully nude spread in Playboy magazine.

Of course, not Tareq Salahi. He’s not invited to this party (not that that would stop him), Playboy will just be featuring his wife Michaele Salahi in what TMZ calls “full-frontal, birthday suit naked.” Shudder. And not shudder because she’s unattractive or anything, just shudder at the idea of giving this woman any more over-exposure, which she clearly seeks. It worries us that the “crazy one” on the Real Housewives keeps on getting crazier – makes us worry what’s going to happen on the Beverly Hills installment: there’s going to have to be some serious one-upmanship going on to join the Kelly-Danielle-Michaele club.