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Michael Jackson’s Kids Are The Latest YouTube Stars

Michael Jackson hid his children from the public to avoid media scrutiny, but now that he’s gone, they’ve shown up on YouTube of all places. Blanket and Paris Jackson are featured in several clips that have shown up online recently that appear to have been shot with their computer’s webcam. In the first clip, Paris raps along to a song that’s performed by Omer Bhatti, the man who denied being Michael’s love child. In another, Blanket  gets his nerd on in a fake light saber battle. Bhatti has requested that the clips be removed, but for now, they’re still kicking on the internet. It feels weird and intrusive seeing them hanging out at home, but it’s also impressive that they are such normal kids in spite of what they’ve been through. See the rest of the videos after the jump.

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Omer Bhatti Confirms He’s Not M.J.’s Secret Son


Despite the rumors, the suspiciously good seating at the memorial service and the squint-and-you-can-see-it resemblance, Omer Bhatti is claiming that Michael Jackson was definitely not his father. The 25 year old, who lived at Neverland Ranch for eight years, claims that while Jackson was his best friend and treated him like a son, there was no blood relation.

Bhatti explained, “Michael always used to say I was like a son to him, but my true parents are here in Norway. The reason I was asked to sit with his family at the memorial service is because I was Michael’s closest friend – not because I am his son.” (Oh snap, Liz Taylor-Omer Bhatti Best-Friend-Off!)

Jackson met Omer and his parents in Tunisia in 1996 and immediately took to the boy and offered his parents positions working for him – mother Pia Bhatti was a nanny for Jackson’s son Prince Michael and his father, Huayoun Bhatti, became a driver. They all lived at Neverland; the parents stayed in a cottage on the property while Omer lived in the main house and at times shared a bed, as all 12-year-old boys do, with Jackson. After publicly explaining all of that – let’s be honest – total weirdness, we feel like it might just have been easier to say, “Yeah, MJ was my father.” [Photo: Splash News Online]


Michael Jackson’s “Secret Son” Is Just A Friend


Reportedly the only truth to Omer Bhatti being Michael Jackson‘s secret son is that the late singer treated him like one. Omer and Michael reportedly just had a close relationship after meeting in Europe in the mid-1990s, when Omer was around 11, and although he sat front and center at MJ’s memorial and is currently staying at the Jackson family home in Encino, he was just a friend.

“Everyone knew him as ‘Little Michael’ and Michael referred to him as ‘Little Monkey’ remembers Ricky Harlow, a rocker in the band “Harlow” who was signed to Michael Jackson’s record label in 1996. “They had a father-son type of connection, but I never thought he was his biological father. They met when Little Michael did a contest impersonating Michael Jackson in the mid-1990s and Michael saw it and was blown away and got in contact with the family.”

The Jackson family continues to embrace “Little Michael.”  “He lived with Michael like a son. after Michael died, he came to the Jackson family home in Encino. He came along with Michael’s kids.” [Source: People; Photo: Splash News Online]


Michael Jackson’s “Secret Son” Was At Memorial


The claim that Omer Bhatti is Michael Jackson‘s secret son, which we reported last week (see Omer Bhatti pictures here), has been lent some credence by the revelation he sat with the family at the singer’s memorial service. The Norweigan 25-year-old, who says Jackson fathered him after a one night stand with his mother Pia, sat in the front row next to the King of Pop’s son Prince and sister Rebbie. (In the far left of the photo above).

When asked about his son’s appearance at the Staples Center event, his father Riz said, “Yeah, yeah, I know because I was watching. I told my wife. Just wait until the Press see this. It’s not a small thing.”  Omer is believed to be waiting in L.A. currently  to take a DNA test to prove whether or not he is Jackson’s son, and is spending time at the Jackson’s family home. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Is This Michael Jackson’s Secret Son?


While this rumor is apparently somewhat old, it was the first we’ve ever heard of Michael Jackson having a secret biological son. The kid in question is Omer Bhatti, who’s in his early twenties and hails from Norway. Omer has been close with the pop star since the mid-90s, when he began touring with the singer and living on and off at Neverland Ranch. While Jackson supposedly told people that Bhatti is his son (the result of a one-night-stand with a Norwegian fan), others claim they met after he wowed M.J. with an on-point impression of the singer as a kid. “I’m not surprised Michael says he’s the father,” a source told Fox News in 2004. “It’s a fantasy. But these people did not exist in Michael’s life before 1996.”

Omer is allegedly convinced that he is Jackson’s son and is desperate for a DNA test to prove it. He was spotted yesterday by photographers shopping for groceries before heading over to the Jackson family home, where Michael’s three kids currently reside. Going to visit his siblings, perhaps?

Check out the pics above of Omer – taken yesterday- and Michael, from when he was around 20 years old (and – we think – before plastic surgery). Do you see a resemblance? [Photos: GettyImages/Splash News Online]

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Below the jump – video of Omer performing dance moves that rival his alleged dad in skill.

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