Oklahoma City Thunder

by (@JordanRuntagh)

From Russell Westbrook To Kevin Durant: The 15 Greatest Post-Game Styles Of The Oklahoma City Thunder

The best post-game style of the Oklahoma City Thunder

Technically, the object of basketball is to put a cantaloupe-sized rubber ball through a hoop. But champs know that the real goal is to turn up at the post-game press conference looking like a true baller in stylin’ threads! The Oklahoma City Thunder stomped on the San Antonio Spurs last night, earning them a spot in the NBA Finals. 23-year-old team captain Kevin Durant lead the crew to a 107-99 victory during the sixth game of the semi-finals.

In addition to their athletic superiority, the Thunder have long proved themselves to be the snazziest team in the league. Durant and his teammates Russell Westbrook and James Harden are often seen off court wearing outfits that are louder than the final buzzer! Oklahoma City will go on to play either the Miami Head or the Boston Celtics in the finals. But no matter who gets the most baskets, the Thunder definitely wins the fashion style-off. Head on down to the gallery below for some of their greatest post-game press conference outfits of all time. Enjoy!

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