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20 Oscar Nominees’ Least Award-Winning Roles: From Halloween II To Hannibal

Oscar nominations are pretty much the be-all and end-all when it comes to determining whether actors and actresses have “made it.” Still, it’s good to remember that all those potential Academy Award winners had to start off at the same place: the bottom (and many of them take trips back down there, for nostalgic reasons, we assume). The truth is, whether you’re Jonah Hill or Melissa McCarthy or especially Gary Oldman, you’re bound to have a few embarrassing movie skeletons in your closet. Check out the 2012 Oscar nominees’ least award-winning roles and remember: if Octavia Spencer could go from Halloween II to Academy Award nominee in two years, then maybe you can too! Well, not you specifically. But definitely somebody.

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Oscar Nominee Octavia Spencer Is “Going All The Way,” Says Allison Janney

Octavia Spencer has been taking the 2012 awards season by storm. After winning at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and the Golden Globes, she was a sure bet for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination today. But that’s not why her Help co-star Allison Janney was singing her praises yesterday at Sundance. Allison and Octavia go way back, along with fellow Supporting Actress nominee Melissa McCarthy and The Artist co-star Missi Pyle, who all starred in Help director Tate Taylor’s Pretty Ugly People in 2008.

“This has been amazing to see Octavia blossom and see everyone discover her and see how wonderful she is, ’cause we’ve all known for years,” Janney told VH1 News. “We’ve all been friends with her and worked with her. I’ve done all of Tate’s movies with her before and just think the world of her.”
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Oscar Nominees Brad Pitt, Melissa McCarthy Celebrate With Pancakes, Joy

Oscar nominations are in for the 2012 Academy Awards, which means it’s time to celebrate a job well done! Whether it’s with breakfast foods, low-cut gowns or just a deep abiding love for Ryan Gosling, check out what our future Oscar winners (and losers!) have to squee about their nominations:

  • “It’s gonna be pancakes for everyone this morning!” Best Actor nominee Brad Pitt squealed to the Today show this morning. The Moneyball star also gave a shout-out to his direct competitor George Clooney, because Brad Pitt is nothing if not a class act. “It’s more fun to have a friend there, and no one does it better than George,” Pitt gushed about The Descendants star. “I say give him all the trophies, and when you run out of trophies, make some new ones and give him those, too.”
  • ”I didn’t get up or anything. I just did not expect that. AT ALL! Hopefully I’m not nuts.” Best Supporting Actress nominee Melissa McCarthy raved to EW. The Bridesmaids star excitedly concluded, “At some point today, I’m having champagne, dammit!”
  • “I didn’t think I was in it and then they said my name and it was just a sigh of relief,” Best Support Actress nominee Octavia Spencer sighed to People. Luckily The Help star has a few weeks before the Oscars to focus on the bigger picture, i.e. how her girls will look on the red carpet. “It’s just about accentuating the positives and blurring the negatives,” Spencer declared. “I want to accentuate the positive which would be cleavage – even though it’s saggy cleavage, it’s cleavage! – and give myself an hourglass.” Read more…

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Octavia Spencer Complains About Her Louboutins And 10 Other Great Golden Globes Press Room Moments

There’s a party going on right here at the Beverly Hilton. The Golden Globes truly are a celebration to last through out the year. (Check out our favorite moments from the show!) Dare we say that it might even be the most fun night in Hollywood… EVER. Everyone — press, crew, celebs — is in good spirits, the booze is plentiful, and the emphasis is on having a good time. And everything is so pretty! The Beverly Hilton is a beautiful and iconic spot any day of the week, but there’s something extra magical about tonight’s event. The red carpet actually felt like a living, breathing thing and it. Is. FIERCE.

But the best part of the night was, of course, hearing from the winners, in all their sweet, excited glory. We were stationed in the press room and had the privilege of listening to all their best moments — from the absolutely ridiculous to the downright cry-worthy. We count ‘em down for you below.

  • Octavia Spencer kicking her shoes off in the middle of answering questions, and then delivering this important message: “Christian Louboutin, I love you, but when you have this much weigh you gotta give us a little platform.”
  • George Clooney answering the “Where is Ryan Gosling?” question: “He’s [working] in Thailand. And you know what they do in Thailand.
  • Matt LeBlanc having a “Joey” moment onstage, answering a reporter’s question with “How you doin’?”

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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Reveals Everyone’s Rooting For The Help

As we’ve said before, last night’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards was the opening act to one of our favorite times of year, ski awards season. And on the red carpet, it was easy to spot who was new to this whole deal and who’s been strolling down carpets for decades.

“My whole body’s shaking right now,” The Help’s Jessica Chastain admitted to us on the red carpet. George Clooney, meanwhile, told us, “I never get truly nervous, but I’m always happy to be here.”

It was a big night for The Artist, which won Best Director and Best Picture, and The Help, which nabbed three acting prizes. Viola Davis moved everyone to tears with her speech, in which said portraying women like her character in the film was basically why she was born. Even the stars who were ostensibly competing against the Help cast were pulling for wins by Davis and company.
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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards: Our Favorite Speeches, Toasts And Deaths

For some people, an awards show is all about who wins and who’s snubbed. For those people, we have this list. For others, however, it’s about all of those other moments in-between — the awkward speeches, the hilarious skits, the cutaways to the tipsy A-listers sitting at tables full of empties. Here’s a list of our favorites from the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (in chronological order):

» Octavia Spencer began her Best Supporting Actress speech with a flustered, “Well I’m not prepared, I wasn’t a Girl Scout.” But then she pulled it together and quite elegantly thanked a whole lot of people.

» Christopher Plummer in his pink shirt, said he was “completely turned on” by his Supporting Actor win. “At my age, I need all the help I can get in that department.”
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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Winners List

Whew! We’re winding down the evening here after the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, but you know awards season 2012 has just begun. The winners here have a preeeetty good chance of taking home Oscar gold, so as you peruse this list and gallery, let us know if you think they got it right this year!

Best Picture: The Artist

Best Actor: George Clooney, The Descendants

Best Actress: Viola Davis, The Help

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, Beginners

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, The Help

Best Young Actor/Actress: Thomas Horn, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Red Carpet 12 Best-Dressed

Oh, yeah, people. After yesterday’s PCA dress rehearsal, awards season 2012 got really fired up at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards tonight. Our appetites for sequins and lace and tuxes are whetted. We are ready to spend the next month debating whether blue is the new black, whether the mullet dress should go the way of the mullet, and whether men can make it onto the best-dressed list without looking absolutely silly (we’re talking to you, Christopher Plummer).

So, now that we’ve gushed over little sisters Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, and we’ve been pondering the fact that all those gothic ladies were wearing romantic black at 3 in the afternoon, it’s time to commit to a best-dressed list. From the adorable Thomas Horn and Berenice Bejo to the deliciously elegant Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams and Sir Ben Kingsley, to Brad Pitt and h here are our 12 favorites from the evening. Disagree? Well, tell us in the comments!

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15 Best Looks: The Ladies From The Help Need No Help With Red Carpet Fashion

This is one very stylish set of women. The Help is up for Best Ensemble at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards next week. It’s airing live from the Hollywood Palladium at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 12, on VH1. We’ve already shown you Jessica Chastain‘s 20 Hottest Looks, but felt we needed to see a lot more of the rest of the star cast. It’s incredible to have so many strong, talented, beautiful women act in one movie, and we can’t wait to see them own the red carpet next week. Three of the leads — Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer — really caught our eye, and we’re wondering what they’re going to pull out of the bag, sartorially. It’s a big night, so we’re expecting some serious fashion. To refresh our memories, and yours, we decided to pull out each of the three ladies’ top five looks from 2011. Octavia favors cocktail dresses, which she heats up with some great accessories like leopard-print shoes and metallic clutches. Viola likes punchy, bright colors and can wear the hell out of a gown. Emma can pull off just about anything, which is why she made it to our list of 30 Best Dressed Stars Of 2011. Want to see for yourself? Click on our gallery below.

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2012 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Noms: Hugo And The Artist Dominate The Field

Awards season is really hitting its stride now, people. The nominations for the 17th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards were announced today at 6 a.m. The show, which will air live from the Hollywood Palladium at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 12, on VH1, is based on votes from the members of Broadcast Film Critics Association, and it’s had a pretty good record for predicting who will win the Oscars. (All four of last year’s acting winners took home Academy Awards, just for example.) So let’s see what they’re saying about this year’s flicks…

Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s fantastical 3D trip back to Paris in the Roaring ’20s, and French silent film The Artist the lead this year’s nominees with 11 apiece. It will be a particularly big night for Scorsese, who is the only nominee who is guaranteed to be walking home at the end of the night with a trophy; as we previously announced, the 69-year-old auteur is being honored with this year’s Music + Film award.

Following closely behind are Drive and The Help, each of which racked up eight nominations; The Help is up for Best Picture, Best Actress (Viola Davis), Best Supporting Actress (Jessica Chastain AND Octavia Spencer) and Best Acting Ensemble. Trailing these is The Descendants, which scored seven nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor for George Clooney, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Director for Alexander Payne, and Best Supporting Actress and Best Young Actor/Actress for Shailene Woodley.

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The complete list of nominees, and more analysis, below!

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